Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Election Reflections

Le Conservateur has several posts where he presents his thoughts on the election results. First, he explains why the Left was able to dupe voters into believing that the Right would reduce their benefits. The "social" TVA (Value Added Tax) was proposed by Sarkozy as a less painful way of paying for social programs, through taxation on goods, and a reduction in the overall tax burden. He didn't explain it clearly and the socialists seized the occasion:

I have, under my nose, the official electoral tract of a socialist deputy from the provinces who was re-elected, and I quote:

"The government will: a) increase the TVA by 2 points as early as this summer... this increase will affect everyone's daily life; b) create new taxes on gasoline and insurance..."

These two statements are lies. Elsewhere I read:

"the elimination of one out of two government employees."

This is also a lie because they forgot to add "through attrition from retirements", and even more importantly, that it almost never happens in reality - the last legislature only eliminated a few thousand functionary positions.

What can one say... An election founded on such lies ought to be invalid... I can dream can't I?

The above information explains in large measure these general comments on the election:

The Front National is no longer in a position to bring about the defeat of the "ruling Right". No need to rehash the whys and wherefores. It's a fact. That changes many things, for the moment... How to bounce back?

The Socialist Party always wins on a phony promise, or on an equally phony red alert. The more gross the lie, the more people buy into it. By banking too soon on a victory, the Right risked losing its majority. Will they learn from their mistakes some day?

Madame Royal did not get off to a good start in her desire to take control of the Socialist Party. The matter of the social TVA became a cumbersome interference from party bosses on the very night of the first round, even while Mme Royal was rambling on about audaciousness and a just order.

Note: the socialists kept the debate alive on this issue until the night of the second round, probably causing the mitigated victory of the UMP.

For my part, I expected a return of socialist strength today. In truth, for the first time, all the polls showed a strong opposition to a government proposal. The lack of preciseness of the government and the shameless lies of the socialists took their toll. In the absence of a socialist program, their nuisance value remains unimpaired: this is the result of economic ignorance and media favoritism. (...)

Note: for those who read French and have an interest in economics, the TVA is discussed in more detail in an article in Le Monde.

Le Conservateur also informs us of election night violence:

One could almost get used to this... if it weren't such a foretaste of an underdeveloped country.

The UMP candidate in Sarcelles was attacked by a group of blacks after she was defamed and dragged in the mud by Le Canard Enchaîné (a satirical newspaper).

In Hesnin-Beaumont there were skirmishes around the headquarters of Marine Le Pen, who performed very well with 42% of the votes. Several arrests were made.

Why should anyone be surprised? Every day Frenchmen are insulted, shoved or attacked by the scum - you have to call a spade a spade. Agents of the State, symbols of France and of her culture are attacked or vandalized every day. Why should election time be any different?

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