Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Business As Usual

Two recent updates on the situation in Southern Lebanon confirm everyone's suspicions. The first from Primo-Europe (I am not familiar with Debka Files):

The Debka Files website, generally well-informed and usually informed before anybody else, spoke, in early September, of the resumption of weapons deliveries to Hezbollah. The first post-blockade flight carrying weapons from Iran left Dubai on Friday September 8, in order to the test the reactions of the Israeli Air Force and the United Nations at Beirut 's international airport. Military sources have announced that forbidden equipment was unloaded.

Our sources announce that containers of weapons were declared on documents as "computer equipment." They were unloaded onto trucks moving in a convoy to the headquarters of Hezbollah in Baalbek.

The UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, determined to put an end to the air blockade of Lebanon by Israel, solemnly promised that UN observers would search any in-bound passengers and merchandise at Beirut airport.

But the Siniora government did not deem it useful to respect the promise. The Lebanese Prime Minister immediately barred UN inspectors from the airport. Only five air German air inspectors received authorization to set up a check-point one kilometer from the international airport.

The Lebanese trucks carefully avoid the usual itinerary and leave the loading zone via another route.

And tonight Agence France Presse informs us that a ship headed for Syria might be carrying air defense systems. For the moment it is blocked in Cyprus.

The police, alerted by Interpol, found that 18 of the 21 transported trucks appeared to be equipped with mobile radar units that "could be part of an air defense system."

Why ask Israel to respect its part of the bargain when no one else does the same?

It's surely one of those diplomatic refinements to which the world holds the secret.

And there was this brief item from Israel-Diaspora on September 5, 2006:

Already Unifil is cooperating with Hezbollah!

On France-Infos this morning September 5, at 6:25 a.m.: a report on the removal of mines from Lebanon by Unifil forces and volunteers. The military are removing mines from houses and sometimes they find caches of Hezbollah weapons. Then what do they do? So as not to create trouble with Hezbollah, they contact them. If the weapons are unusable, Hezbollah gives their permission to destroy them. If the weapons are still in the original wrapping, the military return them to Hezbollah!!!

Off to a good start!


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