Saturday, March 17, 2007

Changing Partners 2

I'm sorry I missed this information from March 9, posted at Page2007, the website that provided the photo of Ségolène in the previous post. It seems that François Hollande - Ségolène's "husband", or partner, or what you will - is encouraging the left-wing voters to vote for François Bayrou, since he is the only one capable of defeating Nicolas Sarkozy in the second round! This is what is known as the "useful vote", i.e. a vote that serves to defeat someone, as opposed (I would imagine) to a useless vote where you vote in order to elect someone you like and want to see president.

So we see that for François Hollande, leader of the Socialist Party, defeating Sarkozy is not only more important than getting his "wife" into office, an eventuality that probably makes the few hairs left on his head stand up straight as arrows, but only feasible if Ségolène is NOT on the ballot in the second round.

The same website informs us that Simone Veil has decided NOT to campaign actively for Nicolas Sarkozy because she doesn't like his plan for a ministry of immigration and national identity. The excuse she's offering is that she doesn't have the time to campaign.

"I don't have the time. I have lots of commitments in the provinces and abroad."

Le Monde provides more declarations from Madame Veil:

"I did not like at all the very ambiguous statement. I would have preferred him to speak of a ministry of immigration and integration."

"Nicolas Sarkozy, for me, is the best qualified to be president, even if I don't always agree with some of his positions and attitudes (...)

"I am not a socialist (...) but I admire the strength and courage of Ségolène Royal for having entered into this fight."

So having abandoned Bayrou's camp that found her to be "too social", she committed herself to Sarkozy and either felt or was induced to feel uncomfortable with his idea for a new ministry. Now she evades the issue by not campaigning, and even praises Royal!

Again Page2007 announces the first defection of a socialist to the Bayrou camp. Nicole Martin, a socialist municipal councillor from Saint-Maurice (Val-de-Marne) announced on Friday that she was leaving the Socialist Party to join François Bayrou.

It looks like Ségolène has not only placed her own party in jeopardy, but has injected the rather uninteresting UDF party of Bayrou with some needed energy, to the great detriment of Nicolas Sarkozy, who now, more than ever has to get the votes from Le Pen's followers, and elsewhere.

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