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Kemi Seba - Has France asked for this?

This long interview was conducted by Novopress with Kemi Seba, leader of the Afrocentric gang known as Tribe KA, a group known for its virulent antisemitism, its black supremicist ideology, its violence. The man who murdered Ilan Halimi back in February belonged to Tribe KA, and Dieudonné uses their services as a security force. Recently their website was shut down, but this may not have been a good idea, since we can't monitor their actions and their remarks.

Update: November 2013 - I am reviewing this interview to make necessary clarifications and modifications.  It is possible that the man who murdered Halimi had belonged at one time to the gang, but was not a member at the time of the killing. This, if true, would not exonerate the gang for its violent ways, or its delusions.

France has asked for this. All countries who open their borders to non-assimilable immigrants, including the United States, renounce their own civilization and invite disaster. Once a hostile, alien subculture is given credibility, and is treated with kid gloves by terrified governments, the decay of the host country proceeds rapidly because the dominant white culture has been discredited, and white people are easily indoctrinated into feeling unjustified guilt.  For a while, the host country feeds the parasitic groups comprising the sub-cultures. Eventually, the host dies. So do the sub-cultures, unless they find a new host (such as China, India, or El Dorado).

Update: November 2013 -  I have revised the above paragraph. Originally, I used medical analogies that cluttered the comment with unnecessary images. Another point: the Ellis Island analogy does not apply to what is happening today. Ellis Island immigrants were primarily white Christian and Jewish Europeans. They were carefully screened, and sent back if they did not fulfill the requirements. When it was determined that their numbers were too great, the floodgates closed. These immigrants did very well in America, without the benefits of welfare, free housing, free medical care, inflated grades or effusive flattery.

I do not know if it is impossible for various races to live side by side, but I do know that there has to be a dominant culture that is strong, proud and unafraid to stop violent behavior, unafraid to expel dangerous elements from its society, unafraid to encourage civic and cultural pride in one's heritage, unafraid to acknowledge debt to a Creator, unafraid to put the health and preservation of its own culture ahead of Utopian unattainable ideologies.

This interview is insane, pathetic, boring, terrifying and repetitive. It demonstrates the infantile mind of a paranoid person suffering from both an inferiority complex and megalomania.

Update: November 2013 - The interview is insane in part, but not entirely. It is terrifying in its implications. He, like many Africans out of place in white society, has both an inferiority and a superiority complex.  Some of these questions have come back into the headlines with the French reaction to Minister of Justice Christiane Taubira, her anti-French bias, her vanity, her bigotry, and the degree of protection she receives from a rapidly decaying Socialist government.

I doubt that many French people really admire Mr. Seba, but the pressure on them to accept such individuals into their midst has broken their spirit. What does it mean to be a Frenchman, if this sort of thinking is allowed to pollute public discourse? He does say one encouraging thing, that gives us hope, namely that he intends to leave France for good (when he's been paid in full, of course). And he makes an air-tight case for separation of races.

Update: November 2013 -  His major sociological contribution is that he does not want any contact with white people and is opposed to intermarriage with them.  He only wants their money.  This is not only not insane, it is very sane and rational, but he forgets that most of the infrastructure in colonized African countries was paid for by the European taxpayers. Enough money has been spent on a useless cause.  He is also right to insist that the puppet African rulers and petty tyrants installed by the West be removed and replaced with authentic governments. Are African countries up to the task of self-determination? See my recent post on the African Curse.

Since most people will not want to read the whole interview,  I am placing the complete version in a separate part of this blog, dated January 1, 2006.  If you feel up to it, click here.

There may be spelling and grammar errors as I did not check everything as I often do. The following points should be made: Kemite is an invented term based on the word Kemet which he claims is the civilization of ancient Egypt; the names Beyala, Désir and Sopo refer to black men he accuses of Zionism (in France today, if you are Jewish, part Jewish or for the existence of Israel you are a "Zionist");  Malek Boutih is a North African who has attained importance in the Socialist Party; Vercingétorix was the leader of the Gauls at the time of Caesar's conquest; I know nothing of the Curse of Cham, or the black Code, or the Pierrafeu family.

