Monday, September 29, 2014

"Spectacular" victory for the Front National

For the first time in the history of the Fifth Republic, two Front National officials, David Rachline, mayor of Fréjus and Stéphane Ravier, mayor of the 7th sector of Marseille, have been elected Senators in a partial election held on Sunday September 28. Abridged from the Journal du dimanche and Nations Presse:

"The results of the senatorial election surpass our expectations and illustrate the formidable dynamic of the patriotic movement."

"It is a great victory for the FN, an absolutely historic victory. For the first time we are in the Senate, and we did it right, with two Senators victorious," declared a jubilant Marine Le Pen, president of the Front National.

David Rachline, 26, mayor of Fréjus, department of le Var, since March, won 19% of the votes while in the department of les Bouches-du-Rhône, Stéphane Ravier, 45, won 12.4% of the votes. "They had said it was impossible and that is why we did it!" rejoiced Ravier on Twitter.

According to Marine Le Pen, the election of Stéphane Ravier and David Rachline "shows our dynamic that accelerates from one election to the next, including these difficult senatorial elections. No chamber in France is closed any more to the FN, no chamber is prevented from seeing a patriot. It bodes well for the future, with departmental and regional elections coming up in 2015."

She stressed the "totally spectacular breakthrough" of the FN.


Note: This partial election held on Sunday September 28 involved the election of 178 Senators (out of 348) by means of indirect voting. In the French system Senators are elected by municipal officials. Marine Le Pen herself was surprised because in this type of election it is more difficult to predict outcomes. I do not understand completely the procedures in an indirect vote, and the percentages won by the two seem rather small. The recent victories of the FN in local elections in March 2014 (22 new FN mayors) no doubt contributed greatly to Sunday's fortunate results.

Above, Rachline (on the left) and Ravier. From RTL.

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Warning from Greek bishop

Novopress has this short but powerful item:

The Very Venerable Amvrosios Lenis, metropolitan of Kalavryta and Aigialeia, strongly denounced the new law recently adopted by the Greek Parliament that toughens penalties for "inciting to racial hatred".

The bishop (above) addressed the many faithful of the diocese who had gathered for the one hundredth anniversary of the dedication of the cathedral of the Assumption of the Very Holy Virgin. "Beginning this morning," he warned, with the anti-racist law, whoever speaks to defend our country risks going to prison. Soon, we will be strangers in our own country. I don't know if I will live to see it, but your children will be slaves of the Muslims."

Below, Kalavryta.

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Banner honoring Hervé Gourdel destroyed

Throughout France there were ceremonies honoring Hervé Gourdel, who was murdered by decapitation in Algeria last week. According to Novopress, in Nice, Muslim vandals destroyed a banner that accused Islamist terrorism for the murder:

In France, homages to our compatriot Hervé Gourdel, murdered in a cowardly manner by Algerian jihadists, attracted large crowds.

But these homages were not to everyone's liking. In Nice, the banner that read "Hervé Gourdel, victim of Islamist terrorism" was ripped apart by by individuals who probably belong to the 15% of "Frenchmen" who claim to support the Islamic State.

One of the vandals boasted on Twitter:

- We went to take care of their banner in front of the Nice courthouse.

Note: You can see from the photos that the word "Islamist" was cut out.

Two other tweets:

- Pro-Palestinian Islamist terrorists vandalized the banner in homage to Hervé Gourdel in Nice.

- Nice. The banner for Hervé Gourdel cut up by a young Muslim.

Note: Here's a Twitter page for those interested in comments in English as well as French.

Another article from Novopress raises the possibility that Gourdel was betrayed by his guide:

The day after the execution of Hervé Gourdel by jihadists connected to the Islamic State, Algerian investigators are looking closely at a Franco-Algerian, whom they name as the prime suspect in the kidnapping. He is being questioned by the Algerians this Thursday (September 25) in Blida. By Algerian law he can be held in custody twenty days in cases involving terrorism.

Below, in French, taken from Novopress, the cities, dates, times and location of commemorative gatherings for Hervé Gourdel.

- Paris, vendredi 26 septembre, 19h30, place Saint-Sulpice.
- Vannes, vendredi 26 septembre, 19 heures, esplanade du port.
- Aix-en-Provence, samedi 27 septembre, 18 heures, présence silencieuse sur la place de l’hôtel de ville.
- Nantes, vendredi 26 septembre, 19h30, place de l’hôtel de ville.
- Nice, vendredi 26 septembre, 19h30, place du palais de justice.
- Lyon, vendredi 26 septembre, 19h30, place Saint-Jean.
- Montpellier, vendredi 26 septembre, 19h30, place de la Comédie
- Antibes, vendredi 26 septembre, 19h30, place De-Gaulle.
- Cannes, samedi 27 septembre, 14 heures, mairie.
- Menton, samedi 27 septembre, 9 heures, place de la mairie.

Note: The above events have already taken place, but I suspect there will be others. This terrible murder seems to have aroused an awakening of the collective consciousness, in a manner similar to the law on homosexual marriage. Not even the Mohamed Merah killings in Toulouse in 2012 touched the hearts of the people like this crime. You would have to go back to Ilan Halimi's brutal death in 2006 for a similar reaction. I think the decapitation of one of their own is being taken personally, by the collective, as an attack on them. And an eye for an eye is on everybody's mind...

