Thursday, September 28, 2006

Robert Redeker - Update

This e-mail just arrived from Via-Resistancia concerning Professor Robert Redeker, whose courageous article describing the true nature of Islam appeared in Le Figaro about two weeks ago.

No special gift of prophecy was needed to predict that his life would be threatened.

Toulouse, September 27, 2006 (AFP)

A philosophy teacher, employed in a high-school near Toulouse was threatened and placed under protection after publishing an article in Le Figaro, several sources learned.

The principal called a teachers meeting Friday morning and explained that the professor had received death threats and that he had been temporarily replaced and put under protection, declared one faculty member to AFP.

According to this source, who wishes to remain anonymous, the principal stressed that "the high-school was not threatened and that slightly heightened security screening would be carried out at the entrance."

The police also confirmed that the philosophy teacher, Robert Redeker, had been threatened. However they refused to divulge any more details "for reasons of security."

On the opinion page of its September 19 edition, Le Figaro had published a long article by Mr. Redeker entitled: Confronted with Islamist intimidation, what should the free world do?

In the article, the teacher evoked especially the debate triggered by the remarks of Pope Benedict XVI on Islam and the "hatred and violence" that inform the text of the Koran.

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