Thursday, April 13, 2006

Speak No Evil

"The European Union, tiptoeing through a minefield of religious and cultural sensitivities, is discreetly reviewing the language it uses to describe terrorists who claim to act in the name of Islam." These are the opening lines of a must-read article at MSNBC today. France-Echos has these comments:

The leaders (useful idiots) of the European Union are going to quietly adopt a new official "lexicon" of terms to use in public announcements to designate the atrocities committed or expressed by Muslims in the name of their "sect".

Following "to the letter" the advice of Omar Faruk, a Muslim counselor of the British government, it will henceforth be "forbidden" for officials of the EU to speak of jihad, of Islamists, of Muslim terrorism or any other term having a negative connotation vis-a-vis Islam!

The purpose of this "new" language is of course to avoid at all cost any further awakening of the public conscience to the mortal dangers that Islam and Muslims represent for our democratic and civilized societies.

They seem to forget that we are here! And we will denounce with even greater virulence and conviction a "forbidden truth" - that the backward convictions of Muslims and of Islam in general, be it "moderate", which is an oxymoron since "moderate" Islam does not exist, pose an extreme danger to us!

Another message I received a few days ago from Via-Resistancia, based on an AP report, gives the following statistics regarding the number of Muslims in Europe:

France: 5 million Muslims - 8.2% of the population

Germany: 3.7 million - 4.5%

United Kingdom: 1.64 million - 2.2%

Netherlands: 804,000 - 4.9%

Italy: 685,000 - 1.2%

Spain: 427,000 - 1%

Switzerland: 307,000 - 4.3%

Sweden: 179,000 - 2%

Denmark: 114,000 - 2.1%

Balkans: more than 5 million Muslims notably in Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia and Serbia-Montenegro.

This means there are almost 18 million Muslims in Europe. This figure may be conservative and does not take into account the rate of Muslim growth and the decline in European births. So, in the near future the numbers will grow rapidly if something isn't done. Europeans have to seal off their borders, repatriate as many Muslims as possible, and encourage the restoration of family life and cultural values that have sustained them through the centuries.


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