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

"We must decapitate Islam!"

France has been traumatized by the beheading of Hervé Gourdel (pictured above in captivity). Numerous reactions from the Front National, NovoPress, Riposte Laïque and other websites attest to the deep shock, sorrow and rage that have taken hold in the hearts of Frenchmen as they relive the horror of his death and grieve for the family. Riposte Laïque is calling for a ban on the Muslim holiday Aïd, coming up on October 5, at which time untold thousands of sheep will be slaughtered inhumanely and left to bleed to death in the same way human beings are slaughtered by Islamists and left to bleed.

Bloggers and commenters are outraged at the French media that have capitulated to Islam once again, proclaiming that the people who perform such deeds are not true Muslims.

Here are excerpts from a long article at Riposte Laïque by Maxime Lépante. He begins by pointing to the increase in the number of beheadings in the West. He then goes on to the denial of the politicians and the journalists:

Since the news of the decapitation of Hervé Gourdel was made known, French leaders of all stripes, all the while condemning the killing, have explained that the Muslim terrorists who committed the act "are not Muslims" and so on… and the French media relay this low level propaganda of denial.

Note: He names Gérard Longuet, UMP Senator, and Christian Estrosi, currently mayor of Nice and deputy in the National Assembly, as two who declared the killers "are not Muslims".

He cites the founder of Islam, Mohammed, as the inaugurator of the tradition of decapitation, having decapitated all adult males of the Banu Qurayza Jewish tribe in 627.

He quotes from the Koran:

"Whenever you encounter the miscreants in combat, strike them in their necks." Surah 47,4

He explains that every year during Aïd, Muslims teach their children to slaughter sheep in accordance with Muslim tradition.

Note: At this point in his narrative there is a horrible photo of children laughing as a slaughtered animal lies in blood.

He explains that most Muslims approve of the beheadings committed by the Islamic State:

A poll taken in Saudi Arabia last August while thousands of Christians and Yazidis were being massacred in Iraq revealed that 92% of Saudis consider the jihadists to be faithful to the values of Islam and to Islamic law.

You recall how, on September 11, 2001, millions of Muslims all over the planet rejoiced at the murders of almost three thousand Western civilians. In France, in the schoolyards of the suburban ghettoes, many Muslim pupils shouted with joy at the news of these crimes against humanity.

Likewise, a great number of Muslims who live among us rejoiced, on the social networks, over the killings by Mohammed Merah of three French soldiers, three Jewish children (killed by bullets fired point blank in their heads) and one of their teachers in March 2012.

And you can be sure that some Muslims living among us watched the images of the decapitation of Hervé Gourdel, delighting in the blood that trickled out, hoping to be able to do the same some day in France, on a larger scale, dreaming of transforming our country into a giant abattoir of French men, women and children.

Note: At this point in his narration there is a photo of a decapitated little girl, murdered in August in Iraq.

In all the mosques of France, the Koran is taught, including the innumerable verses calling on Muslims to kill non-Muslims. (…)

It is time to demand of our leaders that Islam be banned in France, that they stop all Muslim immigration into our country and that they expel by the millions, the Muslims who live here. (…)

We the citizens of western democracies, must confront the worst ideology in all of History, more barbaric and criminal than Nazism itself, since all non-Muslims, in every country on the globe, are potential targets for Muslim terrorists.

There is only one solution: we must decapitate Islam!

It is a matter of our country's survival and that of our civilization!

Note: This long article is followed by dozens of links to a wide variety of articles on Islam. In addition, he adds the latest news from America, Australia, Norway, and Toronto on murders, terrorist plots and teaching children how to perform a decapitation. You probably heard a woman was decapitated in Oklahoma by a black man, converted to Islam, who had a long police record. 

Another article at Riposte Laïque has a whole page of upsetting scenes of animal cruelty during the rituals of Aïd. Please do NOT click the link if you are sensitive.

Below, Christine Tasin (sorry to carp but she's not appropriately dressed) of Résistance Républicaine calls for a ban on the Aïd holiday. Warning, there is a scene of animal slaughter at about 3'17".

Hervé Gourdel is dead, slaughtered like a sheep for the Aïd holiday. Slaughtered in the name of Islam by barbarians who fight in the name of Islam and who fight to impose Islam, and sharia, not only in the north of Iraq, not only in Syria, but in the entire world. We are presently witnessing an incredible parade on all the television channels and radio stations of dhimmis, of moles for Islam, of Dalil Boubakeur (the mufti of the Paris mosque), of Malek Chebel (an Algerian anthropologist and philosopher) who are trying to tell us that this is not Islam. I would like to know where these people attend the mosque, because in all the mosques of France, in all the mosques of the world, people hear, repeat and learn by heart the surah from the Koran that say that they must systematically slit the throats of the miscreants, that they must treat the miscreants who do not believe in Islam like sheep, like animals, and they insist that the miscreants are lower than animals. Now, all these people who say that Islam is not like that are not Muslims. They never go to the mosque. They have never read the Koran or the hadiths, they have never read the life of Mohammed.

They are taking us for idiots.

