Sunday, November 26, 2006

MRAP Strikes Again

An article in Le Figaro describes the legal actions taken by MRAP (Movement Against Racism and For Friendship Among Peoples) against the publishing house Editions Dalloz for publishing a book containing passages deemed by MRAP to be racist:

A volume from the famous Dalloz publications will be removed from the shelves because of a reference questioned by MRAP. In a letter to Mouloud Aounit, president of MRAP, the president of Editions Dalloz, Charles Vallée, acknowledged that the passage from the General Penal Code referring to "racial heredity" as an "endogenous factor in criminality" was "more than questionable."

Charles Vallée "thanked" MRAP for having drawn his attention to the statement which, "in point of fact lends itself to an interpretation that favors discriminatory arguments."

Editions Dalloz plans to halt all distribution of the work and has requested the author to make the necessary modifications for the next edition.

For its part, MRAP was delighted by the "rapid decision that does honor to Dalloz publications" and thanked the vigilant students who alerted MRAP for their sense of citizenship.

Note: The more you give them, the more they will take. It will never end.


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