Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Now Sarko Loves France

Two days ago Nicolas Sarkozy officially became the UMP party candidate for the presidency of France. I had forgotten it wasn't official. Whether it's immigration policy, free housing to all, no bacon in the soup, or a constitution for Europe, he has already been running the country for a while and habituating the French to his predictable contradictions. He only needed the backing of a Caribbean-born rapper named Doc Gynéco, pictured with him here, to give an air of unimpeachable legitimacy to his bid. I know nothing of Doc, but being associated with a black entertainer has become de rigueur for French candidates eager to prove beyond a doubt their acceptance of a France that is "multiple, colored and spiced" (Sarko's words).

The very patriotic Yves Daoudal, a Le Pen supporter, using Le Pen's words, attacks Sarko's patriotism:

All of that cost 3.5 million euros (23 million francs). For nothing, since it was a ceremony to appoint the UMP candidate for the presidency, and there was only one candidate. He was nominated by 98% of the votes, but on closer observation we see that only 69% of the party members voted. So almost a third of the UMP members were unwilling to knight Sarkozy. Among them Dominique de Villepin who made a quick appearance, his face somber and silent, or Jean-Louis Debré who stayed outside and left before Sarkozy's speech.

Another figure caught our attention: Nicolas Sarkozy hammered away with the word "France" 80 times. And one of the high points, among other declarations of love for France, was this proclamation: "I want to be the candidate of a France that will never compromise on its independence or on its values."

In a communiqué, Jean-Marie Le Pen pointed out that it was a monstrous lie. For Nicolas Sarkozy is an ardent partisan (and participant) in the construction of Europe. He "campaigned for a European constitution, a road-map of a European super-State, that will finish off the independence of France and relegate the function of president of the French Republic to that of a provincial governor with fewer powers than a state governor in the United States of America."

Thus, "Nicolas Sarkozy may repeat 80 times the word 'France' in his speech and exalt his "love of France and his pride in being French, but he cannot hide the fact that he has been working for the disappearance of France in a European world conglomerate," adds Jean-Marie Le Pen who concludes: "The citizens who knew enough to reject the European constitution will not be duped by these words that are denied by the facts."

Nicolas Sarkozy, more savvy and pragmatic than Royal, will lead France into the fog of European bureaucracy that devours national identities. Royal will lead France into the fog of utopian socialism that devours national identities.

Sarko is only better because she is so awful. This is why many people in the US voted for Bush - his opponent was unthinkable. But did it really matter in a substantive way?

Another article in Novopress signed Pierre Chatov added these compliments:

No reasonably sane person could have watched either one of the televised transmissions of the UMP convention without the feeling of being in the middle of a three-ring circus, with clowns who were bad actors, encouraged by an hysterical public that must have been generously paid off or heavily lobotimized...A gigantic farce, so gross that it seemed to be a natural disaster...

But the summit of the ridiculous was reached during the long-winded speech by the most catastrophic Interior Minister of the Fifth Republic...

He will be the president for all, for everybody and even for the others...With him France will be more beautiful, greater, more generous, "top cool de la mort" as his nº1 fan, the drug-addict pornographer Doc Gynéco might say...

Note: I cannot translate "top cool de la mort". It sounds like "death's coolest guy", possibly it means simply "the coolest".

Sarko's feelings for France have been the subject of many articles translated at Galliawatch. Here are just three:

1) Is this a Frenchman? - a review of some of the declarations in his book Témoignage.

2) Sarkozy's appearance at Ramadan dinner.

3)I want a new State - Sarkozy's speech in Perigueux

4) Sarko does not like France - a surprising admission from Sarko.


At January 17, 2007 10:23 AM, Blogger crusader88 said...

Again, an informing post, but don't attack Bush. He's gotten Roberts and Alito on the bench, cut taxes, both for the overtaxed rich and for large families, supported the PATRIOT Act, vetoed the ESCR finding bill, tried to privatize Social[ist] Security, supported 'faith-based organizations', supported free trade, and opposed raising the minimum wage.
He did go top war with Iraq, support the death penalty, and give subsidies to Big Oil/Ethanol/Logging, and he is a Methodist, but this is America; the only better man we could ever hope to get elected is Sam Brownback!

At January 18, 2007 3:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's wrong with Methodism?

At January 22, 2007 9:35 AM, Blogger crusader88 said...

It's heretical, itself an offshoot of Anglicanism. Unless Bush and friends convert to Catholicism, they will go to Hell. I like the guy, but any lying or oversympathy on the matter will not be helpful.
For more information on the dogma, a good reference is, run by the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


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