Sunday, October 08, 2006

Louis Chagnon Joins the MPF

Philippe de Villiers' party, the MPF, has an important new member: Louis Chagnon. Galliawatch devoted two articles to the history teacher: the first on his ordeal at the hands of the Ministry of Education, the second on his thoughts concerning the need to disarm Hezbollah. Here he answers some questions posed by Pour La France, the website of the MPF:

PLF - They did not go so far as to send you death threats, but you were yourself the victim of a similar incident, mentioned by Philippe de Villiers in his book Les Mosquées de Roissy. Can you review the affair for us in a few words?

LC - After giving a lesson on the Muslim world in which I told the historic truth, a defamation campaign initiated by MRAP, the Human Rights League and a collective of pseudo-parents of Muslim students, and based on falsified classroom notes, was launched against me and spread by the media. The School Board of Versailles became an accomplice when it agreed to requite the wrong done (they pulled out pages of my teaching materials and thus allowed Mohammedan censorship into a government school!) and they punished me with a reprimand, because to them, even though they recognized the historic validity of my lesson, to call someone an assassin just because he slaughtered hundreds of Jews is "simplistic" and "provocative".

PLF - Are you surprised by the Redeker affair?

LC - I'm the last person to be surprised by this incident, even less so by the cowardice of the Ministry of Education and the infamous attitude of MRAP, that would bring legal action against Mr. Redeker at the very moment when he has been threatened with death! The French people must realize that they have been living in a land of Islam since 1988, when it was so decreed by the Muslim organizations. Sharia applies therefore to Europe: we are already dhimmis and do not have the right to cast a critical eye on Islam. To do so is punishable by death.

PLF - Today, you have committed yourself to Philippe de Villiers. Can you explain the reasons for you support of the MPF?

LC - The current situation is the result of the political will of our elite and of our governments that for 30 years have opened our borders to massive immigration. A rampant Islamization of France is endangering our basic freedoms. Only Philippe de Villiers discusses the problem of the Islamization of our country and only he has the political will to end it. That is why I've joined his movement.

It is interesting to note that Louis Chagnon was at one time a communist. Like Robert Redeker, Alain Finkielkraut and others, he belongs to that group of leftists who are too intelligent or too honest to keep the blinders on indefinitely.

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At October 10, 2006 9:15 PM, Anonymous W.LindsayWheeler said...

The so-called "neo-conservatives" in America are also "ex-communists" and "ex-leftists". And these people have been entirely destructive of the conservative movement. These "ex-lefties" gained control and have now destroyed a movement and thoroughly disgraced conservative, traditional ideals.

I'm very wary of "ex-communists". I believe they just changed One plank. There is no wholesale conversion. Ex-commies carry baggage of their leftist days. They don't ever totally convert. There is something always warped in their thinking.

Most of the problem is that there is toooooooo much intellectualism and NOOOOO commonsense. Many people on the left have no connection with reality or with nature. Intellectualism must be combined with down-to-earth common sense. It is concommitmant to Wisdom.

I would be very leary of these people still.

At October 10, 2006 10:53 PM, Blogger tiberge said...

@ lindsay

Point taken. Most of these ex-leftists are still reeling from the shock of being mugged by reality. It remains to be seen how they evolve, if and when a more normal state of things is restored. It's easy to be a conservative when Islam is brandishing its sword, but more difficult when the danger has passed.


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