Sunday, November 12, 2006

Score One For Sarkozy

A crime that took place two weeks ago has aroused public opinion throughout France. The following report is based on two articles from Le Figaro, one from November 9, the other from November 11.

On October 27, at 9:00 A.M. René Dahan, a businessman from Nogent-sur-Marne, was attacked by three hooded criminals as he was getting ready to leave his home. Threatened with a magnum 357, he was struck on the head before managing to wrest the weapon from one of the intruders, who was attempting to strangle him, while his companions were tying up Mrs. Dahan. After firing one bullet that hit the ceiling, Dahan fired three more times, hitting the burglar who stumbled and fell out the window. He died shortly thereafter.

René Dahan was arrested for voluntary homicide and placed in the detention center at Fleury-Mérogis.

Dahan's lawyer, Marie-Alix Canu-Bernard said he was "stunned. He's just an average citizen who suddenly finds himself behind bars." Dahan's brother Jean exclaimed: "Are you guilty for defending yourself? When you are the victim the only right you have is to die."

Now it appears that Nicolas Sarkozy has intervened to have Dahan released from prison. Chantal Dahan, the victim's wife, made the following statement: "It's the end of a nightmare that began with that terrible attack. My husband reacted heroically, legitimately defending himself. In this situation, we understand why there is an inquiry, but I am shocked that the judge ordered René's incarceration."

Pascal Clement, the Minister of Justice, indicated that the "deeds attributed to René Dahan do not seem to conform to the notion of self-defense."

Moreover, according to Oliver Geay, writing at RTL, both judges and left-wing politicians object to Sarkozy's interference in matters pertaining to the Ministry of Justice.

The photo shows Pascal Clément (white hair) visiting Bapaume Prison in Northern France on October 19, 2006.

Update: September 2010 - This story is once again in the news, albeit indirectly, thanks to the René Galinier affair. Galinier, like Dahan, shot but did not kill two female burglars in August 2010. He has now been in jail for 52 days. Many commentators are comparing the two cases, and the two different reactions of Nicolas Sarkozy, who was Interior Minister in 2006 and is now President.

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At November 12, 2006 6:32 PM, Anonymous W.LindsayWheeler said...

That story is nothing new.

While attending Berea College in Kentucky, a supposedly "Christian" school, I was attacked by a fellow student.

We all have to attend convocations. In the old times, it was a meeting where hymns and a sermon was given. Now, it where Leftist Propaganda streams without restraint. Well, one Thursday, it was a showing of Shindler's list. A man who I have had political discussions the last semester and who I hadn't seen for three months or talked to, came down during the intermission and preceded to beat me about the head.

I stood up and pinned him to the seat in front of me. Afterwards, the security guart asked me if I wanted to press charges, I said no.

Two days later, I was charged. I pleaded my case; I said I was innocent. They found me and the other guy, who admitted his guilt, both guilty. We received the same punishment. My appeal was also denied.

This is the Left. Of course that man was to be punished; how dare he defend himself.

When I asked how I was supposed to act, I was told I was to crawl away.

These people are sick and warped. They know nothing what it means to be a man and they actively court cowardice.

This mentality is everywhere.

At November 12, 2006 10:36 PM, Blogger tiberge said...

@ w.lindsaywheeler

To just start beating you up like that is incredible! A convocation is something like an assembly. I don't remember being obligated to attend them in college. However, as a teacher, we were forced to attend "staff-development meetings" which tended to put us into a deep sleep rather than a fighting mood.

They had to find you both guilty because, I suppose, to do otherwise would mean that there is a right and a wrong. They can't admit that.

BTW. I'm finishing up your text on the Classical Republic. I'm finding it fascinating, because I never knew the word "republic" had undergone such a distortion. Like everyone I was taught that a "republic" was anything that wasn't a monarchy.

I'll try to work out a post on this topic one of these days. The French "Republic" is really a "Socialist State". The American "Republic" is a commercial enterprise, of sorts.

At November 13, 2006 5:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is nothing new, unfortunately. Here is the paradigm: guns are bad (unless in the hands of Police or military), government will provide you safety, so you don't need any means to protect yourself, criminals are the victims (not homeowners) and society is responsible for their violence, guns cause crime (if there were no guns there would be no crime), guns are inherently dangerous to individuals (responsible citizens are unable to master the intricacies of gun operation, but any wayward 'youth' can master their operation without any instruction. We are to believe that those who own guns are sociopaths who have an unreasonable fear of being robbed, not self-sufficient people who want to be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

Are you getting the idea yet? Here is another similar story, albeit from the UK:

At November 13, 2006 11:21 PM, Anonymous baboy said...

One good response here would be to take the person suggesting crawling away as a legitimate response by the shirt collar and smacking him in the face. Repeatedly, but with several seconds in between strikes. This gives him the chance to defend himself, and if he does this instead of dropping and crawling away, he is then guilty of the same thing he says you are guilty of. If he does not, you get to prove your point over and over and over again that sometimes, a man *must* defend himself, or else.

At November 14, 2006 12:28 AM, Blogger tiberge said...

@ anonymous

The link doesn't work, but I'll keep trying. Anyway, your paradigm is a perfect description of the workings of the liberal mind.

@ baboy

That's one of the best ideas I've heard.

P.S. Keep working on your blog!

At November 14, 2006 4:55 PM, Anonymous Abu Daboo Doo al Bedrocki said...

Hello Tiberge,
I think I posted the URL in two parts (it didn't seem to fit in the preview window). Here it is again. I just tried it and it worked.

Also, I tried to sign up but they want you to have a blog... is there any way to have a 'non-blogging' account on this system?

I love reading the stories and commentary! Great work!

Abu Daboo Doo al Bedrocki


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