Friday, January 12, 2007

Ward Connerly Gets Recognized

If it's rare to see de Villiers mentioned in the American press, it's even rarer to see Ward Connerly mentioned in a French newspaper. Ward Connerly has been a most unusual activist - a black man who fights AGAINST affirmative action because he sees the inherent injustice in such a measure. He has been vilified by blacks and white liberals, threatened and abused, but he has not relented. Apparently Le Monde has at least one reporter somewhere who dares to be different. Chouan of Vox Galliae reports:

"It might be better for blacks to start studying, instead of playing sports, having fun or making rap...The black pupils don't do well in school because the families do not assume their responsibilities or encourage their children from their the start to pursue studies. And then there's crime, drugs and the fact that for many young blacks, to study isn't cool."

Those remarks were published on page 3 of this evening's edition of Le Monde (January 1), and belong to a black conservative, Ward Connerly who is very well-known in the United States for being the father of anti-affirmative action laws.

If anyone dared to make the same kinds of remarks here, in this country where our liberties are monitored, he would end up at once in criminal court.

I'm sure it's worse in France, but Connerly has had a rough time here. He's one of a handful of well-known black conservatives, like Justice Clarence Thomas, who are considered to be "Uncle Toms" by the black community and by white liberals.

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