Thursday, September 21, 2006

"Master Of Hatred"

Le Figaro has finally had an epiphany. In a substantial article by Professor Robert Redeker, the true nature of Islam is discussed freely and openly. Here are extended excerpts:

The reactions to the analysis by Benedict XVI on Islam and violence are emblematic of the attempts by this Islam to snuff out the most precious thing the West has and which does not exist in any Muslim country: freedom of thought and expression.

Islam is trying to impose on Europe its rules: special hours at swimming pools just for women, no caricature allowed of this religion, dietary requirements in cafeterias, especially for children, the fight to allow the wearing of veils in schools, accusations of Islamophobia against free thinkers...

As before with communism, the West is under ideological surveillance. Islam presents itself to the Western world, as did the now defunct communism, as an alternative to the Western world. Like communism before it, Islam conquers minds and hearts by playing upon a sensitive point. It boasts of having a legitimacy that troubles the conscience of the West: it is the voice of the poor people of the planet. Yesterday, the voices of the poor claimed to come from Moscow, today they are coming from Mecca! Today, once again, the intellectuals are the watchful eye of the Koran, as they were the watchful eye of Moscow. Today they excommunicate for Islamophobia, as yesterday for anti-communism.

In its openness towards others, an attribute proper to the West, one sees a secularization of Christianity that can be summarized as follows: the Other must always come before me. Western Man, as heir to Christian tradition, is the one who exposes his soul. He runs the risk of being taken for a weakling. Just as communism did, Islam considers generosity, open-mindedness, tolerance, freedom for women, moral freedom, democratic values, as signs of decadence.

In order to impose Koranic order on the Western world, (Islam) seeks to exploit these weaknesses by means of "useful idiots", those with a good conscience, imbibed with good sentiments.

The Koran is a book of unheard-of violence. In the Encyclop├ędia Universalis, Maxime Rodinson utters some truths that are as important as they are taboo in France. First, "Mohammed displayed in Medina unsuspected qualities as a political leader and military chief (...) He turned to private war, a common institution in Arabia (...) Mohammed soon sent small groups of his followers to attack caravans from Mecca, thus punishing his infidel compatriots and at the same time, acquiring rich spoils."

Secondly, "Mohammed, flush with victory, eliminated from Medina by having them massacred the last remaining Jewish tribe, the Qurayza, whom he accused of suspicious behavior." Finally, "after the death of Khadidja, he married Sawda, a widow and a good house-keeper, and also little Aisha who was barely ten years old. His erotic tendencies, long suppressed, were to lead him into ten concurrent marriages."

Exaltation of violence: merciless war chief, pillager, killer of Jews, polygamous, such is the Mohammed that is revealed through the Koran.

Professor Redeker then enumerates some of the faults of the Catholic Church. However, he points out the essential difference:

But what differentiates Christianity from Islam is that it is always possible to return to the values of the Gospel, the gentle person of Jesus, against the errors of the Church.

None of the faults of the Church has its roots in the Gospel. Jesus is non-violent. The return to Jesus is a recourse against the excesses of the institution of the Church. Recourse to Mohammed, on the contrary, reenforces hatred and violence. Jesus is a master of love, Mohammed a master of hatred.

At this point he discusses the annual lapidation of Satan at Mecca as having anthropological significance.

This lapidation, accompanied every year by believers being trampled to death, sometimes by the hundreds, is a ritual in which archaic violence is smoldering.

Instead of eliminating this violence, as did Judaism and Christianity by neutralizing it (Judaism through the refusal of human sacrifice, that is to say the entry into civilization, Christianity by transforming the sacrifice into the Eucharist), Islam creates for it a warm nest where it can grow...

Hatred and violence inhabit the book by which all Muslims are educated, the Koran. As during the Cold War, violence and intimidation are the paths utilized by an ideology, Islam, whose purpose is hegemony, to suffocate the entire world. Benedict XVI now has cruel first hand knowledge of this. As in days gone by, we must call the West "the free world" as opposed to the Muslim world. And as in days gone by, the enemies of this "free world", fanatical functionaries of the eye of the Koran, pullulate in its midst.

Note: In the totality of articles about Islam on the Internet, this article may not weigh heavily. But as a major step forward for the French press, it is priceless.

Update: March 2007 - Not surprisingly the original article from Le Figaro is no longer on line. It may be available at other websites.

A reminder too that this is a partial translation of what was a longer article.

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