Saturday, February 04, 2006

Goals and Motivation

This blog has a modest goal - to present in English translation the current news from France from the point of view of French patriots. Having considered doing this for a while, I was put off by the crushing task of translating a huge amount of information on a daily basis. I have decided to keep my daily workload as limited as possible. This means many articles will just be summarized or excerpted. Whenever the language is too slangy or contains terms of which I have no knowledge, I will simply skip it - at least temporarily. It is not likely that I will be able to keep up this pace for long, however modest my goals, but I would like to start and possibly someone else will pick it up later.

I do not expect to have many readers. The blog is directed to those who have an abiding interest in France but do not know the language sufficiently well to read the many patriotic French websites that have cropped up lately. There may even be some people out there unaware of how close this 2000 year old civilization is to being transformed into something unrecognizable and not at all full of "joie de vivre". Life there, in fact, is becoming nightmarish; entrepreneurs have migrated to other countries; many Jews have left, often to go to Israel; the school system - once so powerful - has deteriorated beyond description, as immigrants and alien ideologies take over; street crime is rampant; and the taboo on free speech known as political correctness has resulted in what they call a "chape de plomb" (lead covering). In other words, no freedom, no nation.

I am here to report, not to argue. My own point of view will be a small part of this blog (I hope). I may not have time to deal with comments, but that will be decided later.


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