Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Guilt-Ridden Right

Here is a very personal and vivid commentary on last Sunday's election from Ivane, the main contributor to Au Milieu des Ruines (Amidst the Ruins):

One thing should be said after all... The spectacle of the physical cowardice of those on the Right. They're afraid! In the TV studios on the night of the second round, and after the French voters - poor idiots! - signaled as clearly as one can that they wanted to see a shift to the Right... Well, it wasn't enough!

"I will immediately make an overture." And then, "let's be modest!" And then "no arrogance!" And the more they grovel, the more the other side advances!

To hell with these French wimps! Whatever they do, whatever they say, the Left makes use of intimidation by all means possible. And it works. You've got to admit that from the start the people of the Right adopt a posture of persons accused. So, necessarily, it's not hard for the hyenas opposing them...

A not too overwhelming majority... so that the French don't take to the streets... OK, we'll see! What a bloody uproar these asses on the Left will make! And how these UMP wimps will back off! Democracy will do its job to the end. That is its function - to put and end to the agony of a people that no longer desires to live...

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