Monday, June 25, 2007

Keeping His Word

An article from Novopress citing Identita Nostra as its source discusses the "diversity" appointments of Rama Yade (top) and Fadela Amara (left) to the government. The name "Yade" is sometimes written "Yada", but it seems that the former is correct.

Unbelievable but true: Nicolas Sarkozy has kept one of his promises and it isn't just any promise! Sarkozy had promised to bring more "diversity" into his government and he kept his word.

This morning (June 19), Rama Yada and Fadela Amara entered into government service with the titles of Secretary of State in Foreign Affairs and Human Rights and Secretary of State in charge of Urban Policies respectively.

Rama Yada, unlike Fadela Amara, is a member of the UMP party, having joined Sarkozy's party just two years ago (if that isn't a promotion!). Of Senegalese origin and married to socialist Joseph Zimet, Rama Yada is also known for her activism in Afro-Antilles lobbies and organizations. She is active in the 21st Century Club but especially in the extremist group called the Club Averroes. The Club Averroes along with CRAN (Representative Council of Black Associations) are the worst of the black organizations, in that they aim for a massive Afro-Antilles presence in the media. It will be very interesting to see if Rama Yada continues her activities in these groups while she is a member of the government.

Fadela Amara is better known as the guiding spirit of the Afro-Maghrebin feminist association called "Neither Whores nor Slaves" ("Ni Putes ni Soumises"). Besides her feminist and pro-abortion causes, Fadela Amara is known to have supported the racist rap group Sniper when the group was in trouble with the Minister of the Interior at the time... one Nicolas Sarkozy.

Today, Malek Boutih (the National Secretary for Problems of Society in the Socialist Party) expressed great satisfaction on the naming of Fadela Amara and made a point of stressing that she would be perfect in her role as chargée for city policies... He is 100% right. The city policies, as everyone knows, are discriminatory and consist in pouring billions of euros into neighborhoods inhabited by a certain category of the population (...)

No question about it, Sarkozy had warned us that he would go far in his fight for affirmative action and indeed he has gone far... too far.

The website Afrik has a long article on Fadela Amara, based largely on Wikipedia.

We learn that she was born in Clermont-Ferrand, France in 1964 into an Algerian family of Kabyl origin.

Kabyls are North African Berbers, non-Arabic Semitic peoples.

She was one of eleven children. She wanted a university education but had to settle for a certificate (CAP) in office work. Her name on official documents is Fatiha Amara, and she became a committed militant for social justice after the police protected the driver who ran down and killed her 14-year old brother. She became a socialist municipal councillor in 2001 but she never served. Her priorities were in organizations such as SOS Racism and her own creation: "Ni putes ni soumises". Today this organization is questioned even in the ghettoes where some feel it is manipulated by the media and the politicians because it confirms the opinion of the public in its prejudices against the suburbs.

As for Rama Yade,Wikipedia informs us that she was born in 1976 in Dakar, Senegal and attended the Advanced School for Political Studies in Paris. Her father was a diplomat, her mother a teacher of the religion of Islam.

Her family background is Left-oriented but she joined the UMP party because she admires the charisma of Nicolas Sarkozy, all the while being opposed to the values of the traditional Right. She has experience in the French Senate as a coordinator of Public Sénat, the parliamentary channel comparable perhaps to C-SPAN, and as an administrator focusing on the social effects of decentralization in overseas territories.

She has accused the Socialist Party of of being "without a plan, without an idea and without vision," and of giving the immigrants "pity instead of respect." But she admits her husband Joseph Zimet voted for Ségolène Royal.

She joins the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, alongside Bernard Kouchner, as Secretary of State in charge of Human Rights.

Her full name is Ramatoulaye Yade-Zimet.

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At June 27, 2007 8:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice enough and competent enough, no doubt, for these positions with vague duties that mostly involve giving opinions. But any suggestion that the primary reason they were selected is their ability and not their ethnicity insults the intelligence.

But the greater risk, greater than what they as individuals may do, is this: while they may be accomplished, placing them in such prominent positions just promulgates the fiction that other people like them -- muslims, Africans -- have a potential for achievement equal to that of native French. But this is just not so, and the reality shows it. The phrase 'All men are created equal...', which is ingrained in the political consciences of people around the world, meant, fundamentally, before the law -- all men are created equal before the law. Not in the inherent...wherewithal of the kind needed to prosper in a technologically advanced first world country.

So they will go along as now, futilely trying to fix the imagined problems (in the education system etc) that prevent some third world immigrants -- e.g. muslims and Africans -- from climbing out of the underclass in anything like proportionate numbers. And not doing much at all, certainly not enough, to stop so many of them from coming.

At December 11, 2007 11:14 AM, Anonymous enlightened said...

A response which is as predictable as your genetic propensity to despise any non-caucasian person who is talented, gifted and equal, if not superior to yourself.

Your response in itself is one of total ignorance- case in point- France still has to kow-tow to Libya for a cash injection of 21 billion dollars - yes France needs the money.

Wake up to the reality that the world is indeed truly global and non-caucasion people have been world leaders in almost every sphere for centuries.

I doubt that you can afford to travel, the lack thereof , being the major source of your ignorance.


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