Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Here, There, Everywhere

As a temporary change of pace, here are a few links to English-language articles that I found interesting:

Lawrence Auster informs us that the Queen of England has opened an Islamic prayer room in Windsor Castle for one of her employees. The full story was at Ynet.

Also at VFR we learn the exciting news that a militant British Muslim (in the photo) has been given the post of school inspector. Read the whole story (and the readers' comments) in the Daily Mail.

A short amusing video with English subtitles was posted by Le Conservateur. I am not sure of the essential meaning of the video. First, it seems to be a commentary on something akin to "karma", where the sins of the past are perpetuated in the present. It also suggests that we are all at various times both victim and persecutor. And it is, apparently, a critique of the endless chain of persecutions in the United States, ending with complete indifference to the country that isn't what it cracks itself up to being. However, I'm not sure. If anyone has any ideas, let me know. One thing though, I do sympathize with the buffalo, if not with the others...

Finally, just as America finishes paying tribute to every conceivable ethnic and racial group, a new one comes onto the scene. The Mongolians of America are demanding equal time and a statue of their hero Genghis Khan, who, they say, has been unjustly maligned by historians. American historians are busy revising this unfair depiction of mass-murderer Genghis.


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