Saturday, November 18, 2006

Disarming Le Havre

In recent days, police have been attacked by gangs of "youth" in Le Havre and Bordeaux, reports France-Echos, adding:

These attacks against policemen on duty took place on the very day that demonstrations by the Alliance police union were scheduled to take place in several French cities. This union is still the largest. Said to be close to the Interior Ministry, Alliance is vilified by official propaganda that is forever singing the praises of UNSA, a rival union, deeply infiltrated by dhimmis and said to be close to the Socialist Party.

With its usual courage, the propaganda does not indicate the origin of the aggressors.

France-Echos then turns specifically to the case of Le Havre, whose mayor, Antoine Rufenacht, justifies the absence of firearms:

The Havre city police are not armed. "Antoine Rufenacht, the mayor does not want them to carry firearms," says his security assistant, Bertrand Binctin, who shares the mayor's sentiments. To defend themselves, the officers are armed with a club, familiarly known as a Tonfa, but also with a small scale tear-gas bomb, handcuffs and bullet-proof vests.

These vests have reduced the scale of injuries, but victims, be they men or women, have been taken by surprise by violent shocks to the chest and back, plus cuts to the face. "These acts of great violence were meant to intimidate the police. Only minimally were they committed to do serious harm," said an angry Bertrand Binctin, who appreciates the reaction of the police officers who were molested:

"Not one man, not one woman, young or not so young, expressed afterwards a desire to carry a firearm. They are armed with good professional training. They know that if they stay in groups of two or three they can defend themselves. They have exhibited this attitude and this esprit de corps during and after the assault."

The contributor to France-Echos concludes with some advice:

France is slowly on the road to disintegration, like Lebanon or the former Yugoslavia. In light of the increase in the number of attacks on police, we can expect a return to "urban violence" as soon as somebody in the camp of the "racaille" is killed.

Since the inter-ethnic war appears more and more inevitable, I invite readers of France-Echos to learn the martial arts, to study the regulations for firearms and to arm themselves, so long as the authorities permit.

Galliawatch reported on the Alliance police union in a September post.

Old photo showing the arrival (or departure?) of the Ile-de-France from Lehavrephoto, where you can view many interesting photos of the city.


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