(Update June 16, 2006: thanks to Charles Henry for the enlightenment about Cham and Pierrafeu - see the comments)

From the introduction by Novopress:

As Novopress always does, we have reproduced the remarks of Kemi Seba (recorded on the telephone) unabridged, in their natural unaltered state, and without any touching up whatsoever. The completeness and the transparency make up for any loss of ease of style. Each of you is to judge. We know some remarks may shock you, some may even be subject to legal proceedings. We leave full responsibility to their author, who fully accepts these terms, as he says himself. But we must remind everyone of this: breaking the thermometer never brought down the temperature of the sick person. And what follows will not surprise in any way those who have been repeating tirelessly for years that a multi-racial society will lead straight to ethnic war.

The interview begins, with Novopress questions in red:

Novopress - Kemi SEBA, you want to give back to black people, whom you call the Kemite people, "the place they deserve". What is this place you speak of?

KS - It's like the head of a family. When the father or mother takes control, the family normally follows them. But when, at some point, there is a break-up of this family, the children start acting like parents and the parents are oppressed by these very children. As Kemites, blacks as you call them, we are the parents of humanity. From there it derives , whether you like it or not, that we have given civilization to humanity, we have given the values of dignity, justice and rectitude. Unfortunately, it becomes very Freudian: at some point the children wanted to kill the father in order to exist. They colonized these parents who had given them life and civilization. That's why it is time to re-set our watches, to put things back in order. It's not about launching into a policy of slavery or colonization of whites. Hatred in revenge never helped anything. With the means that we have we are, quite simply, going to restore to the Kemite people its place as head of family. You're the ones who talk about Mother Earth, mother of all things. The original people who walked and who are still walking this earth have dispersed to the four corners of the globe. But before returning to our lands, we're going to take back what was stolen from us so that we can begin prospering again.

 - You wrote at the website of the Kemite party (of which you were the spokesman until 2004): "in the days when the Leucoderm (the white man) still walked on all fours in caves, we (the Kemites) were already kings and proprietors of this globe. Consequently we reject integration and we proclaim our right to take back our possessions". Can you elaborate?

 - I think you have to study a minimum of paleontology, that is, the study of human behavior (sic) in order to see where this stems from. We'll start with a date, some say 4,000 or 3,000 years before what you call Jesus. At the time Kemet began to prosper, the Leucoderms in Europe were living in caves, using fire to keep warm. They were people who ate pork meat, who sometimes even ate their own children. It's a reality attested to by different paleontologists. Did that prevent the West from prospering later? That is not the question. These facts are noted by those very people claiming the supremacy of the West. Herodotus, who is the father of history, said himself that before the Greek Empire could prosper, the West was the Kingdom of the Dead. Because "Occident" comes from the verb "occire" - "to kill". Because at some point, they (the Leucoderms) must have killed each other to survive and to resist a hostile environment. That was the situation at the time when we had our civilization - the Westerners were walking on all fours in caves and eating pork in order to resist this reality. I recommend everyone read a book called Isis Papers, by Frances Cress Welsing, who speaks of the evolution of Westerners up to their present-day behavior patterns, and who explains that finding themselves in such adversity, they had to create certain types of behavior such as individualism, as opposed to altruism, and avidness, cruelty because they were born in an environment that was by its very nature hostile to them.

 - This statement about "white cave-men" is close to the ideas professed by the Nation of Islam, an Afro-American organization. At one time you belonged to the French branch. According to the teachings of its former leader Elijah Muhammad, the white race - a race of demons - was created by genetic manipulation about 6,000 years ago by a black "scientist" named Yacoub, who was rebelling against the idyllic society of blacks that prevailed on earth. Can you confirm this?

- I confirm none of that. You know, that was the beginning for me. When you are in elementary school, you know certain things, but at thirty, if you still only know what you knew in elementary school, you are mentally retarded. I've evolved since then, even if some of Elijah Muhammad's teachings are obviously true. This story of Yacoub and all the rest has no legitimacy for me, I can't vouch for it. The only thing I can say is that, contrary to this story of genetic manipulation to create the white race, the ancestor of the Leucoderms was Seth. Seth was the one who symbolized chaos, destruction, anger. He was part of the natural equation, that is, the equation of life. There is the Plus pole and the Minus pole. And the Westerners, the Leucoderms, when they came to Kemet in ancient Egypt, they themselves claimed him as their divinity. It is proven, as I said in my preceding response, that by their behavior, the Westerners show clearly that they have developed a sense of cruelty, of meanness, and sometimes, in some places, of greed with respect to a hostile environment. When you are cold...and there are wolves there who will try to eat you...and your only companion animal is the dog who was there to protect what you call Man, and that we are going to call White Man, the Leucoderm face to face with nature...Today they say that the dog is Man's best friend. No! The dog is White Man's best friend; he is the white man's best friend because in the beginning, the white man was chased out of the Caucasian steppes by all the other animals! It's the truth, and I ask everyone to read these studies and find out for themselves.