And why are these people coming out of the woodwork? Because they are afraid, terribly afraid that the murder of Hervé Gourdel at last opens the eyes of all Frenchmen and that the 74%, who in January said they mistrusted Islam, would increase to 100% and they would say "Islam, get out!" Because that is what Islam is. Islam is slaughter. Islam is dhimmitude or slaughter. And those Muslims who try to tell us they are French have been brandishing their ID cards for years proclaiming "I am Muslim and French, but I am first of all Muslim. And because I am French I have the right to impose sharia, I have the right to impose halal, I have the right to impose the veil."

It is not possible to believe in this.

If they really want to convince us that they have nothing to do with the killers of Hervé Gourdel, there is only one solution: become an apostate of Islam, put pressure on the government to ban Muslim immigration and renounce, obviously, the sacrifice of Aïd, coming up in a few days, since this sacrifice is a rehearsal - they practice the slaughter of animals knowing that this terrible act is the same as that used to slaughter men. And it would be very very unfortunate if the symbol of the beheading of Hervé Gourdel is repeated in hundreds of abattoirs on thousands of sheep. We ask therefore that all these Muslims who claim that this is not Islam renounce Aïd, renounce the veil, renounce halal and become Frenchmen who put France and her laws before all else, and before the Koranic precepts.

Below: ISIS terrorists in Iraq, like apparitions from the darkest of ages. But the trucks tell us it's modern times.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Bardot praises Marine Le Pen

Brigitte Bardot : "J'aime beaucoup Marine Le Pen" by puremedias

A few days ago Brigitte Bardot celebrated her eightieth birthday. In this interview with Laurent Delahousse she reviews her opinions of the past five French presidents and expresses her admiration for Marine Le Pen:

- Today some of your positions on society are conservative.

- Society is not going in the right direction. Do you think society is going in the right direction?

- I don't know… that's my question.

- Well it's not. That's all. It's not moving in the right direction. Look at the mess we're in. Obviously I'm conservative.

- In what way?

- I think it's not good to evolve into a society such as ours.

- It's true that you met all those politicians - De Gaulle, Giscard… Does Giscard still write to you?

- No he doesn't write but he phones from time to time. I still have warm feelings of friendship for him. He's very nice.

- He was a good president?

- I have no idea. I don't care about such things.

- François Mitterand?

- François Mitterand, made nice gestures towards me. He awarded me the Legion of Honor that I refused to accept. But it was a nice gesture.

- Chirac?

- Chirac is the king of liars.

- Really?

- Yes. Because he promised me many things… but I think he's in a race with Sarkozy, because both of them promised me many many things and were absolutely charming to me and gave me nothing, absolutely nothing at all.

- The current president?

- The current president is listening to some of my demands.

(Note: She stresses the word "my" to indicate that she knows he is not listening to the demands of so many others.)

- There's a picture of you that appeared on a poster for Marine Le Pen during the European elections.

- That poster is beautiful! It's magnificent. I think it's beautiful.

- She asked for your authorization?

- No.

- No?

- No.

- Does she speak to you. Do you talk to her on the phone?

- I do sometimes talk to Marine, yes. I like Marine a lot. You're going to try to make me say things I don't want to say.

- I'm just asking questions.

- Because I like Marine, I affirm it, that's all. I don't hide it.

- What does she have that the others don't?

- What does she have more than the others? Well, I'll tell you something funny, she's the only woman with balls.

- And you like her ideas?

- Oh yes, in general I like her ideas.

- It's her vision of France that you like?

- It's her vision of France that I would hope to see materialize, yes.

- You caused a scandal when you said that. Were you troubled by the fact that a part of the French people, a part of the press were scandalized by that?

- By what?

- By the fact that you said things about a party that symbolizes for some the extreme right, that symbolizes a complicated history. That vision isn't a bit narrow for you?

- Listen, considering the state poor France is in, too narrow - that would surprise me. It's difficult…

Note: Recently Bardot remarked that if she cannot put an end to the ritual slaughter of animals, her life will have been a failure.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Barbaric decapitation

We are all too familiar with beheadings by Muslims of Western journalists, tourists, missionaries, priests, and others who have the misfortune of being captured. The stories of Daniel Pearl, Nick Berg, and more recently James Foley and Steven Sotloff have, in a terrifying way, educated us on the true nature of the blood cult called Islam. There are others and there will continue to be others.  We can never know how many people throughout history have suffered this unimaginable torture.

A Frenchman, Hervé Gourdel, while exploring the Kabylie region of Algeria was captured on Sunday September 21 by a group connected to the Islamic State and decapitated three days later. Fifty-five years old, Gourdel was a hiker and veteran mountain climber from Nice who had lived and worked in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains, in Vietnam, Nepal and Jordan. He was married with two children. Bernard Antony comments that we must do everything to put an end to Islam's archaic behavior:

The atrocious decapitation through a slow slitting of the throat, of our compatriot Hervé Gourdel, like the previous assassinations of so many hostages, in various places, using the same sadistic methods, arouses an expression of general indignation that is absolutely sincere, even from the Muslims.

But far too many people forget unfortunately that this barbarism that today extends from Afghanistan to Nigeria is the continuation of centuries of horrors perpetrated by jihadist Muslims, but also by the cruelest Islamic regimes. The killing of Hervé Gourdel recalls of course the massacre of the Tibhirine monks, whose throats were slit in the same manner.

