Monday, September 18, 2006

Total Creativity

The poster announces "The Orients of Occitania", i.e. "The Eastern Cultures of Southern France", the theme of this year's Occitania Festival that will take place in Toulouse from September 24 to November 4, 2006. The website of tourism for the city of Toulouse has these comments:

The Occitania Festival is a testimony to the cultural links between Southern France and the Mediterranean and Eastern worlds (Judeo-Spanish, Arab-Andalusian, North African, Byzantine, Turkish, Berber, Greek, Catalan...), with the participation of more than 400 artists of all artistic disciplines in more than 50 different events! A highly colorful program that encompasses cultural creation in its totality, from the farcical to the tragic, from free jazz to classical, from cinema to videos, from charcoal sketches to things uncertain (1), from performances to oratory jousts, from dance to debate, without forgetting the food!

At one time I would not have objected to this sort of intermingling of cultures, but in view of the current situation, one can only consider this as an attempt to inculcate multiculturalism, that is, a doctrine whereby all cultures are not only equal, but where it is postulated that Eastern cultures have always been living in harmony within Western lands.

Come one, come all! Enjoy the totality of creation! We are one big happy family, diverse in our equality, equal in our diversity. Do not judge us, and do not probe too deeply into any inherent differences that would destroy the multicultural heaven, this artificial paradise, we have created.

(1) In French "du fusain à l'incertain". I have no idea what the phrase means, so I translated it literally.

Thanks to France-Echos for the tip.


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