It continues:

- In a certain number of articles and commentaries gleaned on the Internet, it is claimed that Tribe KA and its leader are victims of persecution by the justice system. I find, on the contrary, that the political and judiciary systems have accorded you a degree of tolerance that the defenders of a French France and a European Europe would love to benefit from! You have, for example, created a support group reserved for Kemite children, and your Sunday meetings are also reserved just for you. In comparison, several soup kitchens run by nationalists and serving pork, in various cities in France, have been banned for discrimination and racism. When you see this difference in treatment, don't you think it's true that black skin protects you from the law, like a sunscreen protects from ultra-violet rays?

- The comparison is limited and the analogy slanted! You talk of nationalists who are victims of racism or whatever. There is a fundamental difference between the whites and the Kemites today. The one in the position of guilt is not the Kemite, it is the white man! And those who are the aggressors are not the whites, but the Kemites! Dear Monsieur! When you are stabbed in the back with a 17-inch knife, you can pull out 15 inches, but 2 inches still remain. Even when you pull out the whole knife, there is still a scar! That's a fact! The nationalists are charged with racism, but when they give free meals to the whites, and the integrationists are shocked, WE applaud them with enthusiasm. The nationalists demonstrate that they don't like the blacks, and that is a very good thing. But to say that the political judiciary system is against the nationalists more so than against Tribe KA, is to fool oneself completely. When you see how Sarkozy goes after us...until proof to the contrary, he has not yet gone after the nationalist youth. So don't talk about "a double standard", for if there is a "double standard" it is in the way the French State goes after the Tribe KA, or at least tries to, because it can't succeed in wiping us out. I applaud the nationalist youth movements, and I applaud the French nationalist movements, that advocate France for the French and whose first concern is for their own kind. On the other hand, I criticize as forcefully as I can the way in which the Zionist system has managed to infiltrate the nationalists - talking sweet talk to the nationalists, and all the rest. I say to myself: now there's a problem. Don't forget that it is this Zionist system that governs the French State, that manipulates Sarkozy, and Chirac, and the others. And so, if you're going to talk about real nationalist movements, the stranglehold of the Zionists should be rejected, and no one should tell us what is right or wrong for us to do.

This is the last part:

- Last question. In speaking of the Kemites you have said that "it is time for us to do our own introspection". I'll take you at your word: you live in France, a country traditionally peopled by white men, you speak French, a white man's language, by means of a camera (invented in 1888 by the Frenchman Louis Aimée Augustin Le Prince) or a telephone, another white invention (Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas A. Watson). Haven't you ever thought about what you, YOU, owe to the whites?

- I'm going to tell you something: perhaps you don't know history very well, Dear Monsieur! Everything that the West, that France has taken has been taken from the Kemet civilization. You talk about telephones. At one point we had what you call shamans, sorcerers, we didn't need a cell phone to communicate, Dear Monsieur. When you speak of television or other things, I think you should study a minimum of history and not lock yourself into a minimalist culture like the West. I speak French because if I were to "Engala'n enkala" to you, you wouldn't know what it means, but my ancestors, the Kemites, would know. When you're with a Chinese person, you try to speak his language. When I'm with a dog, I try to use signals that he'll understand. That doesn't mean that I like the language of the dog. And if we are filmed by Western cameras, we aren't going to refuse to be filmed since the camera lets our message get out. To France, we owe nothing at all! In the days when you were on all fours, like the Pierrafeu family, in the caves eating game or perhaps even your children, we already had our pyramids and our civilization! Looking at it that way, those who owe us something are certainly the French. We owe nothing to a country that is degenerating, a nation that inherited things that were given to it or that were stolen from us, when you look at history or current affairs. But between the copy-and-paste version and the original, there is no photo. And I repeat, we will not leave until you have returned to us the wealth that you stole. The Eiffel Tower? I couldn't care less! The Champs-Elysées? I couldn't care less! I prefer Nefertiti to your Marianne! And personally, I have no fantasies of your white women. We are not apostles of intermarriage. You will never hear me defend SOS Racism. We say: we will leave your Republic as soon as you publicly remove the names of the puppets you have put at the head of our countries, and as soon as you return what you owe us, Dear Monsieur! And it will be done in blood or in peace. But today, we are already more into blood than into peace...

