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Brittany Against Marine Le Pen

The presence of Marine Le Pen as strategist for her father's Front National is questioned by some ultra-patriots known as "identitaires", meaning "those with a specific ethnic or national identity". For a long while they were supporters of Le Pen, but now they are turning away from the FN as Marine steers the party into more multi-cultural waters.

Le Pen is a "Breton", a person from Brittany, a Celt. Brittany is a fiercely patriotic and proud region attached to its ancient Celtic culture and languages. Marine Le Pen has offended her own people as this editorial from ADSAV - an association that defends the Celtic culture - informs us:

Twice, the vice-president of the "Front National" has questioned the place of the "Breton" language in Brittany. These attacks against the use of "Breton" were uttered on January 21, 2007 during the TV show Riposte, and later that day in a message at the Novopress website.

For ADSAV, the "Breton" people's party, these remarks are totally unacceptable. By attempting to link the promotion of our language to some so-called dangerous political agenda, by speaking of "tribalism", Madame Le Pen is only serving the same rotten soup that France has always served. This bitter soup would have us bow before a State whose presence on our land is not legitimate, on the pretext that it would bring us universal virtues. These imaginary virtues change from era to era and from one politician to another, but for us, it's always the same: they want us to disappear!

To hide the legitimate promotion of our nationality in the name of France? You're dreaming, Madame. You can be a prisoner of the myth of France, in the form of a hexagon, you can deny your origins and the language of your ancestors, you can respond more to the esthetic of the white képi of the Foreign Legion or to the singing of the 6th Regiment of Navy Parachutists than to the harmonies of the epic or lyrical chants of Brittany, but don't count on the "Breton" people to follow you along that path. By degrading, as so many others in Paris have done, our language to the level of a "regional language", you demonstrate not only your crass ignorance, but worse, you deny the existence of the "Breton" Nation and you give comfort to the eternal agenda of France: to euthanize languages of culture in the name of French "civilization". Today, as before, Brittany will not allow this to happen, make no mistake. There are still enough "Bretons" who are awake to defend her. The mission of Brittany is to take her place in the concert of European nations, not to vegetate under the authority of a decadent France!

The tone of the editorial surprised me. I had no idea there was so much animosity on the part of Brittany toward France. I knew the "Bretons" felt themselves to be different, but here they are speaking of secession. Considering what France is slowly becoming there may be some justification, and I can't help wondering if a splitting apart of the various regions won't be eventually be one of the outcomes of the crisis of civilization and conscience that the country is experiencing.

I feel the same may be true in the United States. There is no talk of secession, but I'm sure it's on some people's minds. The old desire to have your own land with our own people and your own system of values may become so strong that splitting into several different nations becomes the only solution to unbearable living conditions.

On a related note: a video of an interview with Bruno Mégret posted at Vox Galliae has him reiterating his friendship with Jean-Marie Le Pen but admitting discreetly that he has trouble with Marine. Mégret joined forces with Le Pen over a month ago, thus strengthening the Front National, but Marine wants him to keep his distance as I reported here.

Both Marine Le Pen and Guillaume Peltier, strategists for Jean-Marie Le Pen and Philippe de Villiers respectively, have drawn criticism from those faithful to the candidates. Both strategists are leading their candidates into more liberal and less traditional territory.

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At February 03, 2007 10:13 PM, Blogger crusader88 said...

I have to agree. While Marine spoke correctly of the need of Bretons to preserve their culture, they should be proud of being French simultaneously. Nationalism is a core Catholic value!

At February 03, 2007 11:25 PM, Blogger Vanishing American said...

Oh but there is talk of secession in America, although it won't be carried in 'respectable' media sources. Some people in the South, who believe in the Southron cause, believe secession might be necessary. And even in Vermont, there is an organized (though small) secession movement.
I think there is a case for secession, given that the American States joined the Union freely, and could withdraw freely. No less a statesman than Daniel Webster, a Northerner, held that view.
Of course many people vehemently denounce all secession talk as 'treason' but given what is happening, it's understandable. So I can understand how the Bretons might feel. Especially when the French identity is being watered down via mass immigration and multiculturalism.

At February 04, 2007 10:56 PM, Blogger tiberge said...

@ crusader88

Yes. Nationalism is essential. Feeling French first and Breton second is essential. The Breton people (or some of them) are rebelling (or regressing) into their original identity, the identity they had before France was consolidated into the country we know today.

But I think they are doing this because they see France drifting (at rather high-speed) into multiculturalsim. They feel no loyalty to such an ideology. They would rather split off definitively than be a part of the "New France".

This is both understandable and very dangerous. If violence explodes in the form of civil war, the French will be at war with themselves as well as being at war with the immigrants. It would become impossible to take sides. Everyone would be a traitor in some way or other.

That's why a very patriotic and capable leader is essential - to stop immigration, expel the illegals, reestablish French values, customs and laws and reunite the various ethnic French groups - Celts, Burgundians, Provençaux, Alsatians, Parisians, etc...under one national identity. Right now there is no one on the horizon with the power to do this. Maybe in 5 years...

At February 04, 2007 11:13 PM, Blogger tiberge said...

@ vanishing american

You have stated some of the tings I said in my response to crusader88 - it's because of the way France is changing that Brittany is rebellious. And they feel betrayed by Marine. The Front National has been their only hope for decades.

As for America - some form of secession would not surprise me. They did it once (or twice?) Besides the South, wasn't Texas a separate republic, not as a result of secession, but still separate. I guess in a way they seceded later when they joined the confederacy.

Our so-called "rugged individualism" now appears as a saving grace, if we can only muster enough of it. The forces of establishment values and politics are very powerful. We will need a h.ll of a lot of rebelliousness.


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