Saturday, November 25, 2006


According to France-Echos the beautiful city of Salon-de-Provence north of Marseilles has been experiencing car and bus burnings. On November 16 ten cars were torched and on Tuesday November 22 and Wednesday November 23 three buses were burned. Two units of CRS (riot police) were sent in from Marseilles to patrol the city.

The astonishing thing is that the press waited one week before revealing the incidents. The regional news on France 3 Television finally reported the burnings on November 23, but that night the evening news on France 2 said nothing about this wave of violence.

One reader of France-Echos sent this report:

I live in Salon-de-Provence in a neighborhood thought to be very quiet. That is, until the night of November 20, 2006 when 3 cars were set ablaze. I was born in this neighborhood and have lived here 39 years. The changes I've seen ("youth", drugs, trafficking)...

But I never imagined that one day I would wake up and see such a disaster. Since then, every night I go to bed wondering if my car will still be there the next day so that I can get to my job.

But today, I read in the papers that not very far from my home 4 buses had burned and that all in all 24 vehicles have been burned in my city.

The people have had enough, but they don't burn cars...

The editor of France-Echos points out that the regional news on France 3 Television uses the logo pictured above.


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