Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Letter From Japan

It seems that the ever-vigilant Japanese have been watching events in France with concern. A Japanese radio station, Channel Japan News Radio, sent this message to the offices of the Blue revolution:

We do not have a correspondent in France. We have read with interest and informed our listeners in Japan about the movement called the Blue Revolution. We received a lot of mail about this because the Japanese are very sensitive about what happens in France.

We know too that there are some Frenchmen living in Japan who are followers of your movement.

The fact of the matter is that in interviewing several of your compatriots we noticed that they were very concerned about the situation in France. Some even told us that your country was in a state of civil war. Several of your compatriots have no intention of returning to France, preferring to live and work In Japan.

This has aroused our attention and that of much of the Japanese media. Many journalists are reporting on the evolution of the situation.

You know, despite our cultures that are diametrically opposed, the Japanese love France. We are, therefore, very concerned about the internal deterioration of your country. We are also concerned for our compatriots living in France.

We hope that the French people will find the necessary resources to avoid an escalation of the situation.

Unfortunately, we think that the next presidential elections will solve nothing. You must change your idea of a model society and work to bring about fundamental changes. You ought to follow a path that would offer more RESPONSIBILITY to the French people. We think, unless we are mistaken, that that is not the case today.

Good luck on your initiative. We will continue to follow your progress.

Cordially yours,

Channel Japan News Radio

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