Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Another Website Zapped

Another French website has been removed from operation. I was not familiar with it; possibly he can "relocate" to a Google group or to Blogger. This was posted today at VoxGalliae. The image seems to be a parody of a pack of "Gauloises" cigarettes, with the words, "François Desouche can be seriously harmful to one-way thinking". That expression "one-way thinking" is often used to refer to the fact that only certain thoughts are permitted.

It must be in the name of their fine principles that the moralists of tolerance and free expression managed to succeed in censuring François Desouche and in shutting down his excellent blog hosted by Haut et Fort.

When we created VoxGalliae, we decided, wisely counselled by my friend Alex Corvus, not to trust any hosting services on national territory. The dirty trick played on our friend François Desouche proves not only that freedom of expression in France is a geometrically variable concept, but that, as a famous general proved by fleeing national territory to wage war from across the Channel, it is imperative that those who would silence us can hear us.

To those individuals, with François Desouche temporarily absent from the internet, we say, "You will not defeat us! Resistance has a tough skin..."


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