Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Can they unite?

The French are beginning to call a spade a spade with a boldness that might shock even the most out-spoken Americans. Last week's riots left no doubt as to the racial and ethnic nature of the violence. Young white anarchists, agitators and "revolutionaries" were mugged by reality, before the eyes of the camera, by blacks and Arabs. (See this post.) To behold left-wing demonstrators  running to the gendarmes for protection marks a major breakthrough for the forces of anti-immigration and is leading many patriots to urge the left to join them in the common struggle. This is the same urgency that impelled the various French parties to unite against the Nazi invaders during the Second World War. This brief article from Novopress is a call for unity from the "Identitaires" Youth Movement.

Communiqué of March 24, 2006

Support our comrades of the CNT!

Yesterday in Paris, during the anti-CPE demonstration, the marchers from the CNT (National Confederation of Labor) became the targets of thugs who swarmed in from the suburbs to rip the place apart.

Many anarchist-unionists/anarchist-communists/radical-anti-fascists/redskins/punks/loners/and other filth were violently attacked. Several were hospitalized or treated, and it was only thanks to the presence of the police (some anarchists took refuge behind the police lines) that the toll wasn't higher.

Realizing that these attacks ought to finally bring home to the militants of the CNT the reality of an ethnic divide, in this country that they hardly know, we have decided to forget our past quarrels (friendly fist-fights, unfounded accusations, garbage being thrown at our participants) and to extend a fraternal European hand to the union anarchists.

Comrades of the CNT, join the ranks of les Identitaires; in your fight against these thugs, you are not alone!

Note: It remains to be seen if this unity materializes. For now it is only a pipe dream and the sarcastic tone of the article won't win them over. But maybe...

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