How can we forget the abominations and massacres perpetrated in Algeria by the FLN who used refinements of cruelty that were even worse. Our pieds-noirs and harki compatriots remember well.

Note: Pieds-noirs were Algerians of European origin, harkis were Algerians who fought with the French forces. The FLN was the Algerian liberation movement.

But before that there were the horrifying exterminations in Turkey of the Armenians and other Christians with all the sophisticated methods often used by those populations fanaticized by the call of the muezzin. In 1860 in Lebanon it was necessary to send in the French fleet to stop the massacres such as the one at Deïr el Kamar where hundreds of Christians were tortured, women raped and decapitated, children crucified on the doors of the convent, and men torn to pieces alive.

Note: The author explains that these practices are modeled after those employed by the founder of Islam, the prophet Mohammed, who led a day-long orgy of decapitations of the men of the Jewish tribe Banu Qurayza. He recalls also that the current wave of barbaric acts was encouraged and financed by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and "others", and even when other religions are allowed to live in a Muslim country they are subject to the laws of dhimmitude: adulterous women are stoned, hands of thieves are cut off. He hopes for an awakening within Islam in order to finish once and for all with this anachronistic imitation (of the prophet) and with sharia and dhimmitude. Finally he calls for an immediate crushing through military means of the Islamist terrorists, and describes the patience and firmness required to do this and the need for Christian clergy to become realistic about the uselessness of the inter-relgious dialogue as it is pursued to day.

Below, Hervé Gourdel

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Nicolas Sarkozy returns

Nicolas Sarkozy is back! No doubt his UMP party, terrified at the thought of a Front National victory, is now banking on Marine Le Pen's nº 1 enemy to defeat her in the second round, assuming they both make it that far. It is today inconceivable that François Hollande could make it to the second round; many say he won't even make it to 2017. Sarkozy's former prime minister François Fillon is not a strong candidate. The only "conservative" who has a chance of eliminating Sarkozy in the primary is Alain Juppé, mayor of Bordeaux, and longtime committed Islamist and purveyor of mosques.

Sarkozy is an accomplished actor who usually manages to persuade his dumbed down television audience that if they don't put him back in Elysée Palace France will surely go to the dogs. The audience, under the spell of his repetitive self-aggrandizement comes away thinking that this time he means it and if he can't save France who can? This was his method before, and it will be his method again.

On Sunday September 21 he gave a forty-five minute interview on France 2 during which he took responsibility for his mistakes, saying he was only human, but absolved himself of all guilt in the financial scandals that have swirled around him for many months, pointing out that after lengthy testimony and the deliberations of three judges there was still no proof of guilt on his part. He repeated, as he has so many times in the past, that he does not lie. He insisted that despite everything he has faith in the French justice system, though he's sorry about the "Wall of Idiots" - the bulletin board in the headquarters of the magistrates' union, where photos of crime victims are posted.

He was relentlessly glib, and avoided all topics of importance, arguing that he was not announcing his candidacy, only his wish to trigger a renewal of hope. His tone was often melodramatic and rang false whenever he claimed to empathize with the suffering of the people. And of course only suffering could push a normally sane Frenchman into voting for Marine Le Pen. It wasn't until the very end that moderator Laurent Delahousse prodded him to give his opinion on the Taubira law on homosexual marriage. He attempted to skirt the issue by protesting that that was not the most important problem in France today, but Delahousse persisted and finally Sarkozy could only bring himself to denounce the way the law was passed. Le Salon Beige quotes him:

- I really hated the way they humiliated the people who were defending the family. A fine result for a president who wanted to appease. They humiliated the family. They turned the people against one another. I won't exploit families.

Note that he did not take a stand against the law. If silence means consent we can assume that he would do nothing to repeal it.

Then he added:

- The main thing is not so much to promise as to fulfill. It is time to reintroduce the referendum into our institutions. A referendum is the key.

Le Salon Beige reacts:

Coming from the man who refused to put the Treaty of Lisbon to a referendum, two years after the French had rejected the constitutional treaty which was so similar, it's a bit hard to swallow.

It is important that we get out and demonstrate on October 5.

Note: This is a reference to the next Manif Pour Tous scheduled for October 5. I will have more on the event in the coming days. It seems October 5 is also the day Muslims celebrate Aïd - the bloody day of sheep slaughter. The police will no doubt be out in full force.

Note: Sarkozy said that a referendum was key. One Salon Beige reader wisely asserts that it might be better not to have a referendum in a totalitarian system where the media are under government control.

Those who read French have a plethora of articles to choose from for a critical analysis of the interview: Bernard Antony, Christian Vanneste, and Michel Garroté, to name just a few.

At Boulevard Voltaire writer Christophe Servan closes his critique of Sarkozy with this recap of his non-accomplishments:

(…) Sarkozy is not a novice; he has a record: the Treaty of Lisbon, the return to NATO, the friend of American neo-conservatives, the friend of Qadhafi (before he betrayed him), 465 billion in additional public debt, 78% more immigration than under Socialist Lionel Jospin, 436,000 jobs lost despite 65 billion in new tax incentives, and the icing on the cake, his own party cannot meet its expenses. This is France's savior?

Note: In the course of the interview, Sarkozy with obvious false modesty had claimed he never considered himself the savior of France (at least he was right on that score). 