Again for those interested, read the complete interview here.

Comments, if you have any, should be left here. 

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At June 15, 2006 1:04 AM, Blogger Charles Henry said...

Tiberge you deserve a medal for persevering through this translation to the bitter end.

How does one communicate and interact with such a person as this? There doesn't seem to be much basis for any type of common ground, whether it be history, civics, or even science (shamans work better than cell phones?? I half expected him to say his ancestors invented television as well but he finessed that part of the question).

The Pieurrafeu are the french name for the Flintstones, a 1960s american television cartoon for, transplanting mid-century suburbia to the stone age.
Shem, Ham, and Japheth were Noah's three sons. If I remember correctly the "Curse of Ham" from the story of the Flood was the excuse christians used for black slavery.

At June 15, 2006 5:36 AM, Blogger truepeers said...

I do not know if it is impossible for various races to live side by side, but I do know that there has to be a dominant culture that is strong, proud and unafraid to stop violent behavior, unafraid to expel cancerous elements from its society, unafraid to encourage civic and cultural pride in one's heritage, unafraid to acknowledge the divine, unafraid to put the health and preservation of its own culture ahead of lofty unattainable ideologies.

-Tiberge, this is well put and I think true. While this interviewee is obviously mentally ill, the one thing one might take from this bravely- translated script is that through all the madness, this guy agrees in good part with your words above: it is nihilist multiculturalism attempting to cover for white guilt that makes him mad; and it is in his hoped-for return to a self-confident community, well-bounded against its other, that he seeks his salvation. Of course that won't happen. The white guilt welfare state has basically robbed this guy of any possibility of realizing a true sense of independent or communal self worth; to put it plainly, French socialism has already killed him; it remains only a question of how many he will kill on the way out.

At June 15, 2006 9:20 AM, Blogger tiberge said...

Charles -

Thanks, as always, for the input. The translation was not difficult, but arduous because of its length and its repulsiveness. It took me the better part of two days.

I feel like a fool not to have realized Cham was Ham. In the KJ Version it says:

"And Ham, the father of Canaan, saw the nakedness of his father, and told his two brethren without...

"And Noah awoke from his wine and knew what his younger son had done unto him.

"And he said, Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren."

And of course, "ch" is the same as "h", e.g., Chanukkah (Hanukkah).

What isn't clear is why Christians would use this passage as a justification for slavery. Was it mostly Southern whites who used this? Or the missionaries? Or the European colonizers?

They took the Word of God and applied it literally to a social condition. We have to know when to take the Bible allegorically and when we can take it literally. We learn this the hard way, and often the Bible becomes discredited in the process. It is such a difficult Book to fathom.

At June 15, 2006 9:33 AM, Blogger tiberge said...

truepeers -

I agree that the most interesting thing about the interview is his hatred of French liberalism, and his preference for an honest enemy, i.e., Jean-Marie Le Pen.

I don't know how such a mind works. He first perceives that he is not "at home" in France. Life is too unrewarding, so it must be someone's fault. He perceives that the Jews are successful, and he is not, so they must have stolen what they have. His frustrations turn to violence and hatred as he becomes indoctrinated into Nation of Islam type philosophies. Isn't he a bit like Cain, who was jealous of his brother Abel, and who killed him?

Like Cain, he cannot endure inequality and unequal treatment. At one point he says he favors "separate development" for the races, PROVIDED one is not superior to the other. So in this sense, he is what we might call an egalitarian separatist!

At June 15, 2006 9:06 PM, Blogger Charles Henry said...

"What isn't clear is why Christians would use [the curse of Ham] as a justification for slavery."

I read about it in the context of a book on the US Civil War when I was a teenager, so twenty years later I only recall the association and not many details beyond that.. I'll ask Dag about it at the Blue Revolution meeting tonight.

"We have to know when to take the Bible allegorically and when we can take it literally."

One trait I tend to associate with wisdom, is the ability to even think allegorically. It involves the ability to appreciate that "like" is not "same", that things can be different but still similar, and can be the same but still different.
In Hebrew, many words possess multiple meanings yet preserve an overall connection, whereas in English words like "sole" and "soul" may sound the same, but one means the bottom of your foot while the other refers to the spirit within us all, thereby being totally unconnected in meaning.
A problem we face with lunatics like Kemi is their inability to think allegorically at all. Even his allusion to "occident" meaning to "slay".. good grief, occident and orient come from the sunrise and sunset (as far as I know), and the sun "sets" in the occident/west, it isn't "slain" in the west... unless one speaks allegorically.
I used to believe that being multi-lingual (or even bi-lingual), made it easier for one to think in terms of allegory and metaphor, whereas someone would have a tendency to only think literally, if that person only spoke one language. Kemi has effectively disabused me of this notion!

