Friday, July 20, 2007

Sarko's Style Viewed From The NYT

A reader just sent me this link to a New York Times article on Sarkozy's clean sweep of the Socialist Party. The author, Elaine Sciolino, reports his strategy as being one aimed at disabling the Left:

Some Socialists have called Mr. Sarkozy’s strategy a devious campaign to cripple the left in France, and have accused their fellow party members of political treason.

“It’s incredible how a certain number of Socialist leaders, because of their thoughtlessness or their media-narcissism, the obsession to talk about themselves, have jumped head first in the traps laid by Mr. Sarkozy,” Jean Glavany, a Socialist deputy and former minister, said last week. He accused Mr. Sarkozy of “seeking only one thing — to divide us in order to weaken us.”

Even François Bayrou, the failed centrist presidential candidate who originally called on the left and the right to work together, has accused Mr. Sarkozy of acting “like a piranha in a goldfish bowl.”

Read the whole article here - it's not long and quite readable.

You might also take a look at this blog entry by Marty Peretz, writing for the New Republic, a left-leaning publication, but not extreme (as far as I know). The New Republic is an old journal - my parents, who were liberals, swore by it. Eventually, when I grew up I swore at it. But some of their articles are good. Here, Peretz agrees that Sarko is a welcome change for France (and America).

The question is: are American journalists seeing Sarko through rose-colored glasses?

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