Friday, February 02, 2007

Christian Vanneste - Update 2

I spent most of yesterday doing a lot of work on the Christian Vanneste story, both for Galliawatch and for Lawrence Auster's VFR. Lawrence is the reader I spoke of in the previous post. He has linked to my articles and provides a substantial amount of additional commentary from Vanneste, both in French and in English translation. Click here for the first article and here for the second.

If you are interested in American traditional conservatism and in the situation in Britain, read as much of VFR as possible. I also recommend VFR's recent articles on Islam in Ethiopia, and the on-going killing of whites in South Africa. Both posts demonstrate clearly, if it needed to be demonstrated, that Muslims cannot accept life with non-Muslims and blacks cannot live with whites (and vice versa). Incompatibiltiy has always been grounds for divorce between two individuals, why can it not be grounds for divorce among nations and ethnicities and religions...?

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