Monday, June 18, 2007

No More "Dream Team"

Prime Minister François Fillon has been commissioned by Nicolas Sarkozy to form a new cabinet of ministers. Yahoo reports:

The day after the legislative elections that did not produce the "electoral tsunami" for UMP that was expected, Nicolas Sarkozy must make urgent modifications in his "dream team", truncated by the resignation of Alain Juppé, (pictured above today in Bordeaux). (...)

But what was supposed to be confined to the appointing of a few secretaries of State - 10 at the most - has become a major headache.

The Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development, etc... , defeated in his own home district of Bordeaux, was a major player in the first government of Nicolas Sarkozy, second in command of the government and the only Minister of State.

Note: Posts on Alain Juppé can be reviewed here and here.

Although only recently converted to the fight against global warming, Alain Juppé symbolized with all the authority and experience of a former prime minister and diplomat, the commitment of the president to make ecology and durable development a priority.

The president had tailor made for him a great ministry that took in energy, raw materials, industrial security, transportation, infrastructure, equipment, land management, urbanism, territorial and maritime development.

Beyond the issue of the person chosen, it is the entire structure of the government that is now back to square one. (...)

Numerous names are being proposed to replace Juppé, but I would rather wait for the final results, before elaborating.

What was clear from this morning's news is that Nicolas Sarkozy is banking heavily on being the "ecology president". He is studiously seeking someone to replace the very experienced (in more ways then one) Mr. Juppé, of whom it is being said that his political career is now over.

Possibly he will appoint several left-leaning candidates for separate portfolios, where Juppé had a collective ministry, and/or reshuffle some of the ministers he has already appointed. It makes one wonder about the advisability of creating a cabinet before the legislative elections, but more than that, the wisdom of the ministers themselves who ran for posts as deputy. They took a big risk, Juppé in particular. Had he not run, he would still have his ministry.

Yahoo reported this no doubt typical response from a person polled:

"I think it's a good thing to have a sort of balance after all."

Oscillating between two major parties at this point in the history of the Western nations, results in a deadening continuity, in France, as in the US. There is only a balance of power, not of ideology, since the same basic ideas govern Right and Left. But the Right has a greater duty to the traditional country, therefore, the risk of disappointment is greater.

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