Saturday, January 13, 2007

Piglet Soldiers On

It appears that the patriotic piglets of France are honored to be part of the soup and will continue the fight. And the ultra-patriotic website Novopress has this report:

The Council of State has rendered its verdict: no more pork soup in Paris for the street people. The "Wise Men" have in the end yielded to the pressures from Prefect Mutz, Mayor Delanoë, Mouloud Aounit, Ms. Stambouli and other Schweitzer clones. They bowed down before political correctness.

Note: Stambouli is no doubt Mylène Stambouli, a left-wing activist. Schweitzer is Louis Schweitzer, president of HALDE, an anti-racism organization created by Chirac.

For the SDF Association, we are not giving up the fight! The numerous messages of support that we have received, added to the solid motivation of our volunteers, reenforce our determination to resist and persist.

Our response will be triple-fold:

1) A judicial response will take the matter to the European Court of Human Rights. The objective is to bring the issue to center-stage in Europe and to condemn the French State for this unfair verdict. The court battles have only just begun.

2) A militant response will implement organized attempts to bring an awareness of the issue to the various persons involved in the pork industry.

3) A response of solidarity will enable us to continue our charitable works, in other ways, without abandoning the most deprived among us who are counting on us. No way will we abandon the street and yield to the intimidation by the State.

We acknowledge today the decision by the Council of State. As for the Prefect who denounces the discriminatory nature of soup with pork, he will find us in his path. Beginning next Tuesday, we will share once again an evening of fraternity with our friends the homeless.

And we shall certainly follow the perils of Piglet as he (or she?) fights for Justice in the land of cassoulet, choucroute and côtes de porc à l'estragon.

It would be rather interesting to see what the European Court would say. But how does one manage to get the Court to agree to examine the case?

Note: I have changed the picture of Piglet to the one you see above. It was sent to me this morning by Jovan-Marya Weismiller, who informs me that an Australian created it at the time of the Mohammed cartoons. It was so perfectly suited to the title of my post that I made the change.


At January 15, 2007 12:57 PM, Anonymous zazie said...

@ Tiberge
I have just a few minutes left before going out, but I can't resist ! I have just read on Novopress that our friends have decided to forget the porksoup for a while : next week, the homeless will have une poule au pot instead ! Vive le bon Roi Henri !


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