Saturday, July 15, 2006

Just the Usual Fireworks

Not a festival goes by without Seine-Saint-Denis erupting in its own particular brand of merry-making. This brief article is from Yahoo:

The night of July 13-14 was marked by a series of incidents in Seine-Saint-Denis. About 60 cars were set ablaze as well as nearly 30 trash cans, while 32 people were arrested and one gendarme injured, according to the report on Friday from the prefect of the department.

At 2:00 a.m. emergency services had counted "about 60 car fires and 28 trash can fires in the 23 towns of the department." The town of Saint-Denis alone had 19 vehicular fires. At the same time, "the police proceeded to arrest 32 persons, with 21 of them being held for questioning."

Elsewhere, the police were struck by flying objects and one gendarme was injured by firecrackers," adds the prefect, who stresses that there were no confrontations.

The photo is from Cityvox.


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