Sunday, January 14, 2007

Reactions To Free Housing

The "opposable right" to housing of which I spoke in the preceding post has elicited negative commentary from the patriotic websites. Here are a few excerpts:

According to Vox Galliae, Jean-Marie Le Pen denounced it as "a direct violation of the right to property". Le Pen, who never signed the charter of the Children of Don Quixote charity...explained that he would not sign "any of the appeals or any of the petitions...I am a respectable politician. I do not seek inspiration among left-wing organizations ('l'espace associatif')," he stressed.

The same article in VG quotes Philippe de Villers: "One must have the courage to admit that the housing crisis is tied to a policy of uncontrolled immigration as is shown by the 300 million euros allocated annually by the State to house illegals."

From his website the deputy from Nice, Jérôme Rivière has this to say:

The opposable right to housing is the final phase of the biggest immigration tunnel ever implemented since the family reunification laws (1974)...

Whether one arrives in France legally or illegally, there is a guarantee of free health care with the CMU or the AME (1), the assurance of a job, of unemployment compensation, and of a minimum revenue paid out by social organizations or territorial collectivities. In addition there are reduced rates on public transportation and electrical bills, and now with this right to housing, there will be a guaranteed roof paid for by the French taxpayers.

Emigration is often the major goal of many people living in third world countries. With these policies we are designating France as a primary target. Finally, in a Europe without borders, how can anyone not see that the most deprived populations will flood to our shores where they will find a blind generosity that they can find nowhere else?

What are they trying to make of France...?

(1) The acronyms stand for Universal Medical Coverage and State Medical Aid.

Photo from Libération.


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