Thursday, August 17, 2006

Real False Immigration

Nicolas Sarkozy has announced plans to legalize 6000 immigrants, out of the 30,000 who filed an application. It sounds like the other 24,000 are being shipped back. What a foolish notion! A contributor to Vox Galliae named Chouan explains:

Nicolas Sarkozy has invented a new concept of immigration. After "selective" immigration, here is "legal clandestine immigration." Because that is indeed what it is about. The Villepin-Sarkozy government would legalize, so we learn, 6000 of the 30,000 applications submitted, or the fraction in round figures of 20%, clearly determined from the start. Or the percentage of lucky ones in the latest administrative lottery that unfolded this year under the patronage of Mr. Arno Klarsfeld(1) whom Sarkozy must have seduced like so many others.

Twenty per cent, perhaps, let's accept it.

So what happens to the remaining 80% who, in recent days, received a letter of rejection, a letter asking them to leave French territory within a month?

Well, you see, they will be returning to their jobs, their wretched little schemes that have become a necessity, and to their welfare checks, to the assistance that has been set aside for them. What else can they do, since there is no way that Nicolas Sarkozy is going to expel them. A great many of these illegals long ago received expulsion papers that led nowhere, that were mere idle threats to the wind, the wind of political hypocrisy that blows on an irresponsible administration, a justice system subjected to the diktat of correct thinking and a police department disgusted with the government.

Some pro-immigration groups and lobbies...publicly acknowledge that these immigrants will return to their "real false illegality" and that no attempt to deport them will be implemented. On the other hand they announce that television appearances...will take place. There will no doubt be one or two tough-sounding forays into anti-illegal territory. These will take place in the wee hours of the morning, with the complicity of the cameras, and a few weeks away from the great electoral rendez-vous.

(1) Arno Klarsfeld, a lawyer close to Sarkozy, was named "National Mediator" in matters of immigration. For more on him, click here.

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