The televised interview is on YouTube, for those interested. You will note that Islam is not mentioned once. 

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Two articles of interest

Here's a good article, entitled the Russian Empire Strikes Back, on the foolishness of the United States' sanctions against Russia, the reasons why such sanctions can never work, and how the great need for natural gas in Europe will, in the end, work completely in Russia's favor and against the U.S. Some of the comments are good too. The article focuses on comments made by the U.S. Treasury Secretary who believes (or pretends to believe) that Russia is "paying a heavy price for its unlawful behavior" in Ukraine. The truth, as the author points out, is quite a different story.

For those who read French I highly recommend this long text posted at Riposte Laïque by Guillaume Faye, creator of the concept of Archeofuturism. In it he describes at length the sociological and cultural changes in France that have alienated the working class populations from the ruling elite, opening the way for the Front National to become, not a party of the extreme right (a term he says no longer works), but a populist party whose goal is to come to the rescue of those lower classes that no longer have access to the wealth and opportunities of the nation. The ruling elite have cut them off in favor of immigrants, bringing about the end of the "possibility of preserving and making sacred a French and European working class identity that is against Islamisation, ethno-cultural miscegenation and cosmopolitanism." He emphasizes the plight of the poor whites who cannot live side by side with murderous immigrants and who take refuge in rural enclaves where the authorities deprive them of their rights. 

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Crimes, and punishment for racism

From the huge section of the François Desouche website devoted to crime, here is a tiny sampling:

Security personnel at the Purpan Hospital in Toulouse can no longer ensure that the services, especially the emergency room, are safe:

"We are regularly confronted with agitated people, sometimes armed with knives, machetes, and against whom we are helpless," said one guard who remained anonymous. "We want the means to defend ourselves."

A little over two years ago, the State prosecutor of Toulouse removed their equipment: handcuffs, expandable batons and tear gas.

"For thirty years we used that equipment. We can no longer cope. (…) We have sometimes fifteen interventions in the course of one night. Recently, without knowing it, we happened upon a gang connected to a murder in Ilyès. The anti-crime brigade alerted us."

The CGT labor union called for a strike on Wednesday.

Note: François Desouche readers point out that immigrants are the culprits and that the CGT is responsible for supporting immigration, hence they have little sympathy for the guards. A comment from a doctor (not employed at the hospital) describes the harrowing birth of a Muslim baby whose father took charge of the maternity ward, ordered everyone about, and forbade any male to go near his wife. She did not receive an epidural and gave birth screaming and writhing in pain. The doctor claims he is not a racist but is concerned about religion entering into the maternity ward and into his office. Note that he cannot bring himself to admit that immigration and Islam are to blame. He uses the general term "religion" as a cover.

Below, a machete, often the weapon of choice of criminals in France.

In the village of Aubignosc, near the city of Digne-les-Bains (department of Alpes de Hautes-Provence), a 40-year-old father died after a brutal attack by three burglars who broke into his home while he, his wife and his 15-year old son were sleeping.

The family was sequestered, the father and mother brutally beaten, while the burglars went looking for jewelry or cash. The criminals, who found a small amount of booty, fled. The father, who was unconscious when help arrived, died from his injuries. His wife, who called the police, and her son, both in shock, were hospitalized.

The prosecutor of Digne-les-Bains turned the investigation over to the authorities in Marseille and Forcalquier. "A sizable unit of gendarmes" was deployed in the area of the crime to hunt for the suspects, with the help of a helicopter.

An autopsy showed that the father, Franck Di Iorio, died from asphyxiation during the night of September 16-17.

Note: One François Desouche reader writes:

- The dead father's picture will surely be placed on the Wall of Idiots at the magistrates' union headquarters. What nerve to die during your enrichment! I hope the assailants weren't hurt. The poor things weren't hurt as they worked to enrich France? I say a six months suspended sentence and we'll forget the whole thing ever happened.

Note: A reminder that a bulletin board in the headquarters of the magistrates' union was discovered over a year ago, and generated a scandal. On the bulletin board were posted pictures of crime victims and of anyone opposed to the lax system of justice that favors criminals. The bulletin board was labeled the "Wall of Idiots". The French people then knew that a certain number of magistrates had only contempt for victims of crime and for those who fight crime.

Another reminder that the French have been told repeatedly that immigration is an enrichment for them, and that they should feel lucky to have so many foreigners among them.This campaign started long ago, when Chirac was president, and even before, when François Mitterand, promoting Europe and multiculturalism, told the people in a televised speech that they had to forget their History (meaning their sovereignty).

Now, you understand better the reader's comment.

Going back to September 8, a 20-year-old woman, jogging in a park in Seine-Saint-Denis was attacked and killed by a 34-year-old man known to the police for sex offenses. He stabbed her seven times with a knife in her carotid artery and abdomen before fleeing. She died soon after.

At Le Parisien, readers' comments express heartbreak and anger at the justice system, in particular minister of Justice Christiane Taubira (left) for her plans to keep as many criminals out of prison as she can.

Finally, as for Madame Taubira herself, she still punishes any and all who make negative comments about criminals. One of the latest involves a tweet from UMP deputy Jean-Sébastien Vialatte, dated May 2013:

- The vandals are surely descendants of slaves. They have excuses. Taubira will give them a reward!

