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Sarkozy's Women

In another burst of originality Nicolas Sarkozy has vowed to grant French citizenship to all the female martyrs of the world. At the same time he has been fawning over Simone Veil, declaring his love for her and proclaiming that the era of the Woman has arrived. That she accepts such demeaning praise is an indication of her lack of class and her low regard for France. Harsh as that might sound she speaks for one group - non-traditional women - and yet she is treated as a French national treasure.

The following adaptation is from L'Express:

The UMP (Union for a Popular Movement) candidate addressed 2000 women at the Mutualité Convention Center in Paris, in the presence of former minister Simone Veil, who announced her support for Sarkozy on March 8.

"Dear Simone Veil, if I'm elected president of the Republic I will be faithful to the battle you have waged for French women, and the world will hear strong words from France," he declared. "Every time a woman is martyred somewhere in the world, this woman will be recognized as a French citizen and France will be at her side."

Note: By martyred I presume he means beaten, stoned or mutilated in the name of Islam. However he may mean all sorts of mistreatment. How he intends to find these women, and determine the accuracy of their complaint, is unknown. The "citizenship", again I presume, will be honorary. Or does he intend to bring them all to France for free medical treatment?

"Throughout the world the rights of Man must work on behalf of the Woman," added the former Interior Ministry whose proposal for a "ministry of Immigration and National Identity" put off Simone Veil.

Several times minister, a militant for Europe, this survivor of the Nazi death camps, who fought for women's abortion rights, is an icon of French political life. Despite their disagreement on the meanings associated with the terms "immigration" and "national identity," she maintained her support for the UMP candidate.

Nicolas Sarkozy and Simone Veil entered together into the great hall of Mutualité. The candidate held her for a moment by the shoulder and embarked on a vibrant homage to Simone Veil.

"The French people love you. They love you because you are the image of courage, of uprightness. They love you because you are the image of morality (la morale)," he declared.

Earlier Simone Veil had asked him to fight against the discriminations that women are victims of.

"There are still many de facto discriminations that are not acceptable," she said. "Since he is campaigning, I wanted to tell our candidate, Nicolas Sarkozy, how much we are counting on him, knowing of course that it won't be easy, that certain traditions are so strong that it will not be easy to change them."

Note: Let's hope Madame is right and that the French people resist any further attempt to denature their civilization.

Attempting to satisfy her, the leader of the UMP party disclosed his program for women.

He promised to make equality of wages and professional earnings a "major axis" of his 5-year term. "I will give businesses two years to bring the salaries of women into line with those of men. And I will do it by instituting a penalty, because it has been 50 years with no penalty, and we have not succeeded."

He also detailed his proposal of an "inalienable right" (droit opposable) to child-care, aimed at allowing women to reconcile work and motherhood.

"I will see to it that the courts recognize the inalienable right to child-care for all children under three. That means that at the end of my 5-year term, every household that has not been able to find a child-care solution for their children can hope to find satisfaction in the courts."

Every qualified family will receive an allocation to pay for a place in child-care or for help at home, the former Interior Minister continued.

"I want a choice," insisted Nicolas Sarkozy. "The idea that all families will be able to leave their children in a child-care center is absurd, we can't manage that. We must optimize, multiply the methods: hired help at home, public-funded child-care, child-care offered by groups and organizations, and above all, on-the-job child-care centers."

Accordingly he promised to "favor" businesses that create child-care centers on the premises.

I hope Madame is satisfied.

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What about the mothers caring for their _own_ children? There were many options listed, but the most natural one and the one mostly wished by the children was forgotten by Mr. Sarkozy!!


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