Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The New Cabinet

It's a bit tedious to list names, but for the record here is the new (and presumably final) council of ministers in François Fillon's second government.

Jean-Louis Borloo - Minister of State, Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transportation, Energy; he replaces Alain Juppé

Michèle Alliot-Marie, Bernard Kouchner, Brice Hortefeux, Rachida Dati, Xavier Darcos, Valérie Pécresse, and Christine Albanel all remain at their original posts as ministers of the Interior, Foreign Affairs, Immigration, Justice, Education, Higher Education and Culture respectively. They have all been discussed in separate posts at Galliawatch.

Christine Lagarde - Minister of the Economy, Finances and Employment

Michel Barnier - Minister of Agriculture and Fishing

Xavier Bertrand - Minister of Labor, Social Relations and Solidarity

Hervé Morin - Minister of Defense

Roselyne Bachelot-Narquin - Minister of Health, Youth and Sports

Christine Boutin - Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs

Eric Woerth - Minister of the Budget, Public Accounts and Public Service

Seventeen secretaries of State (assistant ministers). I'm listing their names and the minister to whom each is attached:

Roger Karoutchi - Prime Minister Fillon

Jean-Pierre Jouyet - Bernard Kouchner: Foreign Affairs

Laurent Wauquiez - Prime Minister Fillon; Wauquiez is spokesman for the government

Eric Besson - Prime Minister Fillon

Valérie Létard - Xavier Bertrand: Labor, Social Relations and Solidarity

Dominique Bussereau - Jean-Louis Borloo: Minister of State

Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet - Jean-Louis Borloo: Minister of State

Christian Estrosi - Michèle Alliot-Marie: Interior

André Santini - Eric Woerth: Budget, Public Accounts, Public Service

Jean-Marie Bockel - Bernard Kouchner: Foreign Affairs

Hervé Novelli - Christine Lagarde: Economy, Finances, Employment

Fadela Amara - Christine Boutin: Housing, Urban Affairs

Alain Marleix - Hervé Morin: Defense

Rama Yade - Bernard Kouchner: Foreign Affairs

Luc Chatel - Christine Lagarde: Economy, Finances, Employment

Martin Hirsch - Prime Minister Fillon

Bernard Laporte - Roselyne Bachelot-Narquin: Health, Youth and Sports

More details in posts to come.

The information and photo are from the website of the Prime Minister.

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