Saturday, April 28, 2007

How They Voted

Who voted for whom last Sunday? According to Yahoo, 37% of Catholics voted for Sarkozy in the first round:

Nicolas Sarkozy won 37% of the Catholic vote, arriving well ahead of the socialist candidate and her centrist rival, each of whom received 20%. Jean-Marie Le Pen garnered 10% of the votes.

In 2002, Jacques Chirac had obtained 24% of the Catholic vote in the first round.

Among regular practicing Catholics, Nicolas Sarkozy's advance increases to 45%, François Bayrou remains stable at 20% and Ségolène Royal drops to 11%.

During the campaign, Nicolas Sarkozy had declared that the two personages who inspired him the most were Charles de Gaulle and Pope Jean-Paul II. He had also said in an interview with La Croix that he saw Catholicism as "one of the foundations of French identity."

However, Nicolas Sarkozy, received only one per cent of the Muslim vote, while Ségolène Royal received 64%.

François Bayrou is in second place among Muslims with 19%, ahead of Olivier Besancenot (far Left) with 8%.

Yahoo warns that these figures are tentative, since only 3% of the 5,009 persons questioned in the exit poll were Muslims.

Occidentalis posted the same information and added that in 2002, Chirac had won 11% of the Muslim vote, and Lionel Jospin 39%.

Those members of the Front National who turned violently against Jean-Marie Le Pen when he adopted his pro-Muslim, pro-rap "new look" for his party have issued a long impassioned commentary on the election results for which they feel Le Pen and his daughter are solely responsible. They eventually decided to vote for him anyway, knowing it would be the last time. Here are just a few excerpts from the message posted at their website Les Nationalistes Contre Le Pen:

Now let's analyze the vote itself.

Strange as it may seem, Le Pen advanced. No, it's not a joke. In certain geographical locations, notably the Overseas Territories, Reunion Island, for example, as in the vote of those Frenchmen originally from the Territories who are now residing in continental France, Le Pen actually made progress. In Reunion Island he went from 2% to 5%, causing the local left-wing parties to say, "Fortunately they have nobody here to lead this rather large electorate." (...) And we can add to this the tens of thousands of votes from Arab Frenchmen and from revolutionary left-wingers, won over with great difficulty by Jean-Marie Le Pen's new and very cunning friends.

Note: These "new friends" included Marxist Alain Soral, comedian Dieudonné, as well as rap singers and Muslim campaign workers.

Put all that together and you could have about 1.5% of the national electorate. (In passing let's add that the percentage of Frenchmen who voted at least once for Le Pen has advanced to 43%.)

Note: I don't know how they come by the figure cited above. They must mean that 43% of all Frenchmen alive today have voted at least once in their lives for Le Pen.

Actually, this is not good news for Jean-Marie Le Pen because it means that his "historic voters" were reduced to 9%.

Note: So even though he gained a few Arab and left-wing votes he lost his traditional voters, his formerly loyal base.

What is the make-up of the 9% of voters who voted for Le Pen?

Other than the remnants of phony nationalist movements, those who saved the FN from extinction, from the trash heap of history, were you and I, those of us who were able to put aside rancor and doubts, despite everything, to vote one last time for Jean-Marie Le Pen.

All you have to do to be convinced is to look at the map of the results. Le Pen's best scores were in the North, in Pas-de-Calais, in Rhône-Alpes and in the South where the old bastions of the FN preferred to vote pragmatically, voluntarily ignoring his blunders and his excesses. Those people saved the honor of the Front National and the National Right! (...)

With barely 1% of the Muslims voting for Jean-Marie Le Pen (about the same for Nicolas Sarkozy) it is clear that the strategy of Marine Le Pen did not bring in the votes but it did result in worm-infested fruit that spells danger for the future, since we lowered our guard and got nothing in exchange. Pathetic! It is worth noting that Jean-Marie Le Pen leads (25%) among the working class residing in the poorest cities and neighborhoods. Now compare that figure with the Muslim vote and a child would realize right away that the voters were those who resisted, who rejected the "new wave", and yet did not yield to the temptation to vote for Sarkozy or for the unidentifiable MPF. This is something to think about before we reconstruct! (...)

The only thing I can add is that if the number of Muslims in France continues to increase a socialist government may become inevitable. Royal got 64% of the Muslim vote and will get even more in the second round.

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At April 29, 2007 1:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those members of the Front National who turned violently against Jean-Marie Le Pen when he adopted his pro-Muslim, pro-rap "new look" for his party...

Sounds like a joke on a late night talkshow.


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