Friday, November 17, 2006

De Villiers On Dieudonné

Phiippe de Villiers posted several short articles about the appearance of Dieudonné at the Front National's convention last weekend. Here is a sampling, culled from several posts at P2V, his official blog. Note: permanent links are not operating at his site, so I'm providing the general link:

The traditional BBR (blue, white, red) festivity, re-baptized "The Presidential Convention of Le Pen 2007", was held this weekend at Le Bourget and was attended by 3500 participants according to France 1 and not the 30,000 expected by the organizers. It was marked by the incredible visit of "humorist" Dieudonnée.

His presence shocked a great many participants who watched him move among the stands and chat with Jean-Marie Le Pen, and with V.I.P's of the FN, delighted by the presence of the provocative performer whose eccentricities match those of the old leader. Libération (left-wing) exclaimed: "He was welcome at the rally of the patriots".

Judging by the number of e-mails and calls from FN sympathizers, received at the headquarters of the MPF (Movement For France), the presence of Dieudonné this weekend at the "Presidential Convention" did not go unnoticed. Revolted by this visit that was far from innocuous and that demonstrates, as if it were needed, the inability of the FN to transform itself into a credible national political party, the party members are starting to ask questions...

Symbolic of the will of Marine Le Pen to un-demonize the Front National, the visit of Dieudonné resounds also as the failure of her strategy. One does not give credibility to a political movement by calling in a caustic representative of the extreme Left, an anti-Semite and an ethnic separatist...only a few imbeciles, who have never ceased to nourish themselves on old hatreds, could ever rejoice at such a visit.

Upon "discovering" Dieudonné in the corridors of Le Bourget, the leaders of the FN feigned surprise, but one would have to be very naïve to believe that the comedian had not warned them of his visit! According to Libération: "This surprise visit had [even] been prepared long ago by party leaders."

As for the MPF, we have never regretted having refused the offer (of union) from Jean-Marie Le Pen. And the presence of the comedian Dieudonné only confirms our analysis: the FN is a drunken vessel tossed about by the waves, pulled between the desire to un-demonize itself on the one hand and the old primal demons...on the other.

The photo taken last week is from his website.

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