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Dieudonné - God's Gift? (Part 2)

This image is from the LesOgres website, either run by or on behalf of Dieudonné. Back in February, the whole world heard about the savage murder of Ilan Halimi, a young Jewish boy who was kidnapped, tortured and left to die by a gang of blacks, the leader of whom was Youssef Fofana. Galliawatch reported on it in several articles. Eventually, Fofana was captured in the Ivory Coast and returned to France. Shortly thereafter a French socialist politician, Julien Dray, commented that the murder was the result of the influence of Dieudonné.

On Sunday February 24, 2006, a demonstration in honor of Ilan was held in Paris, but the event degenerated into a left-wing picnic, with anti-racist groups parading their hypocritical slogans. Apparently, the tract pictured above was distributed at the demonstration. It shows Dieudonné on the left, called "The Thinker", and Fofana on the right, called "The Killer". The words in blue state that the tract was distributed at the rally. I presume the idea is to draw a distinction between a thoughtful man like Dieudonné and a killer. But could it be interpreted another way?

The following rant is Dieudonné's answer to Julien Dray. Although the author is listed as Dom-Dom, I assume it's the man himself or a close associate. I don't know if Dray is Jewish, but it seems likely. I originally intended to publish excerpts, but I have left it unabridged. It should be mentioned that Dieudonné is a presidential candidate.

April 26, 2006
By Dom-Dom

Julien Dray: a Zionist Torquemada who advocates the notion of anti-social schizophrenia.

The Soviet totalitarian regime had worked out an internal system of concentration camps - the gulag.

Everyone knows what the world of Soviet concentration camps consisted of. It is futile to list the prestigious humanists that were its victims, among many others who remain anonymous.

But this system had also worked out a type of psychiatry that was adapted to the needs of the regime: the notion of social schizophrenia.

Anyone opposing the regime, because of his freedom of thought, his personal convictions, in other words, his deviancy, was imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital on the false pretense of social schizophrenia.

You cannot count the number of its victims either, be they prestigious humanists or anonymous.

Julien DRAY, eminent figure of the Socialist Party, president of his branch of SOS Racism, who, in France, actively participates on behalf of the interests of the state of Israel, has added a new misdeed to the list of his misdeeds.

It's not just any misdeed.

It concerns mental torture worthy of a modern-day Torquemada.

Pro-Zionist Grand Inquisitor, devoted to his role as defender of foreign interests, interests that are alien to French politics, Julien DRAY has taken out of his totalitarian bag a new weapon.

This new weapon is well-known - it consists of accusing your adversary of anti-social schizophrenia.

Mr. M'Bala M'Bala, candidate for the presidency, has become a victim of what can only be called totalitarian propaganda.

But it's not just any accusation.

An odious crime had taken place.

Naturally, his opponents are responsible for this crime.

If there's a rape tomorrow, or a crime, it's his opponent's fault.

If the opponent is black, it's even more obvious. The blackness of his skin is the logical proof of the blackness of his soul.

Yes, but none of this is working. Such gross associations are pitifully sickening, and worthy of the crime in question.

How is it that a party claiming to be democratic, harbors in its midst individuals whose political conduct is so obscene?

Is this worthy of a democratic regime? Of a democratic party? of a democratic country?

Absolutely not.

Mr. DRAY's pitiful claims are limited to the forgetting of history. But not of all history.

The only history that interests him is his own, and that of Israel's leaders, of ultra-Zionism, of the extreme-right of a manipulated people.

The indignity of his remark merits condemnation.

The indignity of his remark merits removal from his own party.

The indignity of his remark should, on moral grounds, result in his permanent withdrawal from all functions.

An assault has been perpetrated, in an abject manner, as abject as the crime it relates to, on a legitimate candidate in the presidential election.

We know that totalitarianism is on the move.

On the right, it's a neo-fascist and capitalist(1) totalitarianism that's quietly being aroused.

On the left, it's a new totalitarianism that is appearing.

Unwilling to follow openly in the footseps of right-wingers, Mr. DRAY is opening a new path. What is worse is that he's doing it without the slightest shame.

This tactic is well-known, it is historic, it has just been exposed.

Today, the irresponsible behavior exhibited by Mr. Dray seems clearer than ever: bad ideas, bad actions, are judged by their results...on innocent children.

Mr. Dray no longer has a place in the French political landscape.

Mr. Dray certainly has a place somewhere.

But not in the Republic.

(1) He uses the word "liberal". I presume he means free-market economy.

Update - March 2007: Dieudonné is no longer a presidential candidate, but has unofficially joined the Front National of Jean-Marie Le Pen. His widely publicized appearance at Le Pen's political rally in the Fall of 2006 triggered an outpouring of anger from many patriots who accused Le Pen of moving his party away from its original goals.

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At May 02, 2006 8:57 PM, Blogger truepeers said...

Talk about schizoid. Dum dum says, "Heh, I'm not an antisemite, just an anti-Zionist; I hate the Zionists because they act like the Soviets and also like that imaginary figure of manipulation who ran the show before (just between us, remember that some called that figure a dirty Jew, and some even say he was for real)..."

