Saturday, October 21, 2006

"When The Republic Shows Strength, Islam Backs Off.."

Yesterday Philippe de Villiers appeared at Bobigny courthouse to answer charges of "provoking discrimination" brought against him by MRAP, relating to remarks he had made on July 15, 2005. On that day, during an interview on TF1 Television he had declared: "Islam is the humus of Islamism and Islamism is the humus of terrorism." Before going into the courthouse he granted a ten-minute press conference, of which the following is an abridged version. If you decide to watch the video, it may take a while to load. He speaks very slowly and clearly.

I stand by my remarks on TF1 on July 15, 2005. That is, I call on all French politicians to leave their cowardice behind, to stop being afraid, and to dare to look squarely in the face of Islamization, the Islamic threat, so that they may refuse the continuing Islamization of our schools, airports, neighborhoods. That they not accept what I cannot accept - polygamy, forced marriages - there are 120,000 cases of polygamy and 70,000 forced marriages...

Today we are far from July 15, 2005, and every day the facts prove me right. I'm thinking particularly of gynecologists and doctors who are sometimes beaten up by husbands who can't accept a person of the male gender performing childbirth on their wives. And Professor Redeker who is under fatwas, who lives hidden in a cellar, who lives in fear, without anyone in the upper echelons rising up to denounce this intimidation of a totalitarian nature...

I have just learned from my lawyer that those who are suing me, those who would have me condemned by the laws of my own country, have disappeared, they've fled, desisted. It's possible they are voluntarily admitting to some procedural error, in order to avoid confrontation. I stand before this court and it's an honor for me - the last defender of the Republic against all ethnic separatists, in particular the Islamic separatists.I say to you that those who would see me condemned have preferred to drink shame, rather than defeat. And I say, and this is a priceless lesson for all my fellow citizens who I urge to be vigilant: When the Republic shows strength, Islam backs off...

Reporter: What of the charge of provoking discrimination?

Provoking hatred and discrimination is not in my culture, not in my family's culture, not in my personal culture. Provocation - it's the Islamists, they're the ones who provoke discrimination. In our hospitals and our schools. They want to impose their own norms, when they do not accept the laws of the Republic. I'm doing my proper job as a public servant when I say to Islamism: You will not have victory in our land. You are not here to make of France an Islamic republic...I'm in my proper role, it's not provocation.

There's a majority of Muslims here to practice their faith serenely and in peace, but I say that if all Muslims are not Islamists, all Islamists act on behalf of Islam. And if put to a vote, this statement would win by an overwhelming majority: It is not for France to adapt to Islam but for Islam to adapt to France.

Reporter: Isn't it excessive to speak of a Third World War?

It's not at all excessive. When you think that the order was given, a few days ago and reported in the press, by the Nº 2 man in Al Qaida to hit France. What does that mean "hit France?' It means war. Terrorism is a new kind of war, but it's a war. They have already struck New York, Madrid, and London. They could strike us here. They would love to see us defenseless, crouching and yielding to their blackmail. I do not accept this intimidation.

It is an honor for us that there are public servants who DO open the debate, who DO break the taboo. History will show that I was the first.

All you have to do is read the papers, watch TV every day, every day you can see what's happening. The baggage handlers at Roissy airport that I spoke of in my book. At the time everyone said, "Oh you're exaggerating..." but look at what's happening.

Reporter: Some Muslim workers at Roissy are accusing you of causing them to lose their jobs

My position, and I stand firmly by it, is based on confidential and trustworthy information from intelligence sources, is that there are networks of Islamists that have penetrated different services at Roissy airport...

And there are baggage handlers who wear the red badge that authorizes them to enter restricted areas. There are baggage handlers who should be stripped of the badge. There were 50 mosques at Roissy, 25 of them clandestine. Now they have done a sweep of the clandestine ones. So everything I said in my book is coming true. And if the prefect of Seine-Saint-Denis is right when he says that at Roissy there are workers with terrorist ties, that is a serious matter and merits a firm response from the government...

What does the Interior Minister do, besides chatter every night on the evening news, to expel the terrorists, the Islamists, deny them French nationality, so that they do not wreak havoc and make war on us...

There is a difference between Islam and Islamism and there is a difference between Muslims and Islamists. If the prefect of Seine-Saint-Denis decided to strip some workers of the red badge, it's because there was a reason. The intelligence services are doing their job. I salute them and I salute the prefect of Seine-Saint-Denis who is doing a difficult job courageously.



At October 22, 2006 1:07 PM, Anonymous W.LindsayWheeler said...

The guy says this: "I stand before this court and it's an honor for me - the last defender of the Republic against all ethnic separatists,..."

