Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Europe in Darkness

This was posted at Israpundit, a blog new to me. The details of the murder of Ilan Halimi will be the subject of a later post:

February 20, 2006

“The Lights are going out all over Europe…”

By Jerry Gordon, former U.S. Military Intelligence Officer and Middle East affairs analyst for American Congress for Truth

Andy Bostom, author of The Legacy of Jihad called me fresh off a plane flight into Boston Logan’s airport from Amsterdam. Andy had been at a conference convened by the Pym Fortuyn Foundation (named in honor of the memory of the assassinated Dutch Prime Minister candidate) held under tight security at The Hague in Holland during this long Presidents Weekend here in the U.S.

Andy’s first comment to me was, “Its over in Europe.” A reference to encroachment of Islamism across the cultural and territorial landscape in what Bat Ye’or has taken to call Eurabia - the title of her book on the same subject.

She was there at the conference, as were Daniel Pipes, Robert Spencer , Paris-based American ex-pat and writer, Nidra Poller, David Littman, Ibn Warraq, Bruce Bawer, author of the just published book, While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is destroying the West from Within, by Doubleday. Bawer is another American ex-pat who has been living in Norway since 1998. Walter Lacquer had just given Bawer’s book a favorable review in the Wall Street Journal in a piece entitled "A Dire Continental Drift.” They were in The Hague to meet with other scholars and analysts and confer with European members of parliament and senior bureaucrats from countries like Holland and Denmark.

Bostom said as courageous as the Danish are, they too have lost. He gave as examples the fact that all meat used in Danish school cafeterias has to be “halal.” Further Denmark has had to segregate all public swimming pools by sex to accede to Muslim demands.

While Bostom believes that fully 50 percent of the population throughout European countries bridles at the loss of western values of tolerance and free expression to the intimidating demands of Muslim minorities, from what he heard these same minorities may be pushing for control of mini-states within these countries - subject to Muslim sharia law.

As Andy noted, Melanie Philips in the UK is readying a new book with the working title of Londonstan, a send up on the obvious Islamization going on in Great Britain.

One only had to view the vast crowds converging on London again this weekend for more massive Muslim protests against those now hoary Danish Cartoons. Or the fact that Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi had to sack Minister for Institutional Reform Roberto Calderoli, for displaying a tee shirt with one of the controversial Mohammed cartoons, after the Libyans endeavored to destroy the Italian Embassy in Benghazi in rioting that resulted in eleven dead.

But then there was the weekend e-mail from French documentarian, Pierre Rehov to me about the anguish of his daughter over the barbarous kidnapping, torture and murder of a young French Jew, Ilan Halimi. His closing remark was "things are getting worse here everyday." Yes, like young French Muslim toughs parading and shouting “Mort aux Juifs” in central Paris.

A Dutch professor, now living in Malaysia, claimed that Christians in Malaysia have more rights than Muslims in Denmark. He was roundly corrected by the Danish speaker at the Conference, Lars Hedegaard.

Even Dan Pipes, Bostom recounted, had to admit at the conference that his previous expectations about fostering progressive moderate Muslims may have been in error and that there are minimal numbers of the umma who would fight for internal reformation.(...)

I’m reminded of a cartoon from an ancient edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica 1940 Year Book that graced the shelves in my home as a young kid growing up outside of Boston during WWII. The cartoon showed a clearly Nazi stalhelm or helmet with SS runes being used to snuff out a single candle. The inscription below, I came to realize later in life was first uttered by British liberal foreign secretary, Sir Edward Grey on the eve of the outbreak of World War I:

"The lamps are going out all over Europe; we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime.”

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