Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Easy Access

Nicolas Sarkozy continues to push the envelope into dhimmitude. According to Chouan writing at Vox Galliae, it will be a cinch for Algerians to enter France (not that it has been much of a hassle for them up to now), now that Sarko promises easy access to visas for anybody who asks. Chouan opens with a summary from left-wing Humanité:

It is public knowledge in Algeria that their suitcases have been packed and ready-to-go for a long time. Seventy-five percent of the population there is under 30. A large majority of young Algerians have their eyes on the coastline. France is still an El Dorado for all those who, despite the joys and the amazing progress that have resulted from independence, are still unemployed, without a future and forced to live or rather to survive on all kinds of trafficking...Anyway, that is how an article in Humanité explains it.

It is also public knowledge among the police who patrol our disappearing borders that clandestine immigration is made possbile first and foremost by the visas granted by France to Algeria and other countries for short holidays and for family matters.

What Algerian today does not have at least one relative, an uncle, a cousin living in France for decades? All Algerians potentially have the right and the opportunity to request a visa.

In this current climate of pressure from mass migrations, Sarkozy finds nothing better to do, a few months from the presidential elections, and no doubt to court the million bi-nationals and the millions of voters of Algerian origin, than to promise visas as if he were offering bon-bons to these youth who are just waiting for the green light to come live with us!

According to RESF (a pro-immigration organization), only three days of waiting will now be required to receive an answer from the visa office, which, to be more efficient, is being transferred from Nantes to Algiers in 2007!

The photo of the beautiful Notre-Dame d'Afrique Church in Algeria is one of many at Algerie Casbah. Click the link.



At November 15, 2006 8:16 PM, Anonymous W.LindsayWheeler said...

One can see the handwriting on the wall. It's not to hard to see. Muslims and Islam will take over Europe and the Hispanics will take over America.

More Algerians will only cause the death of France. What is Europe without France? What happened to France?

France is NOT a place but a people, a specific sort of people. Without that specific sort of people there can not be a France.


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