Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Well, We Still Have Five Minutes

The title of the post refers to what I believe to be the attitude of most Western leaders and large segments of Western populations. We still have time...We must try everything, you know...They are people too...They crave democracy...They crave what we have...If they attack us it's our fault...Let's not rush into anything...

As the fifth anniversary of September 11 approaches, and talk is in the air of a new attack on the United States, though, as far as I know, it is just talk, but perfectly reasonable talk, this cartoon from Cox and Forkum reminds us of how little time the Western world has to come to its senses. The cartoon appeared at Le Conservateur a few days ago.

Charles Baudelaire wrote: "La clepsydre se vide..." The hour-glass is running out.


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