Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Bread and Circus

Many French sites are talking about the scandal of prostitution in Germany on the occasion of the World Cup games. Germany has a flourishing prostitution industry, and "eros centers" pullulate throughout the country. Since prostitution is legal in Germany, many women find themselves unable to avoid the trap resulting from legalization. Not long ago there was a shocking story of a young woman out of work. When she applied for unemployment she was told she was not eligible because there were plenty of "jobs" available in the world's oldest. I never heard the outcome of her story; I can only hope she successfully sued the German government.

Germany is going overboard for the games: huge eros centers have been built to accommodate 40,000 young girls being shipped in to Germany from Eastern Europe. This article is from Europae Gentes:

The scandal stemming from the gigantic eros centers built for the occasion of the World Cup games in Germany is beginning to make headlines and to arouse reactions of both indignation and skepticism.

Some people remind us that as the oldest profession in the world, it is inevitable. Of course, we don't want to sound like pillars of virtue but we feel we must return to this fundamental truth: behind prostitution there is procuring, that is, the exploitation of the human body for economic reasons. And this exploitation is not free of coercion. For when we are told that 40,000 girls from the east are preparing to come to Germany for the occasion, it presupposes networks and methods of coercion that would afford the unwilling little chance for escape.

The article goes on to cite a case of protitution in France in 1998:

The Vialese case was decided in 1998 by the criminal court of Bouches-du-Rhône. The accused had subjected his "protégée" to the worst tortures: they found on the 22-year old victim traces of cigarette burns and knife wounds, even while she was pregnant. After she gave birth, the child was stabbed with a fork. The tortures were repeated when she became pregnant for a second time. She underwent a caesarien for a still-born foetus resulting from the violence she had endured. The accused and some of his male and female accomplices also forced scenes of rape and bestiality on two couples who fell into their trap. There are numerous other cases involving Albanian, Turkish and Kosovar networks against which it must be stated the European police forces do not fight with the necessary diligence.

In any case, the Europe symbolizing freedom and respect for women cannot tolerate these massive forms of exploitation that modern technologies have taken to a near-industrialized level. Either Europe renews with those ideas that gave her grandeur, that is, the value of the human being that comes to us from the Greek tragedies and from Christianity, or it surrenders itself to a gigantic regression founded on materialism, all in the name of a corrupted definition of freedom.

For a longer discussion on prostitution in Germany see Wikipedia.

Note: It is not surprising, though some would find it ironic, that the age of feminism has resulted in the age of the sex industry on a grand scale. If you are not sick and you decide to take powerful prescription drugs that harm your internal organs, you will soon be very sick. Feminism became like these prescription drugs, given in large doses to women who were in no need of a remedy, because nothing was wrong with them.

In the Western world women were not oppressed. The fact that they didn't like to do housework or stay at home with the kids is not proof of any oppression whatsoever. But the feminists convinced them they were oppressed, and led them to believe that they were being deprived of top jobs because of gender politics, and led them to feel like do-gooders if they took proper care of their children, and led them into the wildst sexual fantasy-land arousing in them desires and ambitions that haven't the remotest chance of being satisfied, because they exist detached from any mature human emotions and from a realistic sense of what is possible in this life.

This exploitation by the feminist movement of women became "law", so to speak, among women who did decide to have children instead of abortions. So, they raised their daughters to be feminists, to aim for the highest star, the best job, to do whatever they wanted with their bodies. I shudder to think how feministic women raise their sons - to be feminists no doubt.

The permissiveness resulting from the woman's abdication of her responsabilities as a mother has repercussions throughout the Western world and the growth of the "slave trade" is one of them. Try as one may, one cannot blame men for this, though they have their share of guilt, any more than one can blame whites for black crime.

Women, by nature, are vulnerable. They need a man's strength to lean on. They need protection, though they hate to admit it. Instead of leading women to a better understanding of themselves, to a greater and more rewarding participation in the cultural and educative endeavors of the nation, to a better understanding of the needs of their children, the feminist movement, that purportedly began with the goal of helping women, has exploited them, cheapened them, destroyed them in ways men would never dream of. Wars and migratory movements always create more than the usual share of prostitution. But this time, the voluntary aspects are striking. Women have become willing slaves of the pimps known as feminists.


At June 07, 2006 10:48 AM, Blogger Charles Henry said...

