Saturday, February 24, 2007

Inglorious Day

It appears that a motion picture that was fully funded by French taxpayers is being presented as an "Algerian" entry in the Best Foreign Film Category Sunday night at the Academy Awards ceremonies.

I received an e-mail about this from a French woman with whom I corresponded frequently last year. She is a writer, and a specialist in Celtic heritage. She also occasionally writes for France-Echos, one of the most prominent of the patriotic websites.

The movie is known in French as Les Indigènes, as Days of Glory in English, and when it opened in French theaters last September it aroused a storm of controversy at the French websites. I'll let "Marie" tell the tale:

This film has been entered in the Best Foreign Film category for an Oscar as an Algerian film, which it is not! It was produced entirely with French funding, from French taxpayers and is presented in France as a French film. But in Hollywood, the director presented it as an Algerian film. This action is scandalous and dishonest.

If we are to believe this work of fiction, France was liberated by troops composed of North Africans who sacrificed their lives. Americans, Canadians, British, French, whose graves are so numerous in the cemeteries of Normandy, will appreciate the way in which the truth about their sacrifice is cast aside! The veterans of all these countries, including members of my family, know the facts, and must rise up against this violation of historical truth.

Of course there were some North African and African troops, but they became known more for the rapes they committed against white women, in the army of occupation in Germany, if one is speaking of the Senegalese infantrymen; or in the army of occupation in Italy, if one is speaking of North Africans. In the first case, in Germany, it became necessary to remove the Senegalese infantrymen when the full scale of their destructiveness became known; in the second case, the ladies and gentlemen of the jury should re-view an excellent movie with Sophia Loren, in which the heroin and her daughter are both raped by North Africans from the French occupation army in Naples!

The lists of combat deaths during the Liberation show names of Europeans by the thousands, but only two or three African or North African names at the most, because they were never exposed to the dangers of front line missions!

Hence, the film Days of Glory, is an enormous falsehood, a total lie that must be quickly forgotten! Yes, the four actors will bring tears to your eyes - they know how, and there are good reasons for that! One of them Djamel Debbouze, who has one arm, caused tears and will forever cause tears, for the family of the young man from Reunion Island that he pushed on the train tracks for refusing to give him the jacket that he had tried to strip him of! The young man was horribly trapped under the train. Of course he died! This is a murder and demands punishment, but in France "certain people" escape the hand of the law!

Djamel Debbouze was acquitted! The same train that killed his victim tore off his arm. I have no pity for him - he's the one who should pity his victim! When he tried to do his one-man show on Reunion Island, they were waiting for him to make him pay for his crime. So he cancelled the performance. Recently when Days of Glory was premiered, Algeria kicked him out of Algerian territory! That's proof, if any were needed, that the film is not Algerian, but French!

Another of the film's actors, Sami Naceri, is now in prison for six months! For a long time the justice system overlooked his violence, but enough is enough - when he tried to kill a man with a knife, he was captured.

Morally, with all these lies, falsifications of History, dishonesty about the nationality (French financing) of the production and all the immorality attached to the film Days of Glory and with one actor a criminal and the other in jail for attempted murder, can they reward this motion picture?

Among the crosses of the immense cemeteries for the allies who liberated us, including many Americans, I have at times found Jewish graves. I have not seen any Muslim graves. Perhaps they're there, but they are so few that I have never found even one. That is the truth.

So many Americans will forever remain in our hearts for the sacrifice they made to liberate France. The real French, those of European origin, even those born after the war, have a second homeland: the USA.

To reward a mendacious movie that betrays the History of France and of Europe and the world and its director who refuses to recognize the French taxpayers who paid for his movie and then to present it as being Algerian, would only further pad the pockets of a murderer who has never indemnified the family of his young victim, and a man now in jail for having tried to commit murder with a knife. Both of these men are stars of Days of Glory.

Can America approve of the immorality and lies attached to this film? Can America spit on the graves of her soldiers by rewarding this movie? The lie itself is a crime that sickens the heart.

Signed: A French citizen and taxpayer.

The movie with Sophia Loren was Two Women, based on La Ciociara by Alberto Moravia. Loren won an Oscar for her performance.

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At February 24, 2007 4:22 PM, Anonymous dauphin_b612 said...

Thank you so much for this exposé. I had only seen excerpts of the film, but something told me that history was being re-written. Truly sickening, even as I watch the Césars on TV5 Monde with some of these people in the audience. (Especially so, as I had been writing a script about a highly-decorated Free-French unit, but temporarily discontinued it when I saw that Indigènes had used some of the same imagery, making the timing too close.) In any case, don't count on the politically-correct crowd in Hollywood to do anything but applaud this film.

At February 24, 2007 4:46 PM, Anonymous Sophoclese said...

Please, please expose the mendacity of this film more widely if you can. I will try.

The whole thing is a lie, and the fact that at least two of the actors are criminals is beneath contempt.

At February 24, 2007 4:54 PM, Blogger tiberge said...

@ sophoclese

Your comment is so true - she asked me to publicize it as much as I could. I'll send it off to the friendlier bloggers.

At February 24, 2007 5:50 PM, Anonymous dauphin_b612 said...

Update from the Césars as I write this. "Indigènes" did not win in the Best Film category (sigh of relief)!

At February 26, 2007 1:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't you have anything better to do than posting up garbage?

Someone is incapable of admitting the fact that Algerians fought against the Nazis. I guess the truth hurts for you darling? You and Debbie are nothing but a pair of failed abortions.

Silly French. You only appeal to the fringe elements of the far-right, that's all.

At February 26, 2007 1:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

On another note, you and your lesbo partner Debbie are getting ripped apart on Digg:

Go kill yourself you worthless bitch. I'm sure you're probably going to delete this post since you're ironically incapable of criticism. Sucks to be on the other side of the fence, huh bitch?

At February 26, 2007 1:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At February 26, 2007 2:16 AM, Anonymous raindogmx said...

You are the reason the rest of the world hates america.

At February 26, 2007 4:29 AM, Blogger tiberge said...

These "comments" will stay up, for a while at least. I do not take them personally, even though they were meant that way.

The incredible barrage of hateful comments at the digg website against Debbie Schlussel for merely linking to the article would be enough to make anyone fear for the future.

I am however discontinuing comments on this article.


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