Thursday, December 14, 2006

Canada's "Blues" Make Contact With Reichman

For many months, a group of dedicated residents of Vancouver, British Columbia, adorned with blue scarves, have been meeting Thursday evenings at the Public Library in a show of solidarity with the principles of the Blue Revolution, founded in France by Claude Reichman. Strange as it may seem, Reichman never knew they existed...until now. Charles Henry, administrator of Covenant Zone, talented video-maker, and committed "Blue", finally wrote a letter to Reichman stating the purpose and dedication of the Vancouver group.

Here are extended excerpts from Charles' letter, which Claude Reichman was kind enough to publish:

Good evening, Mr. Reichman,

I'm a little nervous writing to you now, after having followed your articles for such a long time. You have been a true inspiration for our efforts this year.

Here, at the other end of the world, in Vancouver, British Columbia, the western end of Canada, a group of courageous souls have been meeting every Thursday night, without fail, since January, attracted and inspired by your message...

We meet to renew the spirit of our nation, as a parallel to your efforts to renew France. From time to time, we organize in a modest public demonstration against the anti-American and anti-Israeli demonstrations that pollute our cities...

We try, as best we can, to show people that France is not just Jacques Chirac. That there are many allies in France who need our support and our prayers...

We would be honored to be included in your list of political caf├ęs, with the hope that maybe some French people who have fled France to come here to our little corner will learn about this gang of Francophiles who meet every the atrium of the Vancouver Public Library...

We exist, we are organized and we're on the move...

Best wishes,

Charles Henry

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