The tweet was a reaction to the urban violence that occurred when the PSG soccer team won the title of champion of France.

The case went to the Paris criminal court and the deputy has just been fined 6000 euros, 4000 of them in damages. Vialatte apologized for the comment saying he meant only to attack Taubira's lax policies.

In its judgement the court said that Vialatte's remark was aimed at "the totality of the black community and could not be legitimized on grounds of 'open debate of opinions and ideas'". In other words, Vialatte cannot invoke freedom of speech. The court's decision also contained the following statement:

"This stigmatization had as its goal (…) to arouse a double feeling of rejection, that of the vandals and also of persons who were presumably acquitted instead of being punished."

Note: I find that statement amazing. Are the judges saying that the vandals who ripped up the streets were made to feel "rejected" by Vialatte's remark?

Below, Jean-Sébastien Vialatte, deputy from le Var, who will perform services for black organizations as part of his penance.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Lucky France, lucky Russia

Catholic writer Bernard Antony's home page is full of interesting articles. Usually I'm reluctant to condense his writing, but in this case, I will make an exception. Here are highlights from two items:

Edwy Plenel, former militant Communist, former editor-in-chief of the newspaper Le Monde, currently editor of Mediapart, an Internet journal that he founded in 2008 welcomes the Islamization of his country:

Far from advocating class struggle or announcing that the great revolution is about to dawn again, Plenel is sounding like an enthusiastic prophet when he intones how "lucky France is to be the first Muslim country of Europe", as it is "to be the first Jewish community to escape the Holocaust," which is indeed a fortunate truth the causes of which are still being debated.

And then Plenel (below) goes on to say how lucky it is to be the first country in matters of Creolization and finally to be the eldest daughter of the Church.

In this euphoric and patriotic exaltation, Edwy Plenel might have used a more scientific method that would have led him to consider that there is no guarantee these diverse entities could coexist. While secularists, Catholics, Jews, and even Creoles can live side by side in a common loyalty to France, it is not pessimistic to assume that the growing Muslim population would not feel in perfect harmony with the others. Despite the time that has passed since 1948 we don't find mutual affection in Israel between Jews and Arabs.

Does Plenel feel a great fascination for Islam? This is what some members of the Jewish community who dislike him are thinking. But Plenel could not care less, for France will continue to be the first Muslim country in Europe, and that's what counts.

We should note in closing that Plenel might have recalled that there is, for now, a population of Muslims in Europe more numerous than those in France: those in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo and Albania. But don't fret, we will soon catch up and sit in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). France will be the 58th member State. What luck!

Note: That's news. France will officially be a member State in a major Islamic organization. To see a list of member States, click here.

Note: French readers can consult Le Point on Plenel's plea for help for the Muslims of France, who he considers as victims of discrimination.

Here's more news. One of Vladimir Putin's most important advisers is none other than Dominique Strauss-Kahn, former presidential hopeful who lost out to the illustrious François Hollande, after a minor misunderstanding with New York's finest.

In his article Bernard Antony brings Putin down a peg or two from his pinnacle as savior of Western civilization. But Putin's action may have been designed to irritate Washington.

So, Vladimir Putin has just added Dominique Strauss-Kahn to his trusted counselors. No doubt that in Russia's great palaces, DSK runs no risk from some antiracist chamber maid. No doubt as well that he will be provided with all the "human material" he desires, to use the expression he used during the days when he attended parties organized by the Belgian Dodo La Saumure.

Note: A reference to the sex scandal surrounding DSK in 2011. The city of Lille was one of the headquarters of organized parties (i.e. orgies). Dodo la Saumure organized the events and procured women. A lot of this information was kept quiet until the New York arrest of DSK. Numerous politicians were involved and the Socialist mayor of Lille, Martine Aubry, covered up for DSK because she was hoping for a high position in his administration when he became president.

A fine revenge on the puritanical America. In the ruling elite's country homes and yachts they're calling DSK "the new Rasputin".

As for Putin, he can do what he wants without risk of media voyeurs. And DSK finally finds complete freedom of movement in the land of Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great and Stalin.

Bernard Antony goes on to explain that many are unhappy to see DSK in Russia because in their fantasies they have created a Putin to their liking, one who is not a globalist, and now their imaginary Russian leader is discredited.

But in truth, Putin is also a globalist, but his globalism is different from that of American capitalists and European technocrats.

This is why, if I believe that a "world order", insofar as it can be made a reality, is better that a general world disorder, burdened with terrible conflicts, I have always said and written that I don't believe at all in the reality of a "new world order" as conceived by utopian globalists. Because from the evidence, all the great world powers have a different concept of globalism: the one that best nourishes their hunger for power. To this end, globalism according to Putin, built around the power of a Russian and Eurasian axis is clearly not the same as that of the White House or of the Brussels Eurocracy. Not to mention that we must take China, India, Japan and others into account.

The truth is that globalism is only an ideological toy with a lucrative purpose.

Note: He is, I believe, reminding us that despite the current emphasis on one world, one economy, one market, one people, such notions cannot be realized on Planet Earth where we are too diverse, too much in conflict with each other, and too attached to traditions to join in a universal consensus.

