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Robert Redeker - Update 2

The cartoon says, "And Robert Redeker"? "We'll take care of him."

Robert Redeker has written a letter to André Glucksmann (1), a French philosopher of Austrian-Jewish heritage (pictured at left).

The text of Redeker's letter can be found at France-Echos:

Dear André,


I am now in a personal situation that is catastrophic. Numerous explicit death threats have been sent to me, and I have been condemned to death by organizations that are offshoots of Al-Qaïda. L'UCLAT and the DST (2) are on the case, but...I am no longer entitled to live in my own house (the websites that have condemned me show a map with instructions on how to get to my house to kill me, there is a my photo, a photo of my workplace, phone numbers, and the statement of condemnation). But at the same time they do not provide me with a lodging, and I'm forced to ask others for help, two nights in one place, two nights somewhere else...I am under permanent police protection. I must cancel all my classes. And the authorities are forcing me to give up my home. I'm a homeless person. An insane financial situation is the result: I must pay all the expenses, including any future rent for one month or two, someplace far from here, the cost of moving twice, the legal expenses, etc...This is quite sad. I asserted my constitutional rights and I am being punished for it, on the very territory of the French Republic. This affair is also an attack against national sovereignty: foreign laws, created by criminal fanatics, are punishing me for having exercised a French constitutional right, and I am suffering, right here in France, a terrible wrong.

With friendship.

France-Echos is announcing a general mobilization to come to the aid of Robert Redeker. A petition has been drawn up and can be found at Resiliencetv. Everyone is being warned not to attempt to contact him personally, but to sign the petition (3) which will reach him. Already there is a long list of signatories, some of whom left a brief message. France-Echos continues:

According to our sources, a very large mobilization is set to defend and support Robert Redeker and freedom of speech. On the Right (including the leadership of the UMP) but especially on the Left, and in the teaching profession, and professional organizations, etc...

But not among the Islamo-Leftists such as MRAP who want to sue this victim of Nazi-Islamism. However the internal contentiousness within MRAP is even worse than during the pursuit of France-Soir over the Mohammed cartoons.

Note: I'm not sure what internal problems MRAP is having.

Let us point out also the dhimmitude of Education Minister Gilles de Robien, who, instead of defending the teacher and freedom of expression, drives the nail in deeper by saying: " A functionary must display prudence and moderation in all circumstances."

These events will reveal who is bowing before the fatwas of MRAP and Al Qaïda, and who dares defend the values of the Republic. The French people will learn a political lesson!

Note: Let's hope he's right. We've heard this before. How many acts of terrorism will it take for the people to learn a "political lesson"????

This affair occurs just at the moment when our security services are watching closely the racist and Islamist websites such as etc...

In Toulouse the police are overworked and sorry that Robert Redeker published his "tribune" under his own name. And after that, some of our enemies still dare to ask us why most of the editors of France-Echos have chosen anonymity, even though we have also received explicit death threats (as has Occidentalis, etc...)

(1) Glucksmann participated in the student revolts of 1968 that turned out to be (we didn't know it then) the death knell of Western culture as we had known it. But Glucksmann apparently became an anti-Soviet activist and came to compare Communism to Nazism. More recently he has become pro-American and has been criticized for his outspokenness. I am not familiar with his works. Source: Evene.

(2) UCLAT is a special anti-terrorist force, and the DST is similar to the FBI. Both come under Sarkozy's Interior Ministry.

(3) Regarding the signatories, I did NOT see the names of Alain Finkielkraut, Anne-Marie Delcambre, Louis Chagnon or Karen Montet-Toutain. They may have reasons for not signing. But the list is far from complete.

There were two lines in the petition that I found uncalled-for due to their feigned (or real) naïveté:

"We would like the Muslim organizations that are suing Charlie Hebdo for publishing the Mohammed cartoons to withdraw their lawsuit, and to bring legal action against X, in order to show the world that the "Islam of France" is not the same as that of the jihadist groups in Afghanistan, Algeria, Egypt, Indonesia, Sudan, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Iraq..."

This is utter nonsense. Of course the Islam of France is the same as the "other Islams".


"We would like Muslims to offer Robert Redeker lodging, and even to defend him to show that they do not share the jihadist values of his accusers..."

It is to be assumed that Mr. Redeker would not agree to spend a night with Muslims, even if they did ask and he should sue the writers of the petition for suggesting such a thing.

Update: August 2008 - Many of the links in this article are no longer active.

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