Sunday, November 26, 2006

Why Muslims Vote For Le Pen

Why are some Muslims going to vote for Jean-Marie Le Pen? There's certainly more than one answer. Le Salon Beige, a pro-Le Pen website, offers some answers. Their article is based on a longer article from Le Point that is now archived and only available for a fee. Though it is not specifically stated, I am assuming the first two families are Muslim.

The building where the Hamdani family lives is in Barbès, right in the heart of the Goutte d'Or neighborhood, in Paris. As is often the case in places like this the young people, often Arabs (rebeus) or blacks (renois), rule the streets...Karim Hamdani, 56 years old, stock person in a large store, father of five, of Algerian origin, naturalized in 1993, distinguishes himself by his unusual political viewpoint: "I've been voting for the Front National since 1995!" So have his wife Zora and his eldest daughter Louisa...He has zealously elaborated his own version of Le Pen's aphorism: "France, you like it, you like it, you like it or you leave it..." He gets pleasure from recalling the name of the man who "had the first Arab deputy voted into parliament, who created the organization SOS Iraqi Children and who has given donations to Africa: Jean-Marie Le Pen".

Abdallah Bourakba, also Algerian, ex-member of the RPR Party (Rassemblement pour la République), has had his FN membership card since 1999, father of 2 children who are "unknown to the police," states his commitment: "In the Front National, I'm not considered as merely a token Arab." He says that Arabs now wish to be addressed as equals, without servile flattery or false compassion. Considering his origins, he feels authorized to speak bluntly, so as to preclude any suspicion of xenophobia: "I'm sick of seeing mosques at every street corner, sick of young girls being targeted by Islamists, sick of being sollicited for arranged marriages..."

Farid Smahi, son of a Tuareg (Muslim nomads from North Africa, primarily Algeria), a member of the political organization of the FN since 1998, is in charge of public relations on behalf of the "banlieus" (suburban ghettoes). Last Ramadan, he toured the ghettoes preaching the word of the Front National: "Frenchmen of foreign longer want this 30-year old policy that consists of putting a soccer ball at their feet or a broom in their hands. They will vote for Le Pen in 2007."

Note: Farid Smahi was the man who accompanied Dieudonné to Le Pen's political convention last week. See my article here.

The Salon Beige summary said nothing about the 2 common enemies of Le Pen and the Muslims: Jews and Americans. This is certainly a factor in their support for Le Pen. But it probably doesn't even have to be stated. Le Pen has clearly promised Muslims jobs and status, i.e. economic empowerment. This is sufficient to induce them to vote for him. The Muslims are well-aware of his animosity toward Israel, Jews and America. How he intends to give thousands, if not millions, of immigrants jobs is unclear. It is no doubt one of those campaign promises that only the targeted voters believe in. As a fervent nationalist Le Pen has also promised jobs to Frenchmen. So, he will have his own work cut out for him.

The words "rebeus" and renois", used in the article, are street slang for Arabs and blacks.

More reminders: If anyone is interested in Tuaregs, they figured in my 2-part article on Charles de Foucauld, who was canonized in Rome last year. Click here for Part 1 and here for Part 2.

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At November 27, 2006 6:43 PM, Blogger pvnam_3 said...

"mini-spam" ---> SÉPARATISM IN EUROPE

--- Many IDIOTS... do not understand this: does not exist no Invasion!

--- An Invasion is a hostile action! ...
--- What happens in Europe is.. a Management of the entrance of immigrants... for that: the persons walks in the 'Enjoy-Parasite'... that is to say, the majority of the Europeans [... the 'White Parasite']:
-1- they claim to enjoy immigrant servile labour at 'price of rain';
-2- they claim to enjoy the existence of persons to pay the retirement pension [ in spite of... they doesn't make a Society where exist Demographic Renewal!!! ]

--- Don't be Idiots!!!
--- The way to go... it isn't 'lick-the-boots' to the Majority of the Europeans!
--- The way to go... it is 'make war' against the White-Parasite... i.e., the ETHNIC SEPARATISM (division of the countries):
(... before being too late...)
-1- space (50%) of Total Competition: for Globalization-Lovers;
-2- another space (50%) of Natural Reserve: for the preservation of the Autochthonous Ethnic Identities.
...{ see: 50-separatism-50 }

NOTICE: For the 'White Parasite' (the majority of the Europeans) "the bad persons" are all those that oppose to the 'To Enjoy Parasite' ..... consequently...... they are INTOLERANT regarding the existence of Ethnic States -> for the preservation of the Autochthonous Ethnic Identities.

At November 27, 2006 11:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jews are more dangerous than Muslims.

At November 28, 2006 12:36 AM, Blogger tiberge said...

In the name of "freedom of expression" I'm leaving the above comments posted. However, my generosity has its limits. Enough said.

At November 28, 2006 8:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are the views expressed not politically correct enough?

At November 29, 2006 12:17 AM, Blogger tiberge said...

First of all I do not understand the comment made by pvnam_3. It is too garbled and incoherent. If he (or she) is saying that ethnic groups should have their own proper space, i.e. nations, then I do not disagree. If he is against bringing immigrants in in large numbers to serve their European masters and to do work that presumably the Europeans won't do, then I don't disagree with that either. But if he is advocating war with the "white parasite", then I disagree, but I strongly suspect he'll get his wish sooner or later. The immigrants never should have been brought in in massive numbers, the family reunification law should never have been passed, and the individual nations to which these immigrants belong all have governments that should take care of their own. Immigration should be minimal and follow strict legal procedures. Immigrants must adapt to their new country. But they will not adapt if they are brought in massively and given welfare. It is they that become the parasites who eventually destroy the host.

Regarding the comment by anonymous I can't tell if he has insulted the Jews or the Muslims.


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