Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sins Of The Sons

According to Robert Spieler, writing at his blog, Philippe de Villiers is now in the middle of one of those family dilemmas politicians have nightmares about. It appears that his youngest son has accused the eldest son of raping him 15 years ago. Apparently the youngest has been known to make up stories before. Spieler comments:

...frankly, you can't help many manipulations have there been in this 5th Republic that is agonizing on its deathbed?

He then goes on to cite several of the scandals involving false accusations that were later (much later) disproved. Included is the tale (which I remember well) about Claude Pompidou, wife of the president, who was a victim of "fauxtographs" that were intended to prevent the election of her husband. Spieler, who has met tellers of tall tales before, concludes:

I should add that mythomaniacs are rather fascinating. It is totally impossible to make them recognize their lies. If they get trapped, they change the subject or react aggressively.

However, that is not all. In his blog entry of November 21, Philippe de Villiers discusses what appears to be another aspect of the case:

I am the victim of an ignominious political manipulation designed to sully my family in order to injure me as a presidential candidate...There is ample proof of manipulation:

- the suddenness of an infamous accusation in the middle of an electoral campaign even though the alleged facts go back 15 years.

- the person implicated, Guillaume de Villiers, was the target of secret agents ("barbouzes") from intelligence services who accused him of giving me the documents for my book Les Mosquées de Roissy. Today he stands accused while all the facts have justified me. One cannot fail to be surprised at the concomitance of the accusation with the revelations concerning the Islamist baggage handlers at Roissy. (Note: several baggage employees have been relieved of the red badge that permits them to enter restricted areas.)

- The name of the lawyer chosen by the plaintiff speaks volumes: Jean-Marc Fédida, a specialist in political-financial matters, such as subsidized housing.

- Guillaume de Villiers has decided, with his lawyer Alexandre Varaut, to lodge a complaint for "denouncing an imaginary crime", for there is no case.

It is clear that this manipulation seeks to destroy me as a presidential candidate. I will never allow my family to be sullied for political ends."

This is not entirely clear. If I may analyse the sequence: PDV wrote his book on Roissy; later, it would appear, his son Guillaume was accused of giving him the intelligence documents that form the basis of the book; now this same son stands accused by his younger brother of rape! I don't know what Guillaume's involvement was in the writing of the book, that is, why would secret agents accuse HIM of all people? If anyone has more information please let me know.


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