Thursday, October 05, 2006

Richelieu, Come Back!

In this letter written by Monsignor Michel Santier, bishop of Luçon, and published at Occidentalis, the dhimmitude of the Catholic Church and the nefarious effects of the Vatican II Council resonate even more ominously than Chamberlain's groveling to Hitler. In addition, besides treason, Occidentalis raises the question of possible heresy on the part of the bishop. In the 17th century, the position of bishop of Luçon was held by Richelieu.

My Dear Muslim Friends,

This Sunday you enter the month of Ramadan, a time of fasting, prayer and sharing for the believers in God on the road of Islam.

It is a joy for me, on behalf of the bishops of France, to address you and express our profound desire to continue to form bonds of fraternity and friendship wherever we live, particularly in those places where living together is not easy because of the hardships that the young people encounter with respect to their future, and in view of the violence and the shunning from others who are of a different culture or religion.

Over and beyond the trying days we have just lived through, I wish to repeat that the Catholic Church "regards with esteem the Muslims who adore the One God, living and subsisting, merciful and all-powerful, creator of heaven and earth, who spoke to men," in the words of the Vatican II Council.

Together, and with all men and women of good will living in France, we are called upon, because of our faith in God, to build bridges where barriers arise to divide us. We want to continue on the path of discussions initiated years ago between you and us, in our country.

May this month of Ramadan, for you a time of opening of the heart and of conversion to God, be also an opportunity for you and for us, for the Muslim communities and the Catholic communities, to take the initiative to meet and to talk, to get to know one another better and thus to better serve the cause of peace and justice for all.

May God who is the source of all justice, of all peace and of all love allow the bonds of friendship and fraternity between us to grow, and may His blessing be upon you.

Paris, September 25, 2006

This preposterous surrender has met with two retorts from Olivier Germain and Maurice G. Dantec. The latter is a well-known anti-Islamic Canadian writer. I don't know anything about Olivier Germain, except that he has in the past defended Dantec.

Letter from Olivier Germain to the bishop of Luçon:


Bravo for your letter to Muslims on the occasion of Ramadan.

It's hard to imagine a more disgusting example of dhimmitude!

While Christians are persecuted by Islam on five continents, and in France in the Islamic areas;

while the Papacy repeats that we must not forget that "only Christ is the way;"

while the Pope is insulted and threatened with death by innumerable Islamic authorities;

while the same authorities announce publicly their will "to tear down the Cross", to "seize Rome", to "hang the Pope", and "to invade Europe";

while the Koran is a book of hatred and a call for murder;

you roll at their feet in an intolerable expression of relativism, of heretical syncretism and of servile collaboration!

You will pay for this on a Certain Day...

Olivier Germain

Response of Maurice G. Dantec:


I will not use the ecclesiastical title that is your due because you have betrayed it.

You are not a pastor of the Lambs of God, but the chief of a gang of sheep. When Europe falls under the yoke of Islamic totalitarianism, we will remember your name and your heretical sermon.

You are no longer Catholic, you have surely never been Christian, you never could be, for grace was not accorded you, or you rejected it.

Convert to the religion of submission, that of your "Muslim brothers" and you will feel right at home on Friday at the mosque.

With the expression of my three-fold contempt,

Maurice G. Dantec,
Catholic writer,

The engraved relief was created for the Vatican II Council.

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At October 05, 2006 7:31 PM, Anonymous W.LindsayWheeler said...

Malachi Martin, a Jesuit priest, wrote a book called "Keys of This Blood". In an addendum to the book, he has a chapter on what he calls the "Judasas" within the Catholic hierarchy.

Most of the Catholic hierarchy are socialists, humanists and neo-babelists. Nothing suprises me any more.

What has happened is that the one-sided preaching that goes on in the Catholic Church, i.e. the only subject preached on is "love", they have forgotten everything else. It is a Church that has lost a sense of proportion and the "other side" of things. They have adopted a warped sense of Love and have forgotten all about righteousness. They are supposed to preach Jesus to the Muslim, not sit down and eat with the infidel. Somehow, they think their "love" is somehow to neutralize the Muslim being an infidel.

At October 06, 2006 11:58 PM, Blogger tiberge said...

@ lindsaywheeler

Welcome to the comment section. Naturally I agree with you that the Church has caved in shockingly. This seems to stem from Vatican II. The Church, like so many Western institutions, has allowed itself to feel "guilty" for its past errors to the point where it can no longer tell error from truth. In an effort not to be "racist", it destroys itself, its faithful and the civilization that it helped create.


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