Tiberge, I had never heard of the shocking story of the german woman denied welfare because she refused to work as a prostitute.
I looked it up, and found this article:


[from the article] "The new regulations say that working in the sex industry is not immoral any more, and so jobs cannot be turned down without a risk to benefits."

The legacy of feminism, it seems, isn't more respect for the Feminine, it's a deep hatred of the Feminine.

At June 07, 2006 12:28 PM, Blogger tiberge said...

Charles -

That's correct. The feminists strove relentlessly to kill femininity (considered to be a sign of weakness and submission) and to replace it with agressiveness.

I never thought women would be foolish enough to fall for this. But like all the other "oppressed" groups the deeper they went in their error, and the more damage they did to society, the more incapable they became of admitting they were in error. They pay a terrible price in loneliness and childlessness, but society pays a much bigger price.

At June 09, 2006 7:53 PM, Blogger truepeers said...

I shudder to think how feministic women raise their sons - to be feminists no doubt.

mais oui, ma chere: Tiberge, have you not noticed the feminization of (especially young) men in our societies? It is almost impossible to find a young man today who takes pride in his masculinity, who shows strength and courage. They are all slouching about with little sense of direction, or acting like happy and hyperironic conformists to find their way in pc bureaucracies.

Great post: you have identified the maon reason I am not cheering for Germany. Brazil is always a good country to support: they are beautiful footballers and they love feminine women. Coincidence?

At June 09, 2006 8:50 PM, Blogger tiberge said...

truepeers -

I greatly appreciate your comment. I get into so many arguments over this topic, that it is a welcome relief to hear a sane voice.

Men have become caricatures of masculinity. Some are ridiculously macho - tatoos, shaved heads, leather wrist bands, earrings that make them look like pirates. It's hideous and repulsive to see.

Young teen-age boys wear ugly baggy pants and are voluntarily filthy and repulsive. There is a cult of filth and slovenliness that is sickening.

Some young men on college campuses are forced to sit through class after class of agonizing feminist indoctrination. It's no wonder they cannot think critically. Those who can must keep their mouths shut. Sometimes they are subjected to codes of conduct that dictate what they are allowed to say on a date. And then there are those unisex bathrooms on certain campuses (Harvard I believe)...

Women now outnumber men in American universities. There are more women lawyers and psychologists than women nurses (as far as I can tell). The medical profession has suffered horribly - women want to be doctors, not nurses and they want to be principals, not teachers. The male hospital employees in the hospitals I visit are as repugnant as the kids on the street - long hair, earrings, tatoos - imagine one of them giving you a needle!

At June 09, 2006 11:03 PM, Blogger truepeers said...

Sometimes they are subjected to codes of conduct that dictate what they are allowed to say on a date. And then there are those unisex bathrooms on certain campuses (Harvard I believe)...

-I spent two years in a university residence in Montreal in the late 1980s; in the first year, we had segregated bathrooms, and the young men on my floor, who were regularly intoxicated, full of desires, and frustrated with something or other (often the residence authorities) had it pretty well trashed by the end of the year. The solution? The next year they desegregated the floors and the bathrooms making everything unisex. It was indeed a confusing experience to head into the shower stalls... I'm still recovering, though probably more from the feminist and pc indoctrination that was not as bad as it is now. The system has really cheated those who are paying for an education... But how do they police what is said on dates, beyond the usual games of men trying to say whatever is going to please the young lady?

At June 10, 2006 9:47 AM, Blogger tiberge said...

truepeers -

I searched for the article on codes of conduct, but could not locate it. I believe it was somewhere at FrontPageMagazine. If I find it I will let you know (somehow). The article, as I recall, described what the young man was allowed to say, how he should phrase his sentences, and so on. It was the embodiment of a teenage girl's fantasies, where, in her fantasy, he says all the right things, but never goes "all the way", until of course SHE gives him permission, after which she can accuse him of rape, if she so chooses.

That was my impression of the "code" - that it was done on behalf of girls who were sub-cretinous ninnies, but who thought of themselves as princesses.

I did come upon this excerpt from an article that is hilarious:

Wesleyan University in Connecticut now offers a “Gender Blind” dormitory floor for incoming students who aren’t sure what sex they are. Students who ask for the floor will have roommates appointed without regard to their sex, perceived or otherwise. The rooms will be set aside for transgender students, described as those students born with ambiguous genitalia or who don’t identify with their physical sex.


At June 10, 2006 5:24 PM, Blogger truepeers said...

Sometimes I'm not sure what planet I'm on...


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