But he also points out that world leaders, while talking about globalism, pursue their own interests wherever they may lead. If traditionalism is profitable, they choose tradition. If multiculturalism is profitable, they take that path.

He's saying that Putin is a politician like any other who happens to be espousing some traditionalist ideas at this moment. Bernard Antony, an implacable enemy of Communism, has written other articles in which he cautions against an overly rosy view of Russia.

Only time will tell how sincere Putin is and how able Russia is to fulfill its new destiny.

Below, DSK and his wife.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Alain Soral reacts to Aymeric Chauprade

"Philosopher" Alain Soral has become famous primarily for his hatred of Jews, Israel and America; his friendship with humorist Dieudonné; and his connection in 2007 to the presidential campaign of the Front National. A Marxist, who claims he has renounced Marxism, but who interprets events in terms of class struggle, he advised Marine Le Pen to run a campaign based on inclusiveness, using posters showing presidential candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen smiling broadly while holding hands with children of many hues, in a misbegotten attempt to turn the FN into a party of multiculturalism and economic egalitarianism. The campaign was a disaster; Le Pen did not even get ten percent of the vote; Marine Le Pen was held accountable for the loss; she and Soral went their separate ways (or so we thought). He was from 2007 to 2009 a member of the FN.

Soral's ideology consists of a mixture of right-wing morality (for example he claims he is against homosexual marriage, and he has written extensively against feminism) and left-wing socialism, brewed together with a large dose of Jew-hatred, anti-capitalism, and anti-Americanism. He cleverly mixes his dislike of female immorality with his preference for Islam, saying for example that he prefers the Islamic veil to the thongs worn by today's young girls.

The following excerpt on feminism (from Wikipedia) is good example of how one could be fooled into thinking Soral had valuable insights:

 - Alain Soral argues that women have always worked (in trade or agriculture, for example). To him, feminism was invented by tiring of their role as mothers. Soral distinguishes two types of feminism: that of the "flippées" ("freaked-out") such as Simone de Beauvoir, and that of the "pétasses" ("bitches") like Élisabeth Badinter. Soral claims that the most problematic inequality is not between men and women, but between rich and poor, and that feminists, who generally come from the upper classes of society, attempt to distract attention from this struggle.

(He is not entirely wrong. It was the wealthy pampered feminists, who are all leftists, who influenced women of lesser means, and helped to destroy the family unit that holds society together.)

In another mix-up he claims that Islam is not a threat but is exploited by capitalists so they can plunder Muslim countries.

Whether he deliberately mixes ideologies in order to appear to have a comprehensive world-view, or is so shackled to Marxism that he cannot see beyond the wall he has built around himself no one can say. But my strong feeling is that Alain Soral is to be avoided at all costs, and it will always be to Marine Le Pen's detriment that she entertained the notion of using his services.

He is still giving advice to the Front National as head of a "think tank" called Égalité et Réconciliation. Below, wearing a "goy" tee-shirt, he lashes out vituperatively at Aymeric Chauprade, who recently posted an eight-part manifesto urging France to stop immigration, to cease regarding Israel as an enemy, and to take measures to protect the country from Sunni Muslim violence. Many of you read my translation of this document. (Note that two commercials precede the main feature.)

 - I think Chauprade hired a lawyer because I called him a son of a b… Now, before the camera, Chauprade, you're a son of a b… You organized a dinner in order to meet me and tell me that you were 100% in agreement with me and that you wanted to be elected deputy (in the EU Parliament) for the Front National in order to infuse the FN with a foreign policy that was intelligent and really patriotic. We (meaning Égalité et Réconciliation) helped you get elected, we posted tracts for you in Saint-Denis. Chauprade was elected in the districts where we have a great deal of influence. Then in August, behind everyone's back, including the Front National's, he produced a text on submission to Zionism and on support for the notion of a clash of civilizations. It's a total betrayal of his own ideas that he has been expressing for years. He was removed from the Defense Ministry because he dissented from the official version on 9/11. The whole implementation of the clash of civilizations, in practical terms, after the neo-conservative theories, is 9/11. Until the day before yesterday Chauprade produced analyses that invalidate his current position. We must consider this to be high treason. Normally when a guy is elected and does not keep his promises he is removed from office and from the party. Not only did he betray the promises he made to us at that dinner - when he said "Soral is one of us" - you can also see a video from 2012.

Note: The following passage from a 2012 video are words uttered by Aymeric Chauprade:

"Logically there is someone who ought to be happy this evening, that is Alain Soral. Someone who has understood completely the profound forces of history, the ones that our good 'bourgeois Westerner' refuses to see, so blinded is he by the red flags that the 'main stream media' waves in his face. So listen to him and read him. We do not necessarily use the same words (so much the better) but our thoughts are in harmony. Aymeric Chauprade, March 5, 2012."

Note: The "red flags" seem to refer to provocative news stories that distract the viewer from thinking about things of greater substance. The French expression originates in bullfighting. I am guessing at its meaning.

