Saturday, September 23, 2006

Bloodshed In Morocco

There was a double murder in Rabat, Morocco a few days ago, when an Italian diplomat and his Belgian-born wife were slaughtered in front of their four children. The story is related at the Esisc website. Esisc stands for European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center, a type of think-tank based in Brussels, that has been studying questions of security since the September 11 attacks:

A heinous crime or an assassination with Islamist underpinnings? The incredibly brutal killing of Alessandro Missir di Lusignano, head of the Political Affairs Section of the European Commission delegation to Morocco, and his Belgian wife Ariane Lagasse de Locht, has provoked not only shock, but also some questions regarding the many shadowy areas in need of clarification. In any case, the facts are known. While returning from a dinner late Sunday night, the couple were assaulted in their villa in Rabat by one or several "thieves", who did in fact steal several objects as well as the couple's car. The diplomat and his wife then had their throats slit before the eyes of their four children, aged 4 to 10. According to the official explanation, it was "simply" a crime for the sake of robbery.

But the official declarations, both from the Moroccan police who sustain the notion of a robbery gone wrong, and from the European Union, come up against certain things we learned subsequently. If for the Italian press, there is no doubt that this double murder is of an Islamist nature, the same is not true of the European Commission which, officially and internally, is visibly inclined to minimize the meaning of the facts.

Officially, the European Commissioner on Foreign Relations, Benita Ferrero-Waldner, delivered an explicit communiqué in which she stressed the foul nature of the deed and explained that it was in no way a religious crime.

We have learned that behind the scenes, the Commission supervisors have vigorously informed their colleagues not to discuss the subject, not to make any connection with the recent declarations of the Pope, and above all, not to raise the possibility of a religious crime. According to other information we gathered at the Commission, the children, who witnessed the entire scene, saw the killer, half-crazed, shout out and invoke the heavens. They allegedly heard him cry "Allah O Akbar" as he slaughtered their parents. We should point out that the killing was not necessary for the robbery to take place, and that murders, especially those of foreigners, are extremely rare in Morocco. This sad affair leaves us speechless, especially since Alessandro Missir, a great scholar of Turkey, was known and admired for his pacifist, even ecumenical, views, and was an advocate of dialogue among peoples.

Note: This think tank ought to think one step further - it is precisely this pacifist, ecumenical view, that, by allowing Islam into Europe in the first place and creating a culture of hatred toward the West, fosters horrific crimes such as this one.


At September 25, 2006 1:44 AM, Blogger truepeers said...

Hmm, the liberal rulers of the EU are now covering up for political murderers - if not actually so in this case (given the unknowns), then in spirit nonetheless. But this is nothing more than liberal EUtopia self-contradicting any supposed morality it might pretend to represent, and revealing that deep down it hasn't any. How many more will have to die like this before the lie is everywhere evident and the house of cards falls? It will happen, sooner or later, I'm sure.

As you suggest Tiberge, it is now sadly possible to imagine someone being killed, on principle by Jihadists, precisely because he is an ecumenical pacifist, and his colleagues never being able to grasp the point. After all, the Pope himself is something of a universal, catholic peace lover (if not pacifist).

At September 25, 2006 3:01 AM, Blogger tiberge said...

@ truepeers

I will try to keep up with this story. If there is no more mention of it anywhere, we can assume the worst. If, on the other hand, it can be proven to have been "just a robbery" everyone will know because the press will not let us forget.


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