Right there, is an oxymoron!!! To be against Islamization and Islamic influence IS TO BE an ethnic separatist. All people are to be ethnic seperatists. In the Septuagint, forgotten by Roman Catholicism and the rest of Christendom Prots and Orthodox, Scripture reads:

"All flesh consorteth according to kind, and a man will cleave to his like." from LXX Book of Sirach (Ecclesiasticus), 13.15.

In Western Culture, In Western Civilization, THE FIRST THING WE DO is Quote from God!!!!

The whole basis of this man is still secularism and the French Revolution. This is what has brought on the trouble IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Reject God---You reject Truth---You reject Life itself!!!

This man is an idiot! He spouts oxymorons!!! People who spout oxymorons are themselves MORONS!

Under Roman Catholicism, Fundamentalist, Christ believers KICKED the Muslim ass!!!! Secularists can not!!! Christianity defended Europe, Christianity defended the French People!!!

God raised up ST. Joan of Arc to Kick English arse!!! God raised up St. Joan of Arc to free French territory! Secularism is NOT the salvation but the death of Europe!

It was CHRISTIAN Catholic Spain that kicked Muslim ass! It was CHRISTIAN CATHOLIC Poland that kicked Muslim Ass! It was CHRISTIAN CATHOLIC Venetians that Kicked Muslim ass!!!!!

France has given up Catholicism! France has forsaken God! France has chosen the Way of Death! France rejected the Way of Life!

France has NO soul! France is lost. And this man is Lost!

At October 22, 2006 1:12 PM, Anonymous W.LindsayWheeler said...

Under what banner did St. Joan of Arc fight under????????????

The banner of Christ!!!

Who do you think is the defender of France? Who defended France in the past? Who CREATED France?

God did!!!!!

Who is the Way of Life?


Who is to lead the fight for the survival of France???

Who is to lead the fight for the French People as a People, as a Nation?

Only ONE Banner can do that!


At October 22, 2006 1:51 PM, Blogger Demosthenes said...

I'm going to be wildly off topic here, but this strikes me as the closest to a reasonable place to ask a question that I have. I'm going to Paris within the next six months to visit a friend. My friend and his French acquaintances are PC. My first thought on being an obnoxious American is to figure out a t-shirt to wear to maximally offend people without getting beat up. An anti-MRAP t-shirt would be good, but does anyone have any good ideas about buying politically incorrect clothing to annoy the French. I seek to maximize my offensiveness as an American. Maybe a t-shirt supporting Villiers presidency bid would be sufficient. I could have one made from the photos at

I plan to wear the t-shirt when my friend and I go to the gay bars of Paris. I presume that while such neighborhoods are bastions of political correctness that they are unlikely to be violent or is the muslim presence so strong that nowhere is safe. To be clear about my level of safety, I don't dare wear an anti-muslim t-shirt in America, but I do wear the jihad watch t-shirt from time to time.

At October 22, 2006 2:27 PM, Blogger Demosthenes said...

I think that what Villiers said was
«L’islam est le terreau de l’islamisme et l’islamisme est le terreau du terrorisme». Your translation of this is too literal and confusing. I would interpret it to say "Islam is the fertilizer of Islamism, and Islamism is the fertilizer of terrorism."

At October 22, 2006 4:47 PM, Anonymous W.LindsayWheeler said...

The French Revolution spawned Anarchism, Anarchism is the fertilizer of terrorism.

The French Revolution spawned communism, and Communism is the fertilizer of wars, assasinations and brutalization.

The French Revolution is the fertilizer of secularism and Secularism is fertilizer of the Spanish Civil War.

The French Revolution is fertilizer of Nazism, and Nazism is the fertilizer of horrors upon horrors.
You forget one thing, Islam has only one thing:::: "Obedience to God".

Islam is about itself. It's concern is for itself. Islam is fighting against the French Revolution whereas Christendom has NOW adopted wholesale.

"Modern Socialism is inseperable from political democracy." Elements of Socialism, pg 337.

"The view that democracy and Socialism are inwardly related spread far and wide in the decades which preceded the Bolshevist revolution. Many came to believe that '''democracy and Socialism meant the same thing,''' and that democracy without Socialism or Socialism without democracy would not be possible." Socialism, Ludwig von Mises, pg 67.

Democracy is the French Revolution. It was French Armies that spread revolution throughout Europe. Armies spread culture. Well, the American Military was spreading the French Revolution in the Muslim states. They have every right to counterattack! To drive the infidel and his culture out of their society.

Europe is weak; Nature kills off the weak.

Islam is a threat because it is a religion of believers.

The French Revolution spawned and fertilized all sorts of horrors of the 19th and 20th centuries.

At October 22, 2006 5:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Demosthenes, you can order the Mi-Che t shirt from I often wear it in Paris and enjoy telling critics that I spit on the memory of communist killers. Write to me at if you want to hook up when you are here.

At October 22, 2006 6:32 PM, Blogger Charles Henry said...

