Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Le Pen Has 500 Signatures

Jean-Marie Le Pen has the 500 signatures required to appear on the ballot in the first round of voting on April 22. Not surprising, since Nicolas Sarkozy had announced his intention to help the Front National candidate get on board. Le Conservateur has some brief comments:

Tonight during the telecast of PPDA, he confirmed the rumor that was going around earlier and praised as a gesture of republicanism the call for diversity launched by the major parties that would allow mayors of one party to endorse a candidate from a rival party.

Mr. Le Pen was in great form, poised, calm and precise. Contrary to his most recent appearance on this show on February 20th that was devoted to trivial matters, the FN candidate discussed the key points of his platform, in particular immigration. When he brought up the issue of the near-bankruptcy of the country, he denounced as lies, without saying so explicitly, the milk-and-honey promises made by the major candidates. (...)

Note: PPDA refers to Patrick Poivre d'Arvor, the host of the televison talk show.

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