Returning to Alain Soral:

He totally betrayed me. He is putting me in danger because we campaigned for him. If the people who voted for him, who voted for the FN: Muslims, Muslim patriots, people who have confidence in me, if they think that I am his accomplice, this piece of garbage called Chauprade puts me in danger of death, because if I were such a bastard I would deserve to be punished. And so I say "Chauprade you're a son of a b…" I would like to see you face to face. You're a traitor to your own ideas, and you create problems for the Front National insinuating privately that you have seduced Marine Le Pen and that you are her lover, which is scandalous. At a dinner with people you are trying to manipulate you claim to be 'national socialist' and they have to calm you …. (passage not clear). It's not over, we have to work until he's removed from the FN, and if he's not removed, and I say this clearly, Chauprade is responsible for Égalité et Réconciliation separating itself completely from the Front National and going on its own as a political party. Enough is enough. Do not vote for the Front National. We haven't finished with this guy whom I took for someone serious, who's just a piss-ass with spectacles and a briefcase, dreaming of starting wars with a map and toy soldiers in front of him. Chauprade, you haven't heard the last from me.

Soral is an attention-seeking hothead. A failed writer, a failed movie-maker, a failed political advisor, he has only Dieudonné and the Muslims on his side, except for those drawn to him for his Marxist beliefs, his desire to see France become part of the Caliphate, and his renegade appearance.

However, it is possible he helped get Chauprade elected by convincing Muslim voters that the FN was antisemitic. If this is true, Soral is unhinged, or he's getting even with the FN for having him removed as a member of the central committee. 

As for Chauprade, my feeling is still "wait and see". I know nothing of his private life. I only know his manifesto marked a surprising change from the usual political platforms, especially his recognition that deportation of Muslims is not out of the question. A reminder that he was fired from the Defense Ministry for suggesting that Bush and Mossad planned the 9/11 attacks in order to start a war against Muslims. His recent manifesto took a much more guarded approach, saying that the attacks were probably the result of a collaboration between two "deep states", the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, a slight improvement, but not much.  Either Chauprade is sincerely modifying his earlier views or he is, as some claim, an opportunist. At any rate, he sounds good. 

Chauprade answers Soral in a fifteen-minute video (below) for French readers that is too long to translate now. In the video he remains very calm and justifies his manifesto saying that he tried to be balanced and above all realistic about what can be accomplished. He says that those that seek a perfect society will never rule.

Original source: François Desouche

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The changing face of Britain

This chart was posted at François Desouche. Once again I feel it's necessary to write about England because what is happening there is proof positive that Western civilization has not only reached a crossroad, it has taken the road it never traveled by in the past two thousand years - that of spineless capitulation to an enemy who has used psychological warfare to conquer us. The physical crimes alone should have been enough to awaken people to the danger, but the fear of being called a racist, and the dread of being an outcast, without friends, at war with one's own family, and possibly without a livelihood, has made cowards of us all. If we could get over the fear, we could fight back, but we need leaders for that. We do not have the moral fiber to take things into our own hands, and I would not know what to suggest, other than blood in the streets with any weapons you can get your hands on. (Or put intense pressure on the leaders, relentless pressure, in the streets and elsewhere - turn off the television, vote for the most patriotic politicians you can find, and do it now.)

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Femen acquitted, guards fined

Some of you remember the Femen. Or perhaps you prefer to forget. The bare-breasted exhibitionists who are paid to invade churches, private offices, and pro-Catholic demonstrations with lewd messages of hatred painted on their breasts, made headlines during the pro-family, anti-Taubira demonstrations in 2012 and 2013.

Le Parisien reminds us of what transpired in February 2013, when they stormed into Notre-Dame cathedral:

On February 12, 2013, the Femen celebrated in their own way the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. Incognito in the crowd of tourists, they had entered the building, removed their coats and sprawled out on three bells temporarily on display in the nave for the 850th anniversary of Notre-Dame de Paris.

Showing off their breasts, as they customarily do, they shouted "Pope no more", hitting the bells with pieces of wood.

In their report, the police had noted nicks a centimeter long on the top of the Marcel bell (named for Saint Marcel). During the trial the Femen denied having caused the damage, arguing that they had taken the trouble to cover the wood with felt. The lawyer for the priest of Notre-Dame said the protective felt was not attached properly and the bell was struck with "bare wood".

Now we have the result of the trial:

For want of proof they were not convicted. The nine members of the Femen, accused of damaging a bell in Notre-Dame cathedral, were acquitted on Wednesday by the criminal court of Paris. However, three cathedral guards were sentenced to suspended fines of three hundred, five hundred and one thousand euros, for committing violence to the militant women when they were being expelled from the cathedral.

Note: Several Le Parisien readers noted that proof was self-evident since the scene had been witnessed and filmed.

The prosecution has appealed.

The court's decision angered Catholic politician Christine Boutin, founder of the Christian Democrat Party, who exclaimed on Twitter: 

"Femen acquitted, guards convicted! The right to blasphemy! Shame and provocation! France ridiculed!"

Marine Le Pen's niece, Marion Maréchal Le Pen (left), recently married and expecting a child, also reacted to the verdict:

(…) With a minister of Justice (i.e., Christiane Taubira) who has sworn to destroy France in its foundations and its soul, and who is supported in her plans by a militant magistrates' union, anything is possible when it comes to insulting the Catholic religion, desecrating places of worship, and damaging national property. Even exhibitionism, a fully condemnable act, was not held against them. In France all religions are protected except, it seems, the historic religion of the French people. In this affair, they didn't even speak of desecration, only of damage…

Top, the Femen ply their trade.

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