At May 20, 2007 6:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem is the whites mistreat blacks then demonize them with this type of round about name-calling and baseless accusations to excuse and draw attention form their own barbarianism. They have a gross double standard for black behavior and absolutely none where theirs is concerned.

The French president refers to blacks in hateful derogatory terms, and restricts African immigration while continuing to rob the natural resources of their homeland without real compensation. Whites are the cancer that murders and steals from people then accuse them of the very things that they are most guilty of.

It’s ridiculous. Europeans people have constructed a house of lies on the backs of African people and they have traditionally sustained themselves on a socio/economic welfare system that exploits Africans.

At February 25, 2008 12:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The main part of Kemi Seba was left out, I don't know if it was purposely or not. But I abide to the reason given here...
Kemi Seba is very focus, culturally informed, and is not the maniac Monsieur Tiberge or whoever is running this blog is trying to portray.
The true of the matter is that Black Africans have sufferred of a historical pillage, injustice, denial of their on identification. When I was growing up in Africa in the Eighties, my history book defined history as " Past knowledges based on written materials". IT is only after we got to the university that we understood that the educational system of our country (CAMEROON) and most African countries was tailored to make us look nothing, but salvages that were saved by Europians. How do you define history as knowledge based on written materials? How about oral knowledges transmitted through folk tales, from generation to generation, one of African best way to transmit their history? How about archeology? Denying US people of Africa, a history was an attempt to tell us that we started as beings when we first encountered white people. Isn't it a lie? Egypt, is known to have been a BLACK empire, and progressively and lately, White became part of the pharos lineage through inter racial marriages, but yet, it is only in my thirties after years of personal researches that I found out about the BLACK EGYPT. I always though like most of the Africans, that Egypt was all white...
WHAT A LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so in tune with Kemi Seba, that I cannot think of any other person who has the courage and the ability to tell those truth out. Do not try to compare him to Malcolm X or Eilijah M. he is unique and original. A mind from the elementary school that does not develop is retarded, he summed it well.
Let be honest and look at the truth. It is not easy to accept the guilt. Moving forward cannot be achieved unless some of the past abuses are exposed, debated, and pardons and forgiveness are asked, and given.
The jewish people had it after the Second World War, how about the Black people?
If forgiveness is not asked the risk of repeting or perpetuating the same abuses is greater; and that is exactly what is going on in CONTEMPORARY AFRICA.


At June 27, 2008 5:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who damned told you that the murderer of Ilian Halimi ??
it's completly wrong !
I'm french, jew, and white, and well informed about this story, and I can tel you that this man wasn't at all friend with the Kemi Seba organisation (that i'm not especially friend with).

That must be said ! No propaganda ! The truth !

The apparition of the Ka Tribe in France is only due to the agressivity of the french betar, and in parallel, to the lake of consideration for black people in France....It's nearly ghettos...i live near those building, and they are abandonned by the republic !

no money, no jobs and poverty all their life ! And immigration make their chance to find jobs smaller and smaller....


At June 27, 2008 5:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry for the 1st sentence :)
I meant that the man who killed ilian wasn't from the ka tribe at all...

It was a group of 12 real antisemistic people, who thought....he got money because he was jew....Kemi seba never knew them, and is not a wick man ! He 's got a real consciousness of the black condition in France, and more, of the proletarian condition in France.

But the goal of Ka tribe is the recognition of esclavagisl and colonialism, and want to end imperialism in third world countries, to let people decide from themselves....
It is a good action, with agressive means....


(sorry for my bad english :) )

At May 04, 2011 9:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Here's a recent interview with Kemi Seba. Sounds reasonable to me.

The Africans should think about go back and play for their homelands.

At May 23, 2012 11:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

After reading through the interview, I sincerely hope that Kemi Seba (Stellio) gets his wish- to leave France, and to return to Africa forever.

At May 23, 2012 11:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

After reading through the interview, I sincerely hope that Kemi Seba (Stellio) gets his wish- to leave France, and to return to Africa forever.


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