Demosthenes, I would recommend wearing a big Stars and Stripes flag with a "God Bless America" slogan or "Thank You, US Troops"... something positive.

That way, the PC types you are trying to provoke, end up being the ones seen on the attack, not you; as well, holding the high ground could win you allies, or perhaps smoke out those that agree with you.

At October 22, 2006 10:33 PM, Blogger tiberge said...

@ demosthenes

First, about the tee-shirt, I see you have received a couple of suggestions. If you go to Front Page Magazine there is a big ad there for conservative tee-shirts.

Please don't do anything too audacious in Paris, unless you are with people you trust. Above all don't go into Seine-Saint-Denis.

Regarding my use of "humus". To me humus is almost like a matrix from which springs life. There is no growth without humus. The life that springs from it may be good or bad, but without the rotten matter of humus there is no life. Islam is the matrix from which comes "Islamism" a word that means essentially the same thing as Islam, and from this "Islamism" we get terrorism. Philippe de Villiers could have said, should have said, "Islam is the humus of terrorism." That would have been closer to the truth. I have no objection to "fertilizer" except it sounded too agricultural; humus sounded more primordial.

At October 22, 2006 10:49 PM, Blogger tiberge said...

@ lindsay

I'm surprised at your strong reaction to Villiers. I don't know if he's a moron, or an oxymoron, but I do see signs that he may be toning down his speech somewhat.

I'm disappointed in his closing statements about the "difference" between Islam and Islamism. As far as I know, Islamism is identical to and derived from Islam. We have two words for one thing - Islam. I'm sorry, too, that he spoke of how peaceful most Muslims in France are. It may be true, but it's beside the point. There were peaceful Japanese in 1941, but FDR couldn't get soft over that - if he had, we wouldn't be here! So PDV still has to prove himself. He is a Catholic, married with several kids (I think seven!), but he has flaws, and we still don't know if he really has the courage of his convictions.

But he's the ONLY politician, thus far, who comes close to being an adversary of Islam.

At October 22, 2006 11:02 PM, Blogger tiberge said...

@ Lindsay

I forgot to add in my previous comment that you are closer in spirit to Chateaubriand than to Villiers, who is, after all, a man of the Republic and a believer in laïcité (separation of Church and State). The trouble with laïcité is that it leaves the door open to Islam, provided Islam lives under the laws of the Republic (which it can pretend to do, all the while waiting for the day it takes over completely).

Since Catholicism is so weak, France will have to rid herself of Islam on political, not religious, grounds. Islam is a world-conquering movement, therefore, it has no place in Western political structures.

At October 23, 2006 1:30 PM, Blogger Demosthenes said...

Thanks for the responses! Don't worry for me, I won't be too audacious. I'm a mild mannered guy. It's Charles Henry reply that really put me on the right path--a t-shirt supporting the US military or with a flag saying "Home of the Brave" is exactly the right thing to do. I would not thought of it on my own, because my lefty adolescence still makes me think of such things as tacky. Intellectually, I know now we need to encourage patriotism, but taste is one of those funny things. Anyway, I suspect that I'll encounter some interesting Europeans who will agree with my sentiment.

About the translation of "terreau": I garden and I know what humus is, but I doubt most American English speakers do. Most people are going to think of the Middle Eastern chickpea paste food when they see the word "humus". This is bad as it suggest some sort of slur on Villiers part, which is not what he intended.

At October 23, 2006 6:31 PM, Anonymous W.LindsayWheeler said...

I love Plutarch.

In his lives he has a bio of a one Gaius Marius. Marius was all about power. Furthermore, Marius thought that lying is a mark of ability and a sign of cleverness. He supported a man called Saturninus who wrote a law that said the Roman Senate had to take an oath and do anything the people wanted.

This law was passed. Marius being a consul that year, said he opposed it but when the vote came he voted for it thus putting his opponent who was a principled man on the spot.

All the senators took the oath with the mob watching. This man Metellus, the principled one did not.

He left the forum with these words:

"It is certainly sordid to do the wrong thing, and anyone can do the right thing when there is no danger attached; what distinguishes the good man from others is that when danger is involved he still does the right thing".

Sadly, there are no more "principled" men. No one to stand up and speak the truth.
Yes, I may be closer to Chateaubriand. When doing the article on Reactionary I read up on Chateaubriand. He is one of the three "clerical philosophers" and is a reactionary. I am also a reactionary. I wrote 65% of that article. (I hope I got it right since "reactionary" was first coined in France for the resistors of the French revolution.)

At November 08, 2006 8:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When will you lazy French actually get of your back-sides and drag yourselves out on election day to vote for somebody who's been saying this for decades?

I'm thinking of J. M. Le Pen - he's proven the will to do something about these and other problems, but if it's true that he has a massive following then his supporters must either be stupid or too lazy to be worth saving!

Stop whinning and actually DO SOMETHING you lazy idiots!


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