Sunday, September 17, 2006

"An Objective Reality"

Philippe de Villiers was quick to issue a statement on the Pope's speech, but unfortunately I'm disappointed in his implication that there is a moderate Islam being controlled by fanatics. Am I misreading his intent? Or is he adapting to the needs of an upcoming election? He sounds more like Sarko here than the resolute deputy we've heard from before:

"The immense majority of Muslims are moderates, but today all evidence points to the existence of Islamist extremism (1) through jihad, something that all men of Peace cannot help but condemn," declared Philippe de Villiers in a communiqué to AFP. Responding to the reactions to the Pope's speech, the leader of the MPF feels that "(the Pope) merely stated an objective reality. Today the terrorists who threaten world stability, from London to New York, from Madrid to Jakarta, claim to act on behalf of Islamism, " he stressed. "Philippe de Villiers defends religions when they express a message of peace, but denounces the Islamist extreme that no one can deny today, considering the threats uttered by the number two leader of Al-Qaida, as well as those of the GSPC with regard to France," his communiqué concluded.

Note: The GSPC (Salafist Group for Preaching and for Combat) is an Algerian based terrorist group that recently announced its intention to pursue jihad against France. Le Monde had a long article in French in June 2005.

(1) I have used the words "extremism" and "extreme" for the French word "dérive", a word that gives me a headache every time I see it. It actually means a "deviation from the norm" and is really a nautical term referring to the deviation of a ship from its course. Our word "perversion" could be used, or "excess". The French use it constantly to refer to the actions of someone who has "deviated from the expected or desirable course." But here we are speaking of terrorists. To say that they have deviated off course is to imply that they were once ON course. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know.


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