At May 02, 2006 9:34 PM, Blogger tiberge said...

@ truepeers

He's schizoid in more ways than one. First, he must feel loyalty to two races, or he hates himself for being white, or he hates himself for being black. He reminds me a bit of Harry Belafonte - a gifted performer, but a total psycho.

Dieudonné is married to a white woman (or was). This is not surprising. Many black celebrities who scream about white racism marry white women.

And as always, the Jews are to blame. There are millions of Muslims and blacks in France. There are fewer than 350,000 Jews - they have been leaving the country in large numbers.

At May 02, 2006 11:15 PM, Blogger Charles Henry said...

Well I must say, that letter has nothing on some the comments listed at the site you linked to, Tiberge..!

A "highlight":

"dray is a propagandist in the service of a Foreign Power!",
"he's using his position to attaign personal objectives, and above all serves the state of Israel, his politics and his propaganda like many socialists who are french in nationality only,using their nationality to other ends besides the service of this country and its citizens.."

Good grief but these people are demented.

At May 03, 2006 1:30 PM, Blogger tiberge said...

@ charles henry

I know. The website gives us an idea of the mentality (if that's the word) of these people. Their megalomania is what strikes me first. Their self-importance. And of course, the intense hatred. I have great difficulty identifying with them on any level.

At July 20, 2007 3:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

DIEUDONNE isn't a BLACK man because his mother is White.Maybe BLACK CELEBRITIES ARE NOT RACIST and marry who they love. Anyway DIEUDO is married to whom he wants to Tiberge you are a racist that's why you can' stand BLACK PEOPLE AND NOT THE CONTRARY;

At July 20, 2007 7:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You made many mistakes.

First the gang was not a black gang: it was composed of africans, arabians, white frenchs, spanish and portuguese and even jewish (particularly one of the girl that was used to trap the victims was a jewess).
These facts weren't publicized in a political goal because of the public atmosphere in france before the presidential elections.

Secondly the jewish community in France is the first of all western european countries, and they are 600 000.

Many proeminent people in politic, business, mass media are jewish or from jewish descent, like the president Sarkozy.

In france the jewish community enjoys the same privilege as in the usa. They are highly represented in the main parts of the society and so they have a lot of influence.

In france, AIPAC and Bnai' Brith are represented by associations like "le crif".

Each year, they organized a highly publicized dinner, where the most influent people of the government, the politics and the media must be present.

During this dinner, they tell to people, especially government officials, what they like and what they dislike, and what should be changed in favor of israel.

Since the second intifada, they started to depict french muslims (mainly arabians and black people) as the equivalent of palestinian, ie as antisemitic, in order to create sympathy for israel.

But before this new agenda, many jewish intellectuals were strong to blame french people for nationalism and their cultural pride. They were advocating a multiracial society where everyone should mix with everyone.

One thing you must know about Dieudonne is that at first he was highly promoted by these french jewish zionist intellectual, because he was a symbol of multiracialism: his father is a black african and his mother a white french, and he married a white women. When he became famous, he formed a duo with his jewish friend Elie Semoun.

During many years, he advocated multiracialism in one famous lobby "SOS Racism" which is lead by Julien Dray, with whom he was friend for many years.

Now they are political opponents.

After having worked with the left wing, the socialists, and the antiracist lobbies in france for many years, he claims now that he had first hand proof that all this was nothing but a big deceipt controlled by zionists.

He said that they absolutely don't care about civic rights, antiracism, but they use all the social problems as a tool for political power, with the promotion of israel as their real agenda.

Dieudonne was right, because since 2000, former zionist intellectual from the left wing had completely changed their claims.

Now they advocate french nationalism against muslims, blacks, and arabs.

They were leftists, now they became neocons.

This is the proof that they completely don't care about black, white, racism...

So Dieudonne was right, and this is why they want him down.

Another mistake: dieudonne didn't join the front national (french nationalists). In fact he visited them in one of their meeting to proove that zionists were the real racists.

But his political opinions are from the left wing, and he called to vote for Jose Bove, a french peasant who fight against international companies like mac donald, that destroy the cultural habits of people in the world.

At July 20, 2007 8:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"This image is from the LesOgres website, either run by or on behalf of Dieudonné. Back in February, the whole world heard about the savage murder of Ilan Halimi, a young Jewish boy who was kidnapped, tortured and left to die by a gang of blacks, the leader of whom was Youssef Fofana."

Be careful not to spread lies. There had not had specially Blacks in the gang. WHITES were in this gang TOO!

At November 23, 2008 3:38 AM, Anonymous Birthday gift vouchers said...

You know whats funny?..
Its funny that even after the jews prove to the world how much they have contributed to the advancement of mankind, people still believe to eagerly type something negative about the jews.. Why? No no REALLY why?? Im not saying that they are perfect and error-less. everybody has their own defects but seriously, if you really look at the big picture, the world and everything in it, you would most definitely see that it is quite foolish to speak in such ways about the jews.. If anybody needs some more info about if the jews werent here, then I can tell them exactly what kind of world this would have been without them.. Oh by the way, did you know that the little camera on your cell phone was invented in Israel by the jews